We don’t get power where we are today so I will send my blog tomorrow but I am sending photos others took.


Today I swam with a giant sea turtle and sea lions. (click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto)


click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto


Frigate Bird (click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto)


Frigate Bird Male (click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto)


Frigate Bird Eating (click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto)


Male Frigate Bird (click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto)


click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto


click photo to enlarge – by: Lucho Verdesoto

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  1. Todas las fotos son hermosas. Qué colores. Pero la suya con el lobo de mar es, simplemente, maravillosa.
    Quiero el teléfono de Lucho!
    Desde Uruguay con amor

    All the photos are beautiful. What colors!!!!!!!!! But his(her,its) with the wolf of sea is, simply, wonderful.
    I want the telephone of Lucho
    From Uruguay with love

  2. how refreshing to be going someplace where there is no power. ahhh….no tv, no laptop, no ringing phones…

  3. These pictures are amazing! Thats so cool how close you can get to the animals. They’re beautiful!

  4. HI Jane
    What an amazing adventure.This would make a great documentary.Would love to see interviews with people who live on Santa Cruz.What is life like,how are they governed etc.
    Thanks for the lovely photos.

  5. Such wonderful pictures, it’s “almost” like being there! Thanks for sharing, Jane. I’ve been a forever fan of yours. Look forward to seeing tomorrow’s adventures. Debbie

  6. How’s the knee holding up? Can’t tell from the photos you are experiencing any pain. You are all right with me, Jane. Tough. I could drop you off in the middle of a South Texas ranch and you’d do just fine. I made up a word in a dream for tough women like you…Saddlebitch. We’re Saddlebitches!

  7. Your photos bring back fond memories of the Galapagos. What I remember most about the Galapagos Islands is that the animals take precedence over humans, maybe the only place on earth where that happens. But even when they’re in control, they don’t raise a fist or a voice. Imagine that!

    You’re an inspiration Jane, for sharing this. Say hi to magnifico Lucho.

  8. Whoa, that frigate bird looks like it’s about to eat another living animal…it should kill it’s prey before eating, as that only seems fair.

    Great photos, Jane! Galapagos is gorgeous!


  9. The photo with you standing behind the sea lion – terrific!! You must be having such fun in that exotic location – thanks for sharing!!

  10. Such life! It’s no wonder Darwin took in so much!

  11. Just read about your (cool-looking) mug shot.
    Few years back an official from Philippines(?) was arrested for having 6 lbs of cocaine in his fridge.
    It was analyzed. Turns out ’twas 6 lbs of tamale flour.
    Tax payers money then too, I guess.

    Galapagos looks utterly serene; you must be unwinding well. Enjoy!

  12. The pic with the sea lion is amazing!

  13. What wonderful pictures!

  14. You look ecstatic!
    The animals are breathtaking…
    And I thought my red velvet coat was cool.
    Be safe…


  15. GREAT PICTURES…You are having a good time with family& friends. Good for you Jane

  16. Jane your visit to our country had been wonderful. I see my good friend Luis Verdesoto had a great time with you and your family. Thanks to be here


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