Tweets on 2009-05-08

  • Please read Gail Collins article in today’s NYT, “Bristol Palin’s New Gig.” #
  • Collins is right, it’s totally surreal to hear flat-voiced, dim-appearing, Levi Johnston, ex-boyfriend and father of Bristol’s baby … #
  • extolling the proper approach –a comprehensive approach–to preventing teen pregnancy. But he’s the one who is right. Yikes! #
  • Hip hip horray, what a good news day: Obama has discontinued federal funding for abstinence-only programs and curricula. #
  • Now that’s a good way to trim the budget…get rid of programs like those, that have been proven to be ineffective. #
  • Let’s start looking at our young people’s sexual behavior from a public health perspective rather than a moralistic one. #
  • Many European countries have done for yrs and consequently their rates of unwanted pregnancies, abortions and HIV/AIDS are far below the US #
  • Bravo, President Obama. #
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