We got up at 6am. This alone is somewhat traumatic since, during the play, I’ve gotten used to going to bed at 12pm or 1am and getting up at 11am.
I skipped dinner. Partly because I was tired but mostly because I’ve been eating too much and I’m worried about fitting into my Reem Acra dress at the Tonys. I like to go to bed hungry some times. I wasn’t missed. Apparently they all had a really good time at dinner. We have some seriously funny people in the group.

We’re doing a pre-breakfast hike up the volcano on St. Bartholome Island. Again, I’m in the slow group…but at least I’m doing it–on a knee that will be replaced in 2 1/2 weeks. There are few animals on this island–lizards, crabs–because of its volcanic nature and extensive draught, there is little vegetation–little to eat.

We came back to a sumptuous lunch and then hundreds of dolphins put on a show for us, jumping higher out of the water than I have ever seen–and I’ve seen lots of dolphins. Nathalie Lansbury did a video of some of them right under the bow that I will post. Actually nothing from today will be posted till tomorrow because we’re in an area that doesn’t get a signal.

One nice aspect of this trip is that only days ago I was part of a tight knit theatre family that I hated to leave. Now I’m part of a somewhat looser knit family (we haven’t been together long enough)– a community of friends that are sharing enthusiastically this amazing adventure. Kids sguealing and yelling is what alerted us to the dolphins. They have all bonded. Young nathalie said, “Mom, can we move here?”

We left early to avoid the heat of the day. Still, it’s getting really hot. I did the first part but my knee has begun to hurt so I sat on a step to rest and wait. When I was younger, I would have pushed through the pain but at 71 years, you do that and you may do permanent damage.

Truth be told, I enjoy the chance to be alone, to take in the silence and to write.

Blue footed boobies on a nest.

Blue footed boobies on a nest. (click photo to enlarge – photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


I don’t need to say what this is! (click photo to enlarge – photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


Frigate birds male with their gular pouch inflated in order to attract females. Flying over them is another male with a deflated pouch wanting to win the place for himself to inflated and score! (click photo to enlarge – photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


Me with our naturally gorgeous Naturalist Lucho! (click photo to enlarge – photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


Me with Vivian who I never wanna travel without. Pinnacle rock in the back, as it should be! (click photo to enlarge – photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


H: Cheryl who got higher than I did in today’s walk. (click photo to enlarge – photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


Me and Lucho (photo by Lucho Verdesoto)


Me, Lucho and Vivian on board of the National Geographic Islander.

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  1. hello Jane , strange how much of a change a few days make.
    I can see the smile on you face that was not on you during your stage play. I see a new Jane out and enjoying it, nice to see that part of you, your a outdoor girl and like, new place and change of the world view.

  2. Wow! What an incredible place! Thank you for sharing the experience.

  3. Good god, woman, @keyinfluencer wasn’t kidding–I can barely keep up with all your tweeting and blogging. 🙂 Hope you’re having as great a time as it appears from all the twitpics and posts. And Lucho? Smokin’ hot! 🙂

  4. The photos are brilliant. I love traveling, even vicariously and such good company! Lucho is mucho handsome.

  5. He really is gorgeous 🙂

    This looks like so much fun. A well deserved vacation.

  6. Ooh man, these look awesome, yay for Lucho’s pics..
    I hope you keep having a great time

  7. Looks so amazing! Thanks so so so much for sharing all these images and your experiences.

  8. These are lovely pictures. It is so nice of you to share with us. Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I for one will probably never leave the US so your photos and blogs and tweets have been so exciting to see 🙂


  10. I loved the island with PInnacle Rock. We saw a pelican nest there with two baby pelicans in it (could actually see them better later in my photos than when I was craning my neck to see them on the beach). Don’t you love those crazily colored Sally Lightfoot Crabs, I find them so merry! Glad you are having such great weather. And that you have Natl Geo naturalists…we did too…they are the best. Happy exlore!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing photos and details about your trip! It’s wonderful! Keep it coming!

  12. Ya estaba extrañando el reporte!!!!!!!!!! El paisaje de la foto de Cheryl es maravilloso. Espero con ansiedad las próximas fotos y anécdotas.
    Desde Uruguay con amor.

    Already there was surprising the report!!!!!!!!!! The landscape of Cheryl’s photo is wonderful. I wait with anxiety for the near(next) photos and anecdotes.
    From Uruguay with love

  13. ooh, he is cute!

  14. you look beautiful without your make-up!! Natural, high on life, enjoying friends and family. thanks for sharing, Jane. (and take it easy on your knee…)

  15. hi!
    what a wonderful thing to be doing . . . i travelled to ecuador, but it was too expensive for me to go to galapagos unfortunately . . . some day! i did stay in the jungle and visited an animal refuge . . . quite amazing.
    take care, francesca

  16. hmmm Jane, I would recommend MUCHO LUCHO!! Get my drift?
    Love You,

  17. Jane, looks like you are having a tremendously great time. Lucho is quite handsome! Thank you for posting photos of your adventure.


  18. Just loving your travelogue and photos.
    Have you ever thought about a Jane Fonda television channel (the JFT channel)?
    I wonder what Ted would think of that? Maybe he could help arrange it.

  19. This communication with you and guided tour of the Galapogos is beyond words!! How thoughtful and generous of you to include your fans in these wonderful moments in your life!
    You have alwaysd been my favorite, and when I realized you were a dog person, I was over the moon about it!

    Thanks again, looking so forwar to your posts and ggod luck at the Tonys, we are all rooting for you!

  20. Love the photos, really like being there.
    Somehow this reminds me of Katharine Hepburn in “Suddenly, Last Summer” and her monologue of being in the Galapagos with her son Sebastian.

  21. You know what, Jane? Your current blog is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve seen in a long time. You would have been an inspiring, gifted teacher, and I’m learning so much from watching your adventures from afar. Thanks very much for sharing. Looking forward to each succeeding installment.

  22. Hi Jane,

    It’s Elisabeth (Lee) Taylor again from Pat Mitchell’s office. I met you twice, backstage at the play. I also worked in Gloria Steinem’s office too. About those mug shot bags… they will sell well. I know a lot of people who would buy them. My email is [email protected] Hope to hear where I can get one. Lee

  23. Thanks for sharing your trip. Weather looks fantastic. I will think good thoughts about your poor knee!

  24. Nice pictures! I’m glad that you are having a fun time relaxing.

  25. Thats just a beautiful place!

  26. Wonderful pictures! That is an amazing place! So sorry your knee is bothering you at times, but I’m glad you could go on this trip! Groups can be fun to be with, but it’s always nice to find some time to be alone! I know it must be hard adjusting to a new sleeping schedule!

  27. 71????????? NO WAY!!! you are my hero! WOW 71!!!

  28. I LOVE Lucho – he was with us on our trip last November. I am sure he was thrilled to be with you. Is that Vivian, Lily’s manager?

  29. Hi Jane,
    You look stunning!!! Thanks for sharing yours photos.
    Glad you enjoyed Galapagos!!!
    Best wishes,
    Isabel from Ecuador 🙂

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