What a night!! The show was about to begin. Michael was trying to put bows back into Tulea’s ears when she jumped out of his arms and ran on stage looking for me. There was applause. “What’s that about?” I asked. Someone said, “Tulea’s on stage.” OMG. A stage hand came and got her. And before I could collect myself, I had to go on.

After the show, my in-laws (Can anyone tell me the correct title for parents of your child’s wife or husband?) came back. Dee had seen it three times ands this was Boswell’s 2nd and he thought it was much better. He enjoyed looking through the opera glasses—they were seated from row mezzanine. Dee felt it gave her an even better appreciation of the sets and lighting. I so adore them. While they were there, Reem Acra came back with four friends (three were Lebanese, like her and one was her dance instructor!! Go Reem!!) She remembered meeting Dee when Simone was there for a fitting for her wedding dress. I have to say, Reem is about the nicest woman you could ever meet.


With Simone’s parents, Boswell and Dee Bent (photo: Michael Rudd)


With the wonderful designer Reem Acra (photo: Micheal Rudd)

My first cousin, Mary Shanley, came back with her daughter, Kate, and we all went out to dinner. Mary is one of three daughters of my father’s youngest sister, Jane. We had a good time digging into family roots (and secrets).


Kate and Mary Shanley (photo: Michael Rudd)

There is more I wanted to write about that I learned tonight –about what tends to happen actors as the close of a play draws near–but I must go to sleep. I have to leave for Montreal fairly early tomorrow.

See you next time.

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  1. Bon Voyage. ♥

  2. What lovely beautiful people in your pics. Love surrounds you all.

    Dearest Jane will there be a DVD we’ll be able to buy to watch this wonderful play? Please say YES.

    Tulea is a sweetcake. Gees, I’d would love to give that little one a hug.

  3. I hate that the play is ending. I can’t wait to hear more though.


  4. Pets can do the most unpredictable things sometime!! You’ve got such a wonderful family! Thank you for sharing pictures of your family members and friends!

  5. What a perfect Mother’s Day! My daughter Brie (named after your role in Klute) took me to see your show today as my Mother’s Day gift…considering I named her after you, there couldn’t have been a better gift. We were there to see the adorable Miss Tulea strut her stuff across the stage-we loved it, and she sure seemed comfortable up there!
    You were just magnificent in the show & my daughter & I laughed & cried together. Thank you for graciously allowing me to take a picture of you with my Brie, and autographing our Playbills. Thanks too for sharing your Mother’s Day with other moms and their daughters – it didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Happy Mother’s Day To You!!!

  6. Dear Jane,
    It was so good to meet u after the matinée today and wish you Happy Mother’s Day. I am the guy who gave you the gift in the small bag.( I hope you enjoy the book. It is inscribed to you with a personal note inside.)
    Seeing you over and over again in “33 Variations” has made this an extraordinary Spring for me.
    THANK YOU!!!
    —Bradley Provines

  7. Your question: What do you call so and so and how we’re this and thats?

    I simply say, “Hallmark doesn’t have cards for my family.”

  8. Whew! Your question, “Can anyone tell me the correct title for parents of your child’s wife or husband,” was a hard nut to crack, but I got it. Okay, the correct “relationship title,” as my research tells me is: you would refer to the parents of your daughter in-law as, “My son’s parents in-law.” They would not be referred to you as your parents in-law. I went to a billion geneology websites and found this information. by the way, I’m almost finished with the spring semester. Out of my 5 courses, I’m certain I’m gonna pull an A in each one of them. I never worked harder in my life! All I need to do is get an A on my finals tomorrow and Tuesday then I got it in the bag. I’m also researching law schools to apply to this fall. I’ve decided to go with my original plan and try to become a rich lawyer.

  9. Jane I forgot to say congrats on your Tony nomination! When you win, and you will win (I know it for sure), your dad and you will be the first father/daughter Tony winners. I searched and searched on the internet to see if there were others and I couldn’t find any. Last day of school is May 12th and your play doesn’t close until the 22nd, right? I REALLY want to see your show. If I hitch my way out to New York, would you be able to hook me up with a ticket to see your play?

  10. necesito urgente contactar a jane fonda mi papa trabajaba para ella en la quinta la primavera

    • Eres tú Perla, la de Panamá??

  11. How about in-laws once removed?

  12. I call my husband’s late wife’s family the “step-laws” (I married them when the children were 10 and 12 and therefore had three families to deal with – his, hers, and mine). Otherwise, in my birth family which had a whole lot of young parent deaths (6 over 3 generations) we just called them back door kin and are still considered family. That’s a Southern expression or so I was told by my mom.

  13. Well Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda, looks like you have a handful of family and friend. I also seem to be of 1/2 Canadian , It seem we have a comon Genealogical link. The Bower name are a part of the Generation that come up and overlap in my family history. I only put in that information a few months back ,strange.
    Have a good day off , Jane

  14. Great to see you!!! I love you lots and lots!! Writing an email for you now to Steven.
    Next time that little star Tulea gets on stage, someone needs to get a photo of her! I wish I was there Sunday, I wish I was there yesterday,, you know that i would have!
    and more xoxoxoxo/b
    I have dreamed about you both nites since the play!!

  15. Congratulations on the success of 33 Variations. I wish I could see the show. And, it has 3 of my favorite things: Jane Fonda, Samantha Mathis, and Beethoven:)


  16. Jane,
    You ask what the correct title is for the parents of your
    child’s spouse. I don’t think that there is a word for this
    relationship in English. However there are many Yiddish
    words that have no English equivalents and this is one
    of them. The word in Yiddish is Machatonim. I hope that
    you can have fun with this at some point by using the
    term correctly and surprising someone.

  17. Your child’s in-laws are your “machatonim”, in yiddish!

  18. Hi Jane,

    Quite often the best way to describe something or someone is with a Yiddish word or phrase. So: “machatonim” child’s spouse’s parents, co-in-laws.

    Hope it helps!

    Kind regards,

  19. Jane,

    Tulea was just getting the audience warmed up for all their applause at the end. Another free spirit like her mom.
    As for the in- laws, I have yet to hear anything different. I
    would just call them family if we were close.
    Thanks for the backstage view, very interesting.
    Hope your trip went well.

  20. Thanks so much for making us privy to many of the rewards and challenges you experience in your work and to some of the important causes you actively support. What a great example of following your bliss where the work you love also pushes you to grow and allows so many others to benefit along the way. I’d say that’s a llife well worth living.
    A comment on Tulea before I go–I wonder what she’s thinking in some of those pictures? “Okay, okay, I’m beautiful, take the shot already!!” Anyway, now that she’s the toast of Broadway, maybe she’ll rate her own blog: Tulea’s Turf (…or maybe not, it’s been a long day); but, aside from that, and whatever you do, please keep the ribbons, they’re definitely her…

  21. I just found this blog and must say I am impressed. Congrats on your nomination. I think it is terriffic. I worked for you during the filming of Stanley and Iris, it was one of the greatest times in my life,you were so wonderful to me. I don’t know what the formal term is for the parents of your child’s spouse except “lucky”, lucky to know you and be a part of your family. This blog is great and really gives the inside peek. I look forward to your next book.

  22. Bought your book today! Found the CD inside it and will take it on the long drive I have up to my oldest son’s graduation from college.(Skidmore) My younger son will be with me. He and I saw your play. We both loved it. I think it’ll be great to listen to it during the drive!
    Hope you are enjoying these last couple of weeks in NYC.

  23. Why not borrow from the Yiddish language? In the Jewish religion your child’s in-laws are your Machetunim (mokh-eh-TU-nim). But the “ch” is pronounced as if you’re gargling. Go ahead – try it!! BTW, I have the same ENT dr in NYC and she’s fabulous!. I have to admit I view my films through a whole new lens now thanks to your description!! lol Loved the show last week! You definitely deserve the Tony!!

  24. There are the in-laws and the out-laws.
    Its easy. ha

  25. LOL Tulea is absolutely precious. I’d probably clap for her too if I saw her come on stage.

    Enjoy your trip to Montreal! Have a safe flight!


  26. Tulea definitely has the Fonda acting genes! Did she get a nomination for best dog in a recurring role? Seriously, your real relatives do carry a little of your looks. Especially your cousin’s daughter. I have been up in our glorious Blue Mountains in NSW the last few days – computer free – so will have to catch up with your blogs!

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