Tulea is so happy to be home. When she got out of the elevator she ran to the door of our loft-well, not ran, skipped is more like it, and I mean it literally. She skips. I never knew another dog who skips. She raced around the place looking for Mouse, the brindle cat she grew up with and loved to play with. Mouse would perch on the back of the couch and jump on top of Tulea when she went by and then they’d roll around and wrestle. But for reasons we don’t understand, Mouse began to poop on my furniture so she now lives with Carole and Tommy and there’ve been no more problems. Carole brought Mouse over today and Tulea was so excited. She was all over Mouse, but Mouse could have cared less. Poor Tulea-except on the way to the airport, I will drop her off with the couple who pet sit and who Tulea adores. It’s more than mutual and they have two small dogs and two big cats that Tulea also loves. The couple are middle aged and their business is called ManyPaws-get it, menopause. Cute, huh? Tulea gets so excited when she realizes she’s at their house that she forgets that we’ll be apart for awhile. It makes it so much easier to leave.


Tulea with Daphne, Jane and her second family.


Tulea’s home away from home

Over lunch I will have a meeting with James Andrews about growing my blog, twittering, FaceBook, and hooking up with TONIC to sell my mug shot merchandise. James was at the Ludacris event last night doing a streaming video with his iphone and something called Ustream.

Gotta leave for the airport. Will be blogging and twittering from Equdor and the Galapagos.


Look what Susan Kellerman just sent, knowing I was about to depart for the Galapagos…with the words “Don’t forget your other family.” Isn’t that fantastic? Like I ever could. From the left it’s Samantha, Don, Caitlin (in the back-my understudy), Diane, me, Cletus, Colin


In car en route to airport with Malcolm on my lap.


Nathalie, Troy, Vanessa and Viva in Delta Lounge


Simone and Troy at airport

See you next time.

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  1. Most women collect lots of shoes or purses, I think with you it must be HATS! HA!

    Have a great vacation!

    Malcolm is a cutie!

  2. Tulea is the most loved, most cared for dog in the world. Every pet should have that many people adore them. She’s too precious.

    Awww, the photo and note from Susan is sweet. Has it fully kicked in yet that the play is done?

    Enjoy your trip, Jane!!!

    All my best,

  3. Creo que no solo Tulea estaba feliz de estar en casa. Usted también! Ver la foto de Tulea me hizo acordar a una tía fallecida que decía “salió en la foto con ojos de linterna”. Mientra no pueda ir a Galapagos, me conformaré con los que nos cuente en su blog y con las fotos hermosas que podrá sacar.
    Buena estadía en Galapagos.
    Desde Uruguay con mucho afecto.

    I believe that not alone Tulea was happy to be in house. You also! To see Tulea’s photo made me resolve(remind) a deceased aunt who was saying ” it(he,she) went out in the photo with eyes of lantern “. Mientra could not go to Tortoises, I will conform those that it(he,she) tells us in his(her,your) blog and the beautiful photos that it(he,she) will be able to extract.
    Good demurrage(stay) in Tortoises.
    From Uruguay with sympathetic(keen) much.

  4. Have a great time! I love the picture of Tulea and Mouse. It looks like Tulea is about to give Mouse a kiss.

  5. There is nothing better then a trusted person or friend to leave a pet with when you have to travel.
    I have the most handsome Pembroke Welsh Corgi you have ever seen. His name is Dash, he’s 8 and smiles all the time. I am lucky to have a wonderful
    friend who stays at the house and looks after Dash.
    Have a blast on your trip!!

  6. Awe, what a beautiful family!

  7. Thanks for sharing with us, Jane. Congrats on a successful run on Broadway!

    Have a wonderful vacation and safe return. Can’t wait to see pictures of the Galapagos Islands! PS — You were a delight on Letterman!

  8. What a beautiful family thing you have go’in on.
    ManyPaws is peace of mind for you and disneyland for Tulea. How great is that. Wish I had ManyPaws.
    What a cute couple!

    And what a great shot of the 33 Variations Family!
    May it live on forever!

    Peace baby,

  9. Picture of Tulea & Mouse-

    Mouse- You want to do what? Kiss me? Oh NO!!!!
    Tulea- But I love’s you Mouse!
    Mouse- With ears back. A kiss? Ooow I don’t think so!

  10. It is wonderfull to see someone who love’s their pet’s as much as my family does! I hate leaving my German Shepherd, Whiskey, when I travel! But, my Aunt & Uncle love him all most as much as I do & he love’s them too! It make’s it a littler easier to be away from him.

  11. What a privilege it is to read your blog! I have been an admirer of your politics and acting ever since I can remember. For you to share your thoughts, feelings, and heart with us is a true honor. I’m thrilled you’ll continue beyond “33”! We’re rooting for you on June 7, and I hope “Tony winner” is yet another accolade added to your illustrious career.

  12. Doesn’t this just make scrapbooking look cheap? You really know how to take the best pictures.

  13. I am a very great and long-time admirer of yours since back in the 60s (yes, there ARE some of us who really did fully support you back then), and you continue to inspire me as I try to bravely face my own aging.

    Re Tulea’s ‘skipping’, has this been examined by her vet? Skipping is a common sign of slipped patellas, a perhaps genetic anomaly not infrequently seen in small dogs.

    Enjoy your well earned vacation, and good luck with the knee surgery next month!

  14. Thanks for sharing, Jane. I would die for some of that mug shot merchandise.

  15. You must get the Tulea skip on video for us. I just have to see that.

    My dog, Jackpot Romeo, skips. But it is more like an intermittent Charlie Chaplin kind of skip.

  16. Love the fact that the cat is called mouse…lol

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