Charlie Evans comes to my house 3 times a week to do physical therapy with me following my knee replacement surgery. She is knowledgable, skillful, even sensual in her approach. She has the ability to push me beyond my comfort zone.

Charlie is a black woman in her fifties who, for years, has worked at the Watts Clinic every morning with a severly underserved population..

She told me how lucky I am to have had a talented surgeon. She didn’t need to tell me, I already knew it. I am privileged. “The people I work with in Watts cannot afford such excellent surgery”, Charlie says. She told me she works with people who have far from adequate health care, who know very little about preventive health care or how to take care of themselves so as to avoid catastrophic situations like obesity and diabetes.

So here I am, living the discrepancy between haves and have nots when it comes to health care; talking and working with a woman, Charlie, who daily bridges the divide. She moves my knee, exhorts me to push through the pain, watches my rapid progress, the results of my top notch surgery and thinks about the people she has just left in Watts whose situation makes it less likely that they will see these kinds of results.

And yesterday I watched President Obama explaining and defending his health care reform effort and I pray he will get everything he is seeking. This have/have not divide MUST be done away with. I was so happy to hear on the news that the majority of Americans are willing to pay higher taxes so that everyone can get health insurance. So I ask those of you who follow my blog to do what you can to support the president in this effort. Write, call, email, fax your elected official asking them to get with the program. It is unconscionable that in a country like ours so many cannot get adequate health care.

See you next time.

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  1. Yes, it is sad when someone gets turned away from treatment due to the lack of money.

  2. glad you are on the mend!!! You look great..BTW

  3. Glad you are doing well. My friend Ruth Talley of Tampa, who adores you also, had two knees replaced at the same time on Halloween a few years ago. She’s doing great on her ‘replacements’ and does her maintainance exercises cheerfully in Silver Sneakers. Your attitude is wonderful, like hers. You will do as well as she has.

  4. I was urged to contact my congressman and senators, by radio host Randi Rhodes. I did, it feel good to finally get involved in this critical time in history! I support single payer! Health care is a civil right that we must fight for now!

  5. We need a health care program that works for everyone, not something put together just to satisfy the masses. Health care will never be equitable- people wth money can always receive the care they want. It is sad that Pres obama is willing to sacrifice a really good health care reform to justify bipartisanship. Insurance companies have the lobbyists to get what they want and they have many of our politicians in their pockets. Let’s not jump into a health care system that does not work well for everyone just to say we have one. This needs to be a thoughtful project- read Atul Gawande’s article in the New Yorker of June 1

  6. Not only is it unconscionable that health care is a privilege and not a right in this country, it’s a national embarrassment!

  7. Jane if everyone is insured the my healthcare is increased as it just was 19% across the board. There is a hidden tax in private healthcare as it is. I do not believe based on what I have read people are truly being informed. I pay out of pocket almost 883 a month now. I am only 49. This is not right. I also feel we should not be responsible for anyone here illegally. I am most sorry to say so. But who pays for the 365,000 births roughly every year born to illegal parents at the rate of 5,000 dollars per birth.

    The calculated losses in CA are 79 million, 74 million Texas, 31 million in Arizona who themselves declared a State of Emergency a year ago. Not everyone in the middle class like myself can afford rising health care and more taxes. What the President does not address within the health care system is the lacking ability to get information from one source to another. The patient ends up manages their care and this is wrong. More money is wasted in that one avenue than I can say.

    Also more and more MD’s are going into boutique medicine where they will require you to pay 1500 to 1700 dollars up front to join their practice. Not everyone has this funding. And less Md’s are taking Medicare. I don’t not believe even though everyone thinks they have a handle on so called covering everyone they do not. Who will continue to pay for the births of illegal aliens at a rate that is tremendously impacting the Medicaid and Medical system? Not to mention the millions of dollars the hospital itself has to write off???
    Who is educating them about over population, impacting the environment etc. No one. Until anyone has to live with them directly in your community I don’t believe people honestly know how negative this impacts a community in and of itself.

    Mr. President I voted for you, but you must open your eyes… Not all the I’s and T’s are being crossed to truly covering everyone fairly.

  8. First off, I love your blogs. And what those that don’t want it or say it costs too much must realize is they’ll never know when they’ll need it.

    I’m seeing soo many stories of people losing their careers in this recession and a lot of these people are working in high-paying jobs and having to work for less pay. People need to stop believing that they’re immune to losing their health care benefits.

    My step-father has retired. My mother stayed home with my siblings and me. They both have ailments and are in need of health care as his retirement doesn’t leave much to cover the ridiculous premiums. My mother’s RA physician sent her to a clinic after their insurance ran out. The level of care she used to get she doesn’t anymore and her bone’s are deteriorating.

    Thank you for speaking up about this. I hope it gets resolved soon and people think with their hearts and not their wallets.


  9. Oh man, the healthy care system in America…*facepalm* I don’t even know where to begin with the one, but yes, I do hope Obama’s program goes into effect.

    I wonder what it’s like for Charlie helping folks on both sides of the spectrum. It’s a shame all people can’t have top notch surgeons and physicians…and health care.

    I hope your knee is progressively becoming stronger again, Jane:D


  10. Interesting perspective. I do see your points, and can’t say that I disagree with them. I do have a concern though.

    In my mind, the (average) middle class person doesn’t fall into the category of the have or even the have not. And what ends up happening is that they must pay for everything out of pocket. Whether or not they can afford to. There is no “help” for the middle class because their income is too great. However they can’t “afford” to pay for everything that they need. If anything, it’s the middle class of this country that is shouldering the financial burden for most nearly everything. And yet their particular needs seem to be falling through the cracks.

    Unfortunately there are no easy answers. And the list of questions just gets longer and longer.

  11. Hi Jane, my Mum had two of these. She reckoned they were the most painful operations ever, but she’s now running around, at seventy nine, fit and healthy. She’s got more energy than me. She had the drugs, the morphine. The press of a button morphine. She reckoned it was sublime…just the same stuff she warned me off when I was a teen…

    Glad to hear you’re doing alright…

  12. Jane
    Thanks for being a voice for the have not’s in this country.

  13. We’re very political in our house. Big Obama supporters. Healthcare Reform is my #1 Cause. It is a broken system. A business run very badly, with sky-high administration costs. It is a right of every American to have healthcare. I’ve heard many Republicans call healthcare a privilege! It makes me sick. From what I’ve heard Obama talk about his plan, offering a government plan option, the cost will come from reduced health care costs! Not all higher taxes. That’s how they scare us! Higher Taxes! But we’re already paying for every person who goes to the ER, unable to pay for preventative care. We pay for it in our premiums! The #1 cause of bankruptcy in this country, health care costs! Also the burden should not be on small business who are already struggling. Plus wouldn’t you like a raise from your boss instead?
    I have a friend, an ER Dr who is very disenfranchised with the HH situation. He sees first hand how many non-emergencies are treated in the ER.
    Recently in the news they showed patients being steered towards expensive procedures they don’t need! Heart Stints. The AMA, Drug companies, and politicians are motivated by GREED! There is something wrong with a country who poll 70+% of it’s citizens as WANTING HC Reform, but our DEMOCRAT politicians can’t get it passed. What’s wrong with this picture.
    Sorry my post is so long! Jane , I hope your leg feels better.
    My family has great insurance and dental. I thank God.

  14. I, too, am praying Obama succeeds with everything he is setting out to do in the world of health care. As a foster kid, I was supposed to have health coverage but couldn’t get in anywhere- and now at 19 years old my health care that was provided from being a foster kid is completely gone. It is very hard not to have insurance, but I’m working two jobs just to put myself through college and can’t afford it. I applaud you for being so gracious and asking everyone who reads your blog to do what they can. The world needs more people like you.

  15. First & foremost – I’m very happy that your knee surgery went well!! I hope you’re back to conquering the world very soon!

    I was wondering would you be so kind to give me a bit of advice on a similar situation and in regards to the knee replacement operation?

    My 72yo mom needs a knee replacement surgery soon. The cartilage in her knee is completely gone, so the bone grinds against bone. Her overall health & fitness level are not up to par at all, due to an extremely hard life.. which majority of people in USA couldn’t even begin to relate to. She’s already had a hip replacement 4 years ago & suffered minor complication not because of the surgery but because of poor health care given to her as she is on government health insurance (MediCAL). The nurses were so rude to her that they refused to turn her over so she suffered enormous bedsores which took a long time to heal.

    I, as her only child, am absolutely terrified what kind of impact would the knee replacement have on her overall health and will it do more good or bad!? Honestly, my biggest fear is losing her. She’s my only parent & last remaining blood relative… and without ANY exaggeration… I don’t think I could make it through without major nervous breakdown if something bad happened to her on that operating table.

    People tell me not to worry, but that’s easier said than done. Mom only has access to the bare minimum health benefits provided by the state. She’s lucky to even have that much, though. I’m 32 and suffer from a debilitating auto immune chronic pelvic pain disease (Endometriosis)… yet I’m forced to live without medical insurance. My desperately needed 3rd surgery is just a distant dream as of right now, for the simple reason that I can’t afford it. This impacts our whole small family and its bringing even more depression into our lives. It’s never easy for a mother to see her child in extreme pain, yet that’s what my mother has had to endure for the past 4 years, through a loss of a child, 2 unsuccessful surgeries & 3 jobs lost due to pain.

    Do you have any advice for me, please Ms. Fonda? Anything at all would help! I just wish to know more about the knee replacement operation & the subsequent length/toughness of recuperation from it.

    I heard that the knee replacement takes much longer to recuperate from than the hip replacement? Would the risks for a 72yo woman who is not in very good shape (unlike yourself) be overwhelming and would that risk be a possible reason to NOT undergo the knee replacement? Or should we all just take a chance and hope for the best, even though that prospect terrifies me?

    I wish I could trust that even though she has basic MediCAL insurance, the doctors will do a good job on her knee and not leave her as the very last priority just because MediCAL pays them bare minimum so they reciprocate with a bare minimum of care towards MediCAL patients.

    I am very torn in this matter — do I schedule her for knee replacement & risk losing her… or do I continue feeling like a total failure every time her knee starts acting up, which has been more often lately, knowing my fears are preventing me from taking her to the operating table & taking the chance on surgery?!

    My apologies if this sounded long winded, but I hope you understood my point. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    So many people, including myself, are not so lucky to have a much desired surgery – no matter how desperately it’s needed, because we simply can’t cover the expense. So we continue to live in chronic pain and the term “quality of life” loses all its meaning. Sadly, it seems that not many care (until it happens to them).

    Very sad what our health care system has come to. It seems to be just a money game, and not the quest to help those in need & uphold the Hippocratic oath. I sincerely hope things will change with the new administration, but I’m not holding my breath.

    All my very best to you and thank you for sharing your experiences with us! I hope you recover very soon & continue to live your life in health & happiness!!!


    • In answer to your question, this is very very safe surgery. Your mother will be cleared by an MD. It is extremely rare , virtually nonexistent, for a person to die during surgery. The most important thing you can do for your mother is to be sure she has a surgeon who has done lots and lots of them. It is a long recovery, but with good pain meds, it works. I had my left knee replacement four years ago at age 77, and I’m fine. Find a good doctor and do it. Betty

  16. Coming from a country where health care is free for all, its good to see Obama start to address this – but it will mean more taxes and Americans seem to have a hard time paying taxes. Ithink (but not sure) that it’s linked to freedom and making your own way – but for a country that talks about shared values of democracy, equality and fairness that it promotes around the world, its strange that you don’t want to take care of your own.

  17. Yes, you are so right Jane. Everyone should enjoy the same good care from their doctors.
    Wellness shouldn’t be about profit. The cost of education for becoming a doctor is way out of line just as all education. We should have free schooling and healthcare for all. Doctors are to tempted to make huge profits with the parma companys and their investmented in clinics and labs where people are having their test done. Giving them huge bonus’s besides all the rest of the sky high prices for medical care.
    Phama companies are trying to control our vitamins because they know theres money to be made. And yet the nutritionist in the hospitals and doctors are not often informing people the value of herbs and vitamins.
    Is it because it might keep people well? There’s profit in illness. Sorry to say.
    I realize this is not true of all thank goodness but there are many profiting from a population in poor health.
    We need doctor’s and nutritionist to give folks the info they need to stay in their good health. Through our health system.
    Eating and growing your own food if possible. Bring your children in the garden and get their hands in the dirt. Show them where their food comes from. Choose
    organic food whenever possible, vitamins, books to read that are wholistic in nature. Empower people. As you eat and as you think so you are. And last but not least No Matter Where You Go There You Are.
    So take care of yourself. Be Well.

  18. Hi Jane,
    I’d like to comment tomorrow on your blog (it’s 11.15 pm here in Germany and I’ve had too much wine and don’t think I could write coherently tonight!)

    One: I just came back from a layover in Houston where I rode public transport and was shocked by what I saw in the ‘real’ America!
    Two: What do you call a male feminist? I’ve been talking to friends all night about what to call men (like me) who are interested in promoting women’s issues.

    Anyway, I’ll stop now seeing as it’s so late here plus the wine….

    And. If you and Moises Kaufmann would like a translator/interpreter for German /English when you come to Bonn, then I would be happy to help. I’d do it free of charge. I do freelance interpreting work for African families in the family courts in Germany alongside flying as a flight attendant for Lufthansa (which was mentioned in 33 Variations (I nearly shouted for joy!!!) and that would be as ‘thank you’ to you for being so wonderful and to Moises for writing such a great play and for mentioning my company …! 🙂

    Goodnight and God bless from Germany

  19. Re health care reform, I’ve already written to the President to remind him that he is all we, the people, have as a lobbyist in government. ( I think it was Harry S. Truman who said those words!) There are people who set aside their careers to become homecare providers (my son helped me care for my husband with alzheimers) with no health insurance coverage!

  20. Over here in Germany nearly everyone has health insurance. It is certainly expensive, but if you are employed or your spouse is you are obliged get health insurance. After a knee replacement surgery you get 2-4 weeks of physical therapy in a kind of spa. physiotherapy every day! I am very astonished that you, dear Jane, who could afford more physical therapy, can get along with only 3 times a week. I wonder: is the german concept of rahabilitation therapy , as it is called her, too generous, too expensive, unnecessary? Or is it because of your great general physical condition, that 3 times a week physiotherapy is enough?
    I wish you all the best and enjoy reading your blog.

  21. We have to be careful with healthcare reform. Yes, we all need access. Yes we all need preventative care. Will there ever be a time of have’s and have not’s? Doubtful. Just a fact of life. By allowing all to have same access, we will take away from some and give to others. We all have to be realistic. If you can pay for it, you can get whatever you want. Sad but true and I work in healthcare.

  22. Beautifully said. It is because of your ever open heart that you see how truly bad it is for some Americans and really not only hear Charlie when she speaks of it- but feels for those less fortunate as well. It is an embarrassment that we have for too long been cowarded into the corner since the Reagan campaign to demonize public health care. Our government handles our military superbly- and yes, the Vet’s hospitals are in tough shape but perhaps that’s why all around reform is needed to streamline the system. Our government handles our retirement -Social Security, talk to anyone who rely’s on it- so far- no sooo bad. Will their be a price? Of course. But it’s an investment in us. And investment of the fine people of Watt’s and beyond. To those that are turned away from ER’s and die silently in the night…in shame and surrender. To those that suffer through incredible pain- a tooth ache that has become an absess, an infected foot because they have no money for care. And I tell your followers- not only support Obama, but dismiss the fear campaigns and know this is the American thing to do-it’s been a longgggg time comin’ once and for all.

  23. YEah,,

    I HEAR you. I’ll do just that!

  24. I am glad that the Prez is doing something about Healthcare in America. From what I have heard, read and seen over the years, your health system is pathetic. We have problems with ours, but we all get some level of healthcare in Australia. We have problems with getting nurses and doctors to work in the outback and small towns, and the system is not encouraging for nurses, but the quality downunder is pretty good. You are very lucky to have Obama and Clinton and co….long may they reign.

  25. Thank you so much for this post. I am in full agreement with Obama’s health care reform, and have been active in trying to enlist others to understand how badly it is needed.

  26. Yes Jane,health care has been a thorn in my life, I grew up with a sick father who worked himself to death and a mother who worked in a hospital and saw what the system can do. My father died in a VA hospital after years of sickness at age of 63 my mother trying be deal with working in a hospital just gave up over my fathers illness and died of hart failure a year earlier. As life would have it my father died in a VA hospital right next to the University ,across from the Library were I was doing my master research. The hopelessness of the hospital system and bill were just to much to people who want to pay their own way and life with so dignity. Dignity is at the root of the medical and patient problems, we need to give people their rights to a real dignified medical care. Now I am in a position to need medical and have lost my life saving ,and dignity over a system that need a fast change over. We can only hope that it wont be to late to help other like me.

  27. I am a swf, age 56, divorced and have not had health insurance for about six years. I can relate to those who never go to the doctor. I have been very fortunate to have not had a major illness. I recently changed jobs and am working with a company that offers health insurance. Hopefully I can afford it when I become eligible to sign up for it. I am a clerk at a convenient store and I don’t think I will ever be with a job in that field, unlike so many others because of their field and the economy being so bad.
    On another note, I follow you on twitter and have always admired you for your talent and all of your endeavors, especially the work you do with helping young girls become more educated about pregnancy prevention. Keep up the good work. A fan, Sharon
    P.S. I always get a kick out of your appearances on Letterman. You and him are a hoot together!

  28. Just took my friend to the emergency room today for a bad back, since she has no insurance they refused to treat her. I’m ashamed of this country, the least we can give our people is adequate healthcare, other countries have done it why can’t we?

  29. Jane,

    Please keep pushing the issue of a public option in health care supported by our President and majority of Americans. I’ve been posting almost daily the need for people to be active and call / email / fax, etic. their Senators and Representatives to ensure a public option is availabe. However, you have demonstrated in today’s blog the desparity and need for all people to have access to quality and affordable health care. You also show via Charlie that many, many health care professionals want this type of reform. Bless you both. Please let Charlie know that not only you appreciate her skillful work and ethics. She is a heroine. Let her know we will all do what we can to get comprehensive health care reform this year. President Barrack Obama is a great leader and caring man.

  30. I’m working like mad to promote the President’s Healt care reform. One of my priorities is to explain (over and over again) to those who are presently insured are not going to be “forced” to change what they already have. The President himself has explained this several times, and yet folks still need convincing. The health care reform bill has become a reality. And we have to work in any way we can to make it happen

  31. Brava Jane. Turn it up!

  32. I’m training to be an EMT and every time I bring somebody to the hospital, mostly the elderly, I wonder how much of this they have to pay for. I worry when i’m in the back of the ambulace carrying their bags with 20 different bottles of medication how they’re affording this and what will happen if and when they can’t anymore. So I very much agree with you here and hope things start to change.

  33. Health care is a big BUSINESS and it saddens me to see people not being treated the same. As a seasoned MRI tec I see it every day.

  34. Hello Jane – I too hope and pray that President Obama is able to come up with a health care plan for everyone. My sister who lives in Arizona (formerly Colorado) was dropped by her health care insurance company because she and her husband had too many health concerns. They ended up on a Colorado Uninsurable Health Care plan which they pay over $10,000 a year for and have a $10,000 a year deductible. They have to travel each year to Colorado to get their prescriptions renewed and have their annual health care check ups – she takes her own blood pressure machine with her because the doctor will charge her to take a reading in the office. This is outrageous in a country like the United States.
    Here in Canada where I live, I can go to a doctor, a walk in clinic, a hospital and am not charged a cent for my visit or my treatment. I can go to a hospital and have any kind of surgery and follow up treatments and diagnostic treatments for free. While in the hospital I wouldn’t have to pay for any medications, or physio, or consultations from doctors and medical staff. We do need a health care insurance plan to pay for medications after we leave the hospital and such things as glasses and dental but the plans are not expensive at all and a myriad of things are covered, massage therapy, chiropractor, physiotherapy, orthotics, the list goes on and on. President Obama has a vision for providing health care for everyone, may it come to fruition in his term in office.

    On another note, the video from the Galapagos was stunning, absolutely wonderful to see and God bless you for sharing that with all of us on your website. What an amazing and thoughtful, caring woman you are. Stay healthy and I pray your knee will be strong and pain free soon.
    Colleen – xoxo

  35. While our country struggles to conceive & implement a quality affordable health care plan, we all need to put to use the knowledge, tools, resources & facilities already available to our citizens. Part of closing the gap in services begins at the grass roots level. Public schools must provide physical, nutritional & wellness education. Jane, your G-CAPP program is a great example of cultivating self value & then the self care that follows. Michelle Obama’s organic garden is a terrific example as well. Spending time at a farmer’s market is a simple, affordable way to be introduced to healthy foods. The more educated our people are about their health & wellness and the more engaged they become in the cultivation of those & reap the benefits, the less pressure there will be on any health care system. We can all take these steps by making healthy daily choices. We can and must.

  36. i am all for better healthcare – and i would be willing to pay a bit more in taxes to do my part – but what do you say to the thousands of us who lost our jobs due to the economic crisis we are going through? where should our portion of higher taxes come from?

  37. I, too, hope that Obama can get his healthcare plan through. I have been out of work for a year. I have been fortunate in that I had some savings to pay for a short-term insurance, but it is running out the end of this month. Trying to find insurance that I can afford is like trying to find the Holy Grail! People who are against national health care are more than like those who have insurance or have the money to pay for it. If they didn’t have insurance, they would understand. NO ONE in this country should have to go without health care. No one!

  38. Can i just ask, how does health care work is the U.S? I hear a lot about people not being able to have proper health care and so i just wondered how it works. Forgive my ignorance but where i’m from we are fortunate to recieve free health care, and don’t ask me why but i kinda thought the U.S would too.

  39. We are only as strong as the weakest amongst us.
    everyone deserves quality and affordable health care, not just the lucky or the wealthy.

  40. Jane Fonda is a hot momma.

  41. Hi Jane,
    Am so sorry that your friend Michael Jackson passed on today.
    It was a troubled life. Or so we thought. We, the public, were/are so confused about how he lived. Maybe you could share some stories on your blog that could maybe shed some light on how he was as a person. Though never a fan I am shocked that a life has been cut short.
    Best wishes from Germany (and I’ll comment on your post tomorrow – and my thoughts on what to call a male feminist 😉 ))

  42. I have been reading your blog, and it is helping me maintain a positive atitude in getting through my own total knee replacement. Mine was done on 6/12/2009.

    Your experience is almost exactly like mine from itching to stitches and P.T. However, I am still having problems with stairs. When I get up tomorrow, I will try to catch up. 🙂

  43. John Conyers is sponsoring a bill that would expand Medicare to cover everyone who can’t afford insurance. It’s the only way to get everyone covered and would relieve employers of the health insurance burden. Now that makes sense.

  44. HI Jane
    Charlie is quite a lady and I’m sure she’ll have you in great shape soon.How did you get to hear about her?
    How is Tulea?I bet she loves watching your therapy sessions.

  45. Yes, and it’s not just the poor who can’t afford good health care. Much of the middle class is struggling too. I am very fortunate to live in a city that has a public health care system (Healthy San Francisco.) I hope the national system doesn’t take too long to happen.

  46. Thought others might find excerpts from this article, in The Guardian newspaper (UK), about a book that’s just come out (see below), interesting:

    “countries such as the US, the UK and Portugal, where the top 20% earn seven, eight or nine times more than the lowest 20%, scored noticeably higher on all social problems at every level of society than in countries such as Sweden and Japan, where the differential is only two or three times higher at the top.” and

    “they analysed the data from all 50 US states and found the same pattern. In states where income differentials were greatest, so were the social problems and lack of cohesion.”
    (The Guardian about the book:

    ‘The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better’ by Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett (published by Allen Lane)

  47. I cannot believe how coincidental this is: health care for all has been on my mind and a big argument for me with some people, and I have been looking every day for more information to be able to make my arguments, and the first time I check out this blog, what do I find but health care!

    I am amazed at how people I actually know feel that health care for all represents a step in the wrong direction and some kind of goose-stepping into – well, they use words like socialism and fascism and every other buzz word they can come up with – but all I ever say, and maybe it is enough, is that this is America, the richest and most advanced country in the world, and don’t tell me we can’t afford or do health care for all. Nobody should be forced to watch their parents, their spouse, their children, pass away because they lost their job and can’t afford health insurance! That’s just nuts!

    Thanks for the great blog article. I’m really pleased to have found it, and I will definitely be keeping up.

    Also, I don’t mind being entertained, either!

  48. Dear Jane, thank you for speaking up about
    health care in our Country. We must support
    President Obama in his efforts to help all
    Americans get fair and decent health coverage.
    As a matter of fact, we should support his
    efforts to save the planet with cap & trade
    legislation, as well. I won’t help to have
    universal health care withou a Universe.

    My daughter and I were so fortunate to see
    you in 33 Variations in April. You were splendid…
    just a really special presence on state. A dear
    friend of my husband’s and mine, Dick Garretson
    of New York City, died of Lou Gehrig’s disease
    on 7/7/07. Dick was a terrific person much loved
    by his friends and his long-time friend Audrey,
    but less than a year after diagnosis, he died.
    Your play has helped to bring awareness to this
    dreadful and mysterious disease, and we thank

  49. Jane sou brasielira e moro no Pantanal e sou sua fã já alguns anos sempre a admirei como atriz e te acho muito bonita.

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