I have been thinking a lot about whether or not to continue blogging. I began this whole endeavor because I wanted to take people through the day-to-day process of doing a Broadway play—after 46 years. I also thought it would be a way for me to keep my own record of the process that I could refer to in the future when I needed reminding of who said what, of how I felt, of who visited me. I hadn’t thought much beyond that and there was a nagging concern that blogging was a form of ego tripping and/or not being “in the moment.” I am fairly convinced that the latter is not true. I find myself, oddly, very much in every moment, weighing its meaning in my life, asking myself if it has meaning beyond me that I might want to share. Obviously many things go on-in my head and objectively in my life-that I do not share. But I’ve had to think about it. Hence, as I look back over these last four months, my thoughts, activities, feelings, experiences feel clearer and more acute than usual. I attribute this, in part, to blogging although I realize it may also be because of the unusual nature of what’s been happening to me.

The ego part is less clear. Perhaps that will remain so, I don’t know. Is it ego or is it becoming more self conscious? We tend to think of the term ‘self-conscious’ as meaning something bad-as being awkward or uncomfortable with oneself. But the way I am using it, it means something rather different-a consciousness of self, how our presence impacts people, how much of who we are do we actually own. I spent most of my life lacking self consciousness. This is something Katharine Hepburn criticized me for-she, the ultimate example of self-consciousness. As I age, I think a lot about this and am aware that my becoming more self conscious also means I am taking more control over my life-what there is left of it. (And realizing all the while, that the notion of us having control is so relative it’s laughable).

All this to say that the blog makes me more self conscious, more aware of the different aspects of my life, what matters and what doesn’t; what might matter to someone else  and what might not. So—I am going to continue to blog. Maybe not every day. Maybe just when there’s something going on, internally or externally, that might be of use or interest. For instance, I leave this play (and New York) the morning of May 22nd. I leave for the Galapagos Islands with a boat load of friends and family for 8 days. I was just told that I will be able to blog from there!! When Ted and I split up, I made a list of things I wanted to do before I die that I could perhaps turn into fundraisers for the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. In 2000, about a dozen rich and fit friends trekked with me to Machu Pichu. This Galapagos trip is also a fundraiser and there will much to report back on and photograph. My blogging support system composed of James Andrews and J.J. make it so easy and fun.

So, between now and the fall, I will be working on my book and then, God willing and the creek don’t rise, I am going to do a movie. Because it is not 100% certain I am not allowed to say what it is or who with, but if it happens, it will be rich soil for interesting blogging. After that, I will again do an eight-day silent Buddhist meditation retreat in Santa Fe and then, hopefully, another movie. Not a bad year for an old gal. I feel lucky. But, as I have said before, luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

My main concern is how blogging will impact my book writing. I have less than a year to finish my book about aging, “The Third Act: Entering Prime Time.” My editor wants to bring it out in September or November 2010 and, as I am a slow book writer (as opposed to blog writer which I do very quickly), I have my work cut out for me. I decided last night, by the way, to make an exercise program(s) for people in their third acts to come out at the same time. I’m excited at the prospect of getting back into the fitness arena.

Got to leave now for the theatre. Eva Mendes is coming this afternoon along with a group of young women from my high school alma mater, Emma Willard, who are being escorted by the wonderful school principal, Trudy Hall. Among the girls will be three “Fonda Scholars.” I am so looking forward to performing for them.

backstage5309-evamendesWith Eva Mendes (photo: Michael Rudd)

Alan and Marilyn Bergman-the world famous composers and lyricists, few things could make me as happy as seeing how profoundly they were moved by the play. I have gotten to know Eva Mendes because she is my daughter-in-law’s best friend.

backstage5309-marilynandalanbergman1With Marilyn and Alan Bergman (photo: Michael Rudd)
backstage5309-emmagangThree Fonda scholar students from Emma Willard (photo: Michael Rudd)

I misunderstood and thought there were going to be young women from Emma Willard. Turns out there were the 3 Fonda scholars (2 juniors and a freshman) and the others were in the vicinity of my class–give or take.

backstage5309-emmagangbig2Me and the whole Emma Willard gang (photo: Micheal Rudd)
manteroflargeAnna Mantero ’10 Jane Fonda Scholar
hudsonfobigAnnie Hudson ’10 Jane Fonda Scholar
mezafondlargeDenise Meza ’12 Jane Fonda Scholar

See you next time.

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  1. I for one, am very glad that you will continue to is certainly an amazing experience for me and I thank you so much for this opportunity!
    Darlene…coming to see you this coming Saturday night.

  2. Dear Jane
    I am so excited that you are continuing
    the Blog!! (I heard Rosie may even turn
    excerpts of her Blog into a book!)
    You could also use your Blog as a forum
    to get info from your fans (research) for
    your 3rd Act book.
    I am so excited you may be doing more
    You inspire us all by living your Truth!!
    Much gratitude
    Bradley Provines

  3. Jane! I am beyond thrilled to read that you plan on continuing to blog even after 33 Variations has finished its run. Oh happy, happy day! I was honestly starting to get nervous that you were perhaps going to stop posting; I’ve really become accustomed to reading your entries everyday, and there would be an unpleasant void if you’d stopped. But, thankfully, you intend to keep at it, which is sincerely wonderful news. Obviously it may not be a daily commitment for you, but the fact that you’re willing to remain connected to us is terrific.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog throughout the process of the play, it’s been super awesome.

    All my best,

  4. Hi Jane!

    I can’t believe you’ve been writing this blog for so long! I read it every single day and I enjoy knowing about your play, your thoughts and fears (how I wish I could go to NY and see you on stage… if only Portugal and the US weren’t separated by the Atlantic Ocean lol).

    Anyway, I hope you keep on writing your blog because you do have way with words (anyone who’ve read your book knows that), and because it’s a nice way for you to promote your projects (wether it’s a play, a movie or a book).

    I hope you can find a balance between your trips, book writing and movie projects, and allow yourself some time to blog.
    You have focused and talked about some important issues here, and although you might not be aware of it, your words do have an impact and can make a difference.

    Good luck for the rest of your play!

    Take care and lotsa of love!

  5. I am so excited that you are going to continue blog!!! Your entries are so interesting. I feel like I’ve been with you every step of the Broadway process … and I think blogging while doing a film will be just as fascinating.

    Are you going to be able to post a video clip of the skit you and the cast did last week?

  6. I am so thrilled you will continue to blog!!! It has been fun, fascinating and at times hugely moving to read your blog. I don’t think it’s ego at all, I think it’s your great, big heart that loves to share some of your life experiences.

  7. I, too, am so excited that you are going to continue to blog!!! I can’t wait to see your future movies and read your “Third Act” book. I know you are not doing all these things for your fans, but thank you!!! Take care. Love, Laura

  8. tes, yes, continue to blog- have loved each and everyday!

  9. yay I have learned so much from reading the blog. I am sooo happy you are continuing. Gina

  10. Dear Jane,

    I so look forward to your continued blogging. Your writing is very thoughtful and interesting! I’m a Rosie blog buddy too, so I’ve gotten inspired by you both now …not that I wasn’t before 🙂

    I’m setting some new goals for myself and getting fitter is one of them …seeing you in that skit was so much fun and getting fit can be too, right? (Cathy, her skit is posted here on her blog…you just have to go back about a week!)

    See you next time, Yvonne

  11. I am very happy to hear that you will continue to blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading your insights. I live in NYC and came to see the play 2 weeks ago, which was a great experience for me. Take care and thanks for the courage and insights. B.

  12. Dear Jane,

    I just found your blog today! Great job keeping up with it.

    I just watched 9 to 5 the movie a couple of days ago and thrilled to learned they made it into a Broadway play! Now I know you also are on the boards after decades. How exciting! Regrettably, I no longer live close enough to NYC, so I will not be able to see either production. 🙁

    Of course, I feel as if I know you but don’t think I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing you on radio. I do recall a couple of things. The weekend before I started my radio program in Boston 5/15/1972), I was living at the Copley Plaza hotel and didn’t know a soul in the city. I went to a local movie theater and saw “Klute.”

    Of course, I’ve followed your life as a fan for years — through romances, marriages, and divorces. I even saw your ex-husband Ted Turner on TV today talking with CNN’s Ted Turner.

    Thanks for all your strength in all the causes you have chosen. I wish you a very long life and good health. My 70th birthday is May 31, 2009, and I like to think I’ve touched a few lives in a positive way since 1939!


    Ellen Kimball
    (Woman broadcaster, wife, mother, stepmother, grandmother, stepgrandmother, with two biological children and 3 stepkids. I have been married for 36 years to my third — “current” — husband!)

  13. I’m so thrilled you are blogging etc etc. I don’t mean to make this sound ‘bad’ or ‘unflattering’ but I really think you inspire a lot of older people to see ‘what this internet thing’ is all about.

    You’re an amazing woman and hope you blog till you can’t blog anymore, and that will be for years to come!

    See you twitter!
    Iris – apsochick

  14. I am also happy that you will continue blogging. I found your blog interesting, and honest. I just bought your book. I love your blogs and miss you on twitter.


  15. Well, I’m also unable to edit my previous comment.

    It should read:

    “I even saw your ex-husband Ted Turner on TV today talking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.”

    Sorry about that.


  16. Like others here, I’m very glad to hear you’re going to continue with your blog….especially on your Galapagos adventures. Will Tulea be going along with you? She’d probably have a blast with so many strange creatures to sniff and chase after.

    I think you’re going to be amazed at how blogging makings “print” writing easier. I find that my blogging has become something of a launch pad for ideas that I later develop into more mature pieces. I spun one post into a op-ed that landed in the Washington Post on Inauguration Day — something I never would have had the courage to try before I started blogging. What would the theater analogy be? Out-of-town tryouts before heading for Broadway?

  17. I too am glad and grateful to be able to read your blogs from time to time. With all you are doing and all you will be doing, it’s amazing you have time to blog, so THANK YOU because I truly love reading what you’ve been up to and who has been to the play and what’s coming up with you. I look forward to your book. MY LIFE SO FAR is one of my very favorite books, YOU are one of my very favorite people 🙂

    PS: I so wanted to send you a tweet on Twitter while sitting in the audience today at the play….but I was so in awe of FINALLY (after all these years) getting to see you in person. I will always cherish the memory of today.
    God Bless…

  18. Thanks for continuing to blog. It’s a fascinating window into a world we wouldn’t otherwise see. Thanks for expanding our horizons by sharing your life.

  19. Oh Boy! We get to do a movie w/you!! I will be burning up the internet miss jane!! I am SO glad you are going to keep blogging! Of course it should be at your pace and when you feel the need! I just know I feel the need to read everything you blog!
    Love Ya Lots!

  20. Blog on, Jane Dear! You’ll get and create lots of material you can use in your book. xox

  21. Glad to read that you’re continuing – it’s been enormously inspiring to read about your life at this time, as I am not far behind you (in age) and am also in the arts. Consider yourself one of the pathfinders, out in front . . . thanks.

  22. Dearest Jane:

    Please don’t leave 33 VARIATIONS and New York on the morning of May 22nd. The Galapagos Islands will have to wait 2 days because I must see you when the play closes on May 24th in your final performance!!!

    I can never keep a date straight either!!! 🙂

    You will be with the show until the 24th, yes?

    love, love, love

  23. Happy to hear that your going to continue to blog. I just found it today and was really happy to see that another person from the world I grew up in is still kicking ass out there and is still continuing to do amazing brave things. I love that you are still doing everything you want to do. I hope you enjoy the Galapagos Islands. I’ve always dreamed of seeing them myself and am very happy for anyone who get’s the chance to go. You, your family and your associates have given the world some amazing gifts over the years. Thank you for the effort.

  24. I am so glad you are continuing your blog, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to continue. I know that is hard to believe because I come here all the time and love commenting on your posts. But it is a commitment. And the problem definitely isn’t ego, its finding the time to commit. We all lead busy lives. But, don’t let my comment discourage you. Just blog when you can, and have the time of your life!

  25. Please keep blogging – it’s oddly grounding for the reader as well and your passion for your causes is incredibly inspiring. I think you reach people in a profound way that perhaps is not always tangible for you.

  26. I’m so glad you decided to continue blogging, especially since I just discovered your blog today… I found you a Twitter. I’m such a huge fan. I admire you a great deal. I blog and I find it very cathartic…Not to mention your words hit some as “feathers and others as rocks” meaning, you have no idea what you are doing for someone reading on a daily basis…yay! that you will continue to share.

  27. Jane I am so happy to read that you will continue your blog even if it isn’t every day. Since discovering your blog it has become a part of my daily online routine because I enjoy your writing so much. I’m also excited to read that you will be in a movie again, and that you are considering a work out routine for us ‘third act people’! Can’t wait! I wish I could see you in the play before it closes, but alas being in Canada means it’s just a tiny bit too far for me to travel right now.
    Good luck in all your future endeavers.


  28. I’m thrilled you’re continuing your blog. I check in often. As in all writing, I think recording what happens to you makes it more alive, lasting and real. Also you are sharing your feelings and thoughts with others – enriching and adding information to their lives.

  29. Great blog! Definitely keep it going!

  30. I am SO happy you’re going to continue with the blog. I just finished My Life So Far and… Wow. There are so many things that you’ve done, and I love your introspection and your evolution as a woman.

    Congratulations on everything. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

  31. It is a fantastic moment to finally get to meet an icon in the film industry. You and your family have gotten me through some hard times with the performances you have given. After all that is what we admire the most in celebrities. I am very happy you will keep your blog. I most likely will not ever meet you in person. Your blog,twitter and facebook entries allow us to see and read something we might not have gotten to otherwise. So from a fan thanks so much.

  32. I’m happy to know you’ll continue to blog. You have a lot to say and you are an important part of my life, that’s for sure. Go Jane!

  33. Ms. Fonda,

    I am certainly glad that you have decided to keep blogging! I am in high school and often find it difficult to get through the days when the conversation that surrounds me has nothing to do with anything but clothes, not eating so that you become stick thin, who got with who at the latest party and various other materialistic things- reading your blog reminds me that there are people out there who care about our world and who do something beneficial, something useful with their lives. You are very inspiring and I look up to you with never ending respect.

    I am sending a letter to the Eugene O’Neil theatre tomorrow or Tuesday- I hope you get it!

    With admiration,

  34. To me, any form of communication is a good thing. It does make us more self-conscious (which is another good thing) and it also gets people to think, to share. And as far as ego tripping is concern: why would it be such a bad thing? Why is it so hard to be proud of ourselves and of what we accomplished? We rarely hesitate to put ourselves down, why should we feel bad about putting ourselves up? Glad to hear you are not giving up your blog:)

  35. I am interested in hearing more about your 8 day Buddhist meditation. Is it possible to do when you live with others in the middle of suburbia?

    Your blog is almost like a weekly gospel for me. Please keep it up. Thanks.

  36. You have a rare ability to communicate with people – this has been evident for many years. Using a new technology is just another form of that expression. Listen, if you were just rattling on about inanities, peoples interest would soon fall away.
    Life is difficult to navigate at times and sometimes we all look the “stars” for guidance and inspiration. You have accomplished much in this life and if your guidance helps just one person on their journey then this is all worthwhile. Cheers!

  37. Yes! You’re sticking with blogging! Well, when you can. That’ll be great. So by the way, you probably noticed but i’m Kelsey, the one who James contacted about my comment on what you said about teenagers and GCAPP. You are such an inspiration Jane, it doesn’t matter if you are putting out a video and book for people in their 3rd act, the kids in their 1st act still need you too. No matter what act you’re in. PLEASE don’t forget that.

    I want you to know that I may only be 15 but I feel very strongly on these issues. You know, there are girls in my school who won’t even say “vagina” out loud? I worry. A lot. If there is anything I can do from a 15 year olds point of view, please have James contact me again. I would love to be a part in helping girls find their voice. And honestly, there are some voices of my own i’d like to find.

    You are wonderful. Thank you! And congratulations on a great play!!


  38. Hello Jane! I must say I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for the last few months. I doubt you remember me but I met you in San Francisco at your booksigning in 2005. I enjoyed your book very much! I can’t remember if I told you this but I may have been a bit starstruck when I saw you but if I didn’t say this, my sincere apologies, here it goes, “Thank You Very Much for personally autographing my book!” I appreciate it and it was also an honor to meet such a cool chick. Check out my blog sometime when you get a free minute,
    Love Your Fan , Robert Burcar, Helena, MT

  39. Dear Jane,

    I never thought I would be writing to you but blogging crosses the barriers and divisions between groups of people. I really enjoy reading your thoughts because, one, you write so well and two, it helps me adjust to life in Georgia. A died in the wool liberal, I, dreaded my move to the south. In my darkest moments, I thought: if someone as liberal as Jane Fonda can find acceptance and support in the Georgia, all cannot be lost. Reading about the VDay project in your blog gave me support as I produced the first performance of V DAY in Marietta, Georgia. When I proposed doing the readings 2 years ago, I was told it could not be done in East Cobb. Well, we did it in 2009 and it was fabulous! Its not Broadway and we are not actors just concerned women trying to make a difference in the world. Thank you for your inspiration!


  40. I am so happy you’ll continue blogging — giving us a glimpse into your great, big world — and spirit! And keep Twittering too! Your insight, story and charity work is so inspiring. Where DO you find your energy!? You are making a positive impact on young women and I’m honored to be doing my little part to support you and the great work of G-CAPP.

  41. Oh yes please continue to blog-they say writing is a form of therapy for the writer and the reader
    blogging is today’s letter writing-its a way to connect with others-your blogs and our responses makes us a community which crosses all boundaries (countries, language, gender, race)we got to experience Broadway in a way that no one has been able to do before
    best of luck on all your projects you are a great role model inthis the 3rd act-thanks

  42. Ms Fonda

    Please continue the blog. I am a big fan of yours

    Your web site is put together so well and has a wealth of information on it

    I like reading it

  43. I am so glad you’ve decided to continue blogging, too. Saw “33 Variations” today and you were amazing. I was at the stage door afterwards but too shy to ask for an autograph! I’m kicking myself now, but it seems like it’d be a drag to have to sign your name over and over like that and I didn’t want to add to it. You were very gracious, though!

    It was a dream come true for me to see you onstage and in person.

  44. Yeah!!! Good for you, Jane! Continue to Blog, I love it!

    I hear you about “the time you have left”….I turned 60 this year and feel my own mortality ever so keenly as I enter my sixties.

    I want to lean into aging, but it is not easy in our society.

    I resist any artificial means of “preserving” myself….so far! That’s not easy, either! But I am determined to put a face on what a women in her 60’s really looks like!

    I look forward to your “Workouts for Wrinklies”..:O)!!

    Thanks, Jane!

  45. Wish I was going to the Galapogas and the silent Buddhist retreat obvious to me how you regroup and sustain your amazing personal growth.

  46. Please, please, please continue to Blog. You have
    been a radiating example and inspiration to me for
    44 yrs. (Since I’m 10) I so respect your courage
    and activism in the 60’s and 70’s when relatively so few
    had the guts to do what you did. I’ve learned SO much
    about you and life and wisdom thru your Book and your
    BLOG. One of my favorite movies is KLUTE(really). Your
    continuing incredible energy encourages and motivates
    me to accomplish my own things in life. Saw 33 VARIATIONS early in previews. Continue to astonish
    me (and the world) in your new endeavors and discoveries, creativity and artistry. Thank you so much,

  47. You said you fly out on the 22nd….don’t you close on the 24th? I’ll be at JFK on the morning of the 25 on my way to L.A from Nova Scotia. You’d recognize me by freak out from excitement. LOL

  48. Jane, you blow my mind and light the world. I’m so glad you will continue the blog, and I’m excited about the new exercise program for those in their third act (myself included). Sometimes it’s hard to know when to do less than you did before, but as the clip from the skit showed you can still do everything.

    You inspire me to want to do more, and I’m sure others feel the same way.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the play again before it closes.

  49. As we grow older in our bodies, we feel the same as we did when we were younger. That shows in your blog Jane. You are and always have been an inspiration and isn’t that we are put on this earth for? To help others, to help others grow and to find thier purpose. I also believe that when we ask God to be Lord of our lives that He than directs our path so we don’t miss anything He has for us or wants us to do. Keep on blogging Jane and God Bless You and your family.

  50. Hello, Jane,
    Please do continue your blog, on whatever terms work for you. You are a wonderful writer (added to your other talents), and whatever you have to share is another of your gifts to the world.

    Your fan….

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