Stephen Daldry who won the award for Best Director – Billy Elliot (click photo to enlarge – by: Bruce Glikas)


Last night with Moises Kaufman (click photo to enlarge – by: Bruce Glikas)


Last night with Carrie Fisher (click photo to enlarge – by: Bruce Glikas)


Last night with Moises, Zach and our producer, David Binder. (click photo to enlarge – by: Bruce Glikas)


Samantha and Zach (click photo to enlarge – by: Bruce Glikas)

credit-2009_bruce_glikas_for_janes_blog_tonys_2009_8Last night at the “God of Carnage” party (click photo to enlarge – by: Bruce Glikas)

Click here for CBS web site coverage with videos.

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  1. Jane, I’m so psyched for tomorrow night! I’m really hoping that you and Allison Janney win Tony’s. I think you both are very deserving of the awards. I’ll be rooting for you!


  2. it s show time
    OH YES
    have fun !

    -seen at twitter-

  3. So exciting!!! I can’t, totally, can’t wait! Good Luck! I’m pulling for you.

  4. I hope that I can get the Tony’s overhere in Amsterdam the Fonda home land, I can see wereyou get that creative view Home of the Arts. Will be pulling foryou , Jane have a good show

  5. Good luck (or break a leg) tonight! I really enjoyed watching the minimalist speech you gave at the 1972 Oscar ceremony the other day.

  6. Dear Jane,
    I am wondering if you can speak some on your blog about your spirituality. I am trying to figure out how to reconcile my spiritual self in the face of forgive me for the term…jesus freaks…I live in the south…and it forces me to avoid my own spiritual self sometimes…How do you manage yours?

  7. Hi Jane! Good luck! I hope the first thing I see when I log in 2morrow is that you’ve won a Tony! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Show them that talent is an ageless thing. Good luck for tonight! 🙂

    Lots of love as usual.

  8. Good luck !!!! I am so excited for you. You must be busting!!! Thinking of you.

  9. I’m so excited for you, thanks so much for the updates.

    Good luck,

    Sharyn Skelton

  10. You looked lovely and you presented a well deserved Tony Award!

  11. You look fantastic!…The dress, the hair…the face. All perfect…Now that we saw you as a presenter lets wait to see you up there for the award…You deserve it!

  12. I can’t see you– wish they would show you.- are you getting anxious ? Who are you sitting by


  13. I seee you!!!! Sharyn

  14. silly question- are all the shows closed tonite so the actors can come to the tony’s???

  15. Jane, I was hoping you’d get the Tony… but I’m sure you’ll have many opportunities in the future to get one… and surely making the play was the reward in itself.

    Look at how many wonderful friends you’ve made with “33 variations” and how richer your life is after it.

    We’re all proud of you (and your dad would be too), and we look forward to your next creative endeavour.

    🙂 Now I have to go to bed… it’s 3am where I live!

  16. Sorry to hear about your loss to Marcia Gay Harden. I hope you will still do another Broadway play in your future. You are still the Best Actress in my book!

  17. Thanks for twittering through the show. Really felt like we were all there with you. Disappointed you did not win but does not diminish your great run. Go and enjoy yourself!

  18. Happy Tony Awards Evening To You Jane!!!

    You and all the nominees give an enormously exciting performance if not only “your appearance”!!

    Thank you so very much for your outstanding performances in everything you do!! I am a huge fan!

    Your influence has enhanced everyday performances in all arts Jane!!! Thank you for being such a consummate actress!!:)

  19. We’re still lambing here in Wyoming so I took my Blackberry to the barn and followed the ceremony through your tweets. I’m sorry you didn’t take home a Tony but you’ve got years to go back and knock their socks off (and I hope I get to see you next time around!)
    For now, congratulations on your nomination and enjoy those vodkas!

  20. My God woman… you are so beautiful! Love you on the show and your phots are great.


  21. Now that looks like one fun party!

  22. What a hot g’mamma!!

  23. You look absolutely fabulous Jane!

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