To say I had fun at dinner last night after the show would be an understatement! Jeff Daniels, Dianne Wiest, Paul Martino, Tommy Tune, Philipp Meyer, author of the new novel “American Rust,” Edie Vonnegut, Kurt’s daughter, Esther Newberg, who had a dog just like Tulea. Stayed too late (it was impossible to tear myself away any earlier) and had to get up at 8am to get ready for 2 TV shows, one of which, with Jeffrey Lyons, will be on those taxi TVs starting tonight. Susan Sarandon was at the restaurant and says she’s starting to have fun in “Exit the King.” My old pal, Peter Duchin was there, too, and Christine Lahti-and so it went. I felt so great, so a part of the Broadway community. Paying for it today, but so what. I’m ready to hit the stage and kick ass. Those folks will get their moneys worth, trust me.


Dianne Wiest (photo: Michael Rudd)


Tommy Tune (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. Oh Jane,
    It sounds like you are truly having the time of your life
    doing this amazing play! I couldn’t be happier for you and your wonderful cast !
    I see a TONY for Best Actress in a Play
    to go along with your Emmy, Golden Globes,
    Peoples Choice & Oscars! Nobody deserves
    It more and wouldn’t your father be proud!!
    Thank you for coming back to Broadway!!

  2. Hi Jane,

    I just got back from a night out too! It is hard to pull away from a good group of friends. I am glad you are friends with Jeff Daniels. He is a fellow Michigander and oddly enough we have some mutual friends. Have a great night.


  3. Can I just say, Jane, that you are like the coolest person ever! You own that stage, girl!


  4. You should party more often! haha =)

  5. Oh, I love Tommy Tune. I am so sad I never saw him in person.

  6. I saw Christine Lahti in 3 Hotels at the Ahmanson. How nice she may see this and know how vivid her performance remains in my mind. Same with Elaine Stritch in A Delicate Balance and Vanessa Redgrave in Orpheus Descending. How I know I feel after seeing you in your final performance.
    Diane Weist is amazing.

  7. As if you wouldn’t ever give people their money’s worth. Sounds like a great night and what a wonderful bunch of people! Tommy Tune has held up well, hey? I hope you guys made Dianne laugh, she has a great giggle.

  8. I knew Tommy was tall but I didn’t realize he was 10 feet tall 😉

    Where are you getting all the cool hats?

  9. P.S. You and Dianne are absolutely adorable in that photo. Looks like you two are having a grand old time:)


  10. Man, that Tommy Tune is a tall drink o’ water. Talk about talented. He does it all! I think he holds all the records when it comes to Tony Awards. I understand he is also a visual artist. And he is a TEXAN! Yeehaaa!

    Jane, the best of everything to you from San Antonio. Hoping to come see the play.


  11. lovely outfit jane.

  12. I was also at the restaurant that you were. It was thrilling to see all of you. I am gald you had a blast.
    Is that not the best place in the city for a fun night with good food?
    I have been there where there were 5 Oscars in the room. The night that there 5, yours counted for 2, and I had seen your show that night. WOW!
    Thursday you helped make it 6. A recod there.
    I think you were excellent in the play.

  13. Jane, super pics of you with Dianne and Tommy.Best,Will

  14. Ms. Fonda,

    They say you can judge a person’s character by the friends and family that surround them… wow, you are blessed with love and support on both levels. So good to see you so happy and finding a whole new world with theater and technology.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Yea Diane Wiest! I love in Treatment and Ive always thought of myself as her character from Hannah and her Sisters!lol Tommy Tune is still quite an attractive man…

  16. Ms. Fonda,
    I stumbled on to your twitter and blog about a week ago after finding you on facebook. I have always loved and admired your work. I am a stage actress and screen writer working in Denver and you’ve always been an inspiration to me.
    I just finished and am shopping a screen play I wrote for Dianne Wiest. It’s a romantic comedy with a 60 year old female lead, as you can imagine, it’s been rough. I was surprised and delighted to see the photo of you both having, what appears to be, a fabulous time. So much talent in one photo. It’s inspired me again…I see buddy flick “Banger Sisters” meets “Pineapple Express”.
    Thanks for all your great work on screen and stage! You’ve given us all so much joy!
    Jessamyn G.

  17. New Yorkers would love to see you remain part of the Broadway community. I know you’re not reading reviews, but the critic of the NY Times praised your work and wants to see you do more.

    P.S. You look beautiful and as a woman about to turn 60, please know you’re an inspiration. I really enjoy your blog.

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