Oh me oh my, there have been a lot of last days of late: last day on Broadway, last day in the Galapagos. Now it’s my last day in Atlanta, perhaps till the end of September when I am coming back for a fundraiser and the next board meeting. That may well be happening in the midst of a film.

 Tomorrow I go back to New York where I will catch up on plays I did not get a chance to see while I was on Broadway myself.

Tomorrow night it’ll be “Joe Turner’s Come and Gone,” then I am taking Samantha Mathis and Susan Kellerman (who were in “33 Variations” with me) to see “Ruined” and Saturday I’m having lunch with a woman who, like me, is very involved with the empowerment of adolescent girls, then I see the matinee of “reasons to be pretty,” then I’m taking my pal the smart, funny author and radio talk show host, Lisa Birnbach, to “The Norman Conquest: Round and Round the Garden,” followed by dinner with Jeff Daniels…it’ll feel like (not so) ol’ times.

The Tonys are Sunday–there’s an early rehearsal which I will have to go to cause I’m presenting the award to Best Featured Actor. I hope I still fit into the Reem Acra dress after all those scrumptious meals on the boat in the Galapagos. I will be tweeting the whole time so stay tuned. Monday after the Tonys I go to Paris to film a commercial for L’Oreal (in English and French–i have stayed fluent in that language). It’s a great company to work for. Imagine a company that has a 71 year old brand ambassador (that’s what we’re called). I am the “face for older women everywhere in the world but the U.S. Diane Keaton does it here. Hopefully the film with her will go in Sept. When it’s 100 percent certain I’ll tell you about it. I’d love to work with her.

Very soon the “store” will be set up on my blog so that those who want to can buy the mug shot totes, clutches, mugs etc that I’m selling to benefit the non-profit, G-CAPP that I founded 15 years ago. (See the side bar for their website).

 All for now. I will finish packing and then to bed. I’m wiped.


Carole holding Tulea to say goodbye. I won’t see T. Again for 2 weeks.


View from my terrace of the beautiful Atlanta skyline.


See you next time.

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  1. Ms. Fonda,

    You are such a compelling person. I read your blogs with interest and have been a fan since I was a young child. Reading about how you prepare for the characters you play, how you engage with your family and friends, and how you promote an altruistic spirit, I am so captivated by you. You never cease to amaze me, and while I will never be among your circle of friends, I want you to know how much you inspire me to want to do more with my family, friends, and community.

    Have a wonderful journey on all of your adventures in the next several months.

  2. Your life sounds interesting and fulfilling. I doubt I could keep up with you, and I’m a couple of decades your junior. You are lucky to have so much energy and good health (despite your knee probs). I’m afraid I would miss my home if I were gone for months at a time, but then again, your life is far more exciting than most! Best wishes and good luck at the Tony Awards.

  3. Greetings…Oh Jane…you have such an exciting life and you do such good in this world of ours. I commend you…for the good you do and the stamana you must have to go on with such a busy schedule. I so wish I could have seen your play. Perhaps another time..I have always wanted to visit New York and I will one day. You are such an inspiration. I enjoy your tweets and blog. Stay healthy and happy. I shall be following your blogs and tweets with much interest. A Canadian fan…Cheers, Linda

  4. So glad you’re home Jane, if only for moment! I so enjoy your blogging! It totally brightens my day! Have fun in NY seeing the shows and GOOD LUCK on Sunday!!
    Love U,

  5. Jane,

    U r the best! And the Bible says the last shall be first because even the last day in Galapagos gave me my first glimpse on a new outlook. Enjoy Paris! Knock’em dead at the Tonys and keep rocking and rolling! You’re amazing!



  6. Dear Jane,

    Beautiful skyline pictures.
    I am in awe of your ability to be in constant motion with your grueling schedule. What vitamins do you take?
    So happy to hear you will be able to catch up with friends and enjoy some show’s. I am sure your dress will fit perfectly with all that activity on the trip. By the way, how’s the knee feeling since your return? I’ve been praying for a miracle. How’s your precious Tulea? Looking forward to seeing The Tony in your hand.
    Well God’s speed ambassador Fonda.

  7. Looking forward to the Tonys. Pullin’ for you hard.

    I want to see your name added to this list on Wikipedia:

    Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tony Award winners
    Winning an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award is known as winning the “Triple Crown” of acting awards.

    1. Jack Albertson
    2. Anne Bancroft
    3. Ingrid Bergman
    4. Shirley Booth
    5. Ralph Burns (Non-acting awards)
    6. Melvyn Douglas
    7. Bob Fosse – Fosse won all three awards in the same year, 1973. (Non-acting awards)
    8. Jeremy Irons *
    9. Liza Minnelli * – Minnelli also won a Special Grammy Award in 1990.
    10. Thomas Mitchell – In 1953, Mitchell became the first actor ever to win the Triple Crown.
    11. Al Pacino *
    12. Vanessa Redgrave *
    13. Jason Robards
    14. Scott Rudin * (Non-acting awards)
    15. Paul Scofield
    16. Maggie Smith *
    17. Maureen Stapleton
    18. Jessica Tandy
    19. Tony Walton * (Non-acting awards)

    In addition, Eileen Heckart won a competitive Academy Award, a competitive Emmy Award, and a Special Tony Award.

    An asterisk ( * ) indicates those artists who are currently living.

    I love Thomas Mitchell’s work. What an amazing talent he was.

  8. Thank you Jane, for your post and for the shots of Atlanta and the wonderful pictures you shared with us of Galapagos while you were there. What an amazing place. Your close photo shot, gazing out, was just lovely. The seals were so sweet, and the sights so amazing. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you! It was a blessing. Thank you for loving and caring for young, vulnerable women (girls) who need a strong advocate. God bless you each day, and I will be praying for your trip to the Tonys (and keeping an eye out for you!) and to Paris to film the commercial! L’Oreal is lucky to have you!! 🙂

    Julie in Ohio

  9. Woah, I can’t believe it. You and Diane Keaton. Two of my FAVORITES! That would just be incredible. Wait until my friends and family hear there might be a Fonda Keaton thing going here, they’ll all say “Oh, well Kelsey must be dying with excitement.” Ha! That just made my day.

    And, I can’t believe how busy you are. Just reading this blog made me tired! Haha.

  10. Jane, these days had surprised the blog. All the emotions you lived the latter days! On Sunday I will try to see the Tony for Internet since they do not broadcast transmitted live in my country. My I like very much Diane Keaton. What duo they would do together! Without doubts that she will still have him the Reem Acra. Since it she will be in Paris, make him come my regards to the man that I love that he is there in these moments. Your L’Oreal’s campaign is very spread here. They are the products that I use for years. From Uruguay with love.
    PS: a wonderful sight

  11. Have a great trip to NY. I told my husband if he could give me anything, I’d want a week in NYC with money to see matinees and evening performances of plays every day. Love Broadway. Wish I could have seen your play.

  12. Ms. Fonda – keep writing. I have always admired you. Tomorrow’s my 50th birthday, any wisdom you can offer?

    You are an inspiration!

  13. Just wondering if you have any pets and if you take them with you when you travel. I want to travel but hate leaving my dog and cat at home. It puts me in a quandry as to what to do!

  14. HI Jane
    Welcome home.You have such wonderful fans.I also love reading the replies on this blog.Such interesting,perceptive letters.And,from other countries too!Good luck on Sunday.

  15. Glad you made it back in time for the Tony’s. I love live Theatre! UR a Treasure!

  16. hello Jane, Atlanta sure looks like a city of interest , wonderful skylines. Nice to see you up and about yearning to be free and having this get-on with Broadway and performances , now good friends. Time and tied-up and in a way that Revisited,I liked the comment on “winning the “Triple Crown” of acting awards” , Atlanta is a horse racing city you bring that with you. I may fly back to NY or keep going on ….
    be keeping my eye on Sunday

  17. Thank you for sharing the Past five months with us, allowing us to share in the experiences as 33 Variations developed.

    Your TV commercials screen regularly in New Zealand which makes up a little for not being able to see the show.

    The photos of the Galapagos visit have ensured that the islands are on my Must Do list.

    Every best wish for the Tonys and even more importantly the operation. Hope you’re back to leaping tall buildings in a single bound in no time at all.

  18. tough jane,always on line, always something in store,keep on that way!! a pleasure to read your blog,you’re a marvellous example for many women!frederique dhenein

  19. Best of luck at the Tonys, we’ll all be cheering for you from a distance! I have just been in Melbourne and saw A Little Night Music, with our own Sigrid Thornton. Lots of good theatre on in Melbourne. Would love to go to New York one day and see some theatre there. I have seen some great stuff in London, so that would make up the trifecta if I went there. You are like a great red wine, Jane, you improve with age….71 is nothing!

  20. Hi
    Thanks for keeping us all posted on your very busy schedule. I think you should come to France and make a film some more films in French with perhaps Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil etc. etc. Would be great.
    Best regards

  21. Whew! Am all tuckered just reading your schedule! wow! And how wonderful you are an ambassador for L’oreal — when I look at your pictures I don’t see a 71-year- old woman. I see a woman of beauty and character who has lived life to the fullest — you’ve had great highs and great lows, and gond through all of it — both good and bad with such grace and class. You are an inspiration for me, but am sure you are an inspiration for many women. I’ll be 65 on July 2 — and like you believe in living “my best.” Have a great time in New York at the shows and with your friends. by the way, here on the Mendocino Coast I write for our two local newspapers and review our local productions — the Mendocino Theatre company plays, symphony of the Redwoods products (our mendocino Music Festival is coming up in July), and other play/musical productions. It’s a delightful job!

  22. I’ll surely be rooting for you this Sunday, Jane! I can’t wait to see your name added to the list of Tony winners! And it sounds like you have quite a full schedule for the weekend–Broadway plays, outings with friends, an awards show: my kind of weekend!–seriously Jane, you are the busiest woman. Good for you! I’m tres excited to read this news about the possibility of you and Diane Keaton making a film together. History in the making!

    I’ll be looking for your merchandise in the near future. Can’t wait to sport my very own Jane Fonda Mug Shot T-shirt and bag!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    All my best,

  23. Paris and Jane Fonda, what a combination. I’m sure you still know many people there and do you keep up with Jeanne Moreau?

    Have a great time at the Tony’s and all my hopes are for you to win. I will be watching. Don’t forget to go backstage when you see the plays.

  24. Jane, Thanks for your awesome blog and letting us be part of your life. It is so fun! TM

  25. Wow, Jane, your schedule amazes me! Not one minute for rest and reflection. It must be exhausting.

    Break a leg with the commercial shoot. I really hope you win the Tony. We’re all rooting for you.

    Best of luck and please keep writing. Lots of love.

  26. Jane I hope you had a fulfilling trip. It appears you did.
    Be excited for the Tonys. Because of you, this will be the first year I watch them!

    Much Love

    Chris Cipollini

  27. Welcome back to New York City! However briefly.
    Love it that you’re doing L’Oreal commercials. LOVE all their products.
    I know you won’t do this, but while you are here and trolling Broadway theaters, I wish you would troll my all-time favorite theater, housing a show that starts off with a French song, has cuss words, is politically incorrect and has absolutely no relevant issues to ponder. Just for the fun of it.
    Rooting for you to win that Tony.

  28. Ms. Fonda:

    After reading your wonderful autobiography a few months ago, I’ve just started following your blog–which is equally wonderful. You are a blogger extraordinaire! I guess you won’t have time to fit in “Blithe Spirit” and “Exit the King” this weekend, two of my favorite productions from this past season. Alas, I’m sorry to have missed “33 Variations,” but I look forward to your appearance at the Tonys on Sunday night. We’re rooting for you up here in Boston!

  29. Just re-read your blog, I had missed the bit about you and Diane Keaton in a movie together….yes! How wonderful. Two of the best together. How dynamic you two will be together! Can’t wait!

  30. Jane, where will your knee surgery be done? Do you have to have rehab with that?

  31. Congratulations on your Tony nomination. Good luck on winning that Tony on Sunday and break a leg. ( Not your good one) Thanks for sharing your adventures. I felt like I was there. Very much appreciated!!

  32. One of my friends is actually attending the Tonys. Good luck with your presentation and my fingers are crossed for you!

  33. Ambassador Jane! How appropriate for our heroine!
    I’ve had some puter problems so its a bit of catch up time reading your blog.
    Your amazing and I look forward to tuning in to the lastest Jane Adventures.
    You and Diane K. together will be so excellent. I can’t wait. I love her too. What a yummy soup created with your energies mixed. Gimme a cup.
    And may the Grammy be with YOU!
    It’s all good,

  34. Good luck at the Tony’s- you have a wide world pulling for you!

  35. Welcome Home Jane, just writing to wish you luck Sunday evening. I so want you to win the Tony for “33 Variations”.

    And you look psitively lovely and I do not believe you are 71. Just cannot be.


  36. Jane,

    I would love to see some behind the scenes stuff from your commercial shoot. Hope the new film is a go too!!!

  37. Can’t wait for that store! I die for some of that stuff.

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