Okay, so James didn’t come last night, but Sally is out there. We’re having dinner afterwards. I can’t wait to get her response to the play. It matters to me (so did Mike Nichols’s). She knows and adores Moises, our writer/director, and was so thrilled for me when I told her I was doing this play. I’m so glad she found time from “Brothers and Sisters” to come here. I will always regret that I missed her performance in “Glass Menagerie’ at the Kennedy Center. I did see her in Edward Albee’s “Goat.” She was amazing. Knocked me out.

Sally Field (photo: Micheal Rudd)

I want to write about my fellow actors in this play and our little rituals and such. This social life-part of theatre life takes up too much time but I know my blog friends enjoy hearing about it. Tomorrow I will do it.

Ah, tomorrow, I will spend the day with my grandchildren. I’ve been saving the documentary “Man on Wire” to watch with them. I saw it once already and adored it. I am so excited to see them. It’s been since January 4th-the infamous breakfast with James Andrews when he (and the father of my grandchildren, Matt Arnett) persuaded me to begin blogging. Seems an eternity ago. Malcolm, the older (10 years) won’t talk to me by phone. He says he doesn’t like to talk unless he can see people. He’ll change.

My niece is out of the hospital, weak but better. Alas, she must return to London Saturday so can’t see the play. She looked so beautiful last night with her lovely face against the hospital pillow. A classic beauty. I didn’t dare ask to take her picture. It didn’t feel right. I do have some principles, after all.

Don who plays Diabelli, bought me a pair of opera glasses so tonight I will really be able to scan the audience from behind the bookcases before the show starts.

Me and Larry Rinder. We became friends when he currated the Gees Bend Quilts exhibit at the Whitney. Now Larry is currator at the Berkeley Art museum. (photo: Micheal Rudd)

Laura Heery and Helen Weeks (photo: Michael Rudd)

Wolf Girls of Vassar College (photo: Michael Rudd)

T-shirt with Mugshot 1970 (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. Glad to hear your niece is better. Its funny you say Malcolm won’t talk to you on the phone. I never talked to my grandmother on the phone either. I don’t know why!
    Have a great show.

  2. Grandchildren- Universal topic, details vary…how many do you have? How often do you get to see them? Aren’t they incredible? and their very existence disorienting? I suppose if your oldest is 10 (my oldest is nearly 3) then you’ve faced the common “my child is a parent” self-conversations. I’m at the “3 grandchildren in 3 years” phase…lots of reality checking. But I hear in your words that you are as I am, madly in love with them! Enjoy your day with them!

  3. just really enjoying your blog as well as twitter. I am wide awake right now since I have flown to st.louis from la to clean a house that I own after my renter left. Wow I am so tired I can’t even SLEEP. so I am catching up on your
    blog and so enjoy love the way you put things. so natural.
    just wanted you to know. ps my friend saw the show opening weekend, she was so excited and did LOVE it.I wish I could see it too. Anyway…..I’m going to try to relax.

  4. ‘Malcolm, the older (10 years) won’t talk to me by phone. He says he doesn’t like to talk unless he can see people.’ PRICELESS! I was about to type this msg when the phone rang and it was my grandmother! I’ll use that line next time, it’s brilliant!

  5. Your grandson and my brother have that in common: not wanting to talk on the phone. Maybe it’s a male thing. My brother is 39 now and he still doesn’t like it…hopefully this will change for Malcolm.

    Sally Field seeing the show is so exciting!!! I really can’t wait to read all about it. I watch her faithfully every Sunday night on B&S. Jane, have you ever thought about being on a television show? How awesome would that be?!

    It’s good to read that your niece is better now. It’s a shame she’ll miss the show, but I’m betting she’s very happy to be leaving the hospital.

    Enjoy the day with your grandchildren!


  6. OMG I love that T-shirt where can I get one???

  7. *dies from laughter* Jane, your shirt is the best ever!!! As far as mug shots go, yours is truly the awesomesauce! You should start selling them on your site. Heck, I use that photo as one of my many icons at my blog. LOVE IT!

    Power to the people! Rock on, Jane!


  8. wow!! that’s really exciting with Sally Field I love her on Brothers and Sisters! always watch it…

    and I L.O.V.E that T-shirt with the Mugshot! is there a place to buy them??

  9. I like the t-shirt. It looks like you’re saying “Black Power”! Seems like a long time ago, don’t it?

  10. Love the mugshot! Gotta own it all, don’t we?

  11. Sally Field is eternally cute. Your t-shirt is great!

  12. What an amazing woman you are. What I wouldn’t give to meet you? WIshing you good health and lots of love

    Robert from Quebec Canada

  13. I find the expression on your face a real prize in this last photo,not the T-shirt with Mugshot but you. That is a wonderful photo. You look well and in a good true form happy even, a second wind to sail on. Nice post Jane

  14. Jane,

    Use skype-free service to view and talk. It’s great with grandkids. You can talk with them and when you see them, you just want to grab there little faces and kiss them. Malcolm would love it!


  15. LOVE the shirt!

  16. I agree with Malcolm. You can’t hear the person you’re talking to on the phone roll their eyes, or any number of other telling expressions. Maybe the one who should change is you, Jane. If you can blog and tweet, it seems to me you could get a webcam up and running.

    My website is a gallery of my, sometimes explicit, homoerotic composite art — not for the little ones.

  17. Dear Ms. Fonda,
    I saw 33 Variations and was deeply moved. I shared a strained relationship with my father, similar to the one shared by you and your daughter in the play. In the final days before his death, I experienced many of the same moments captured so poignantly in the play. I remember reaching out to wash his arm, and him instinctively and momentarily pulling back, just as your character does when her daughter reaches out to her during therapy. The play contains many moments of truth like that. I am a very frequent theater-goer, but this is one performance I will long remember. I wanted you to know that. Thank you.

  18. My three year old daughter saw your shirt and said “I love pink and she’s pretty. I want one!!” You seem like a woman I would love to just sit and have a cup of coffee with!

  19. LOVE that shirt!!! you are awesome 🙂

  20. That’s my all-time favorite t-shirt. Ah, the good old days:)

  21. You are so beautiful!
    I love that you’re wearing a shirt with your face on it. You have just gotten more beautiful over the years.
    I mean it!

  22. Ms. Jane great pic of our two shero’s Sally & Jane!!!
    Norma Rae’s all the way!

    Beautiful of you with your Klute pic!
    You soooooooo still have it girl…
    Where can I find one of those hot Klute shirts?
    Love that movie but, then I love all your movies.

    The cast of characters in your movie of life are people I’ve admired heart and mind.
    Many fighting the good fight for our beautiful Earth and
    all the 2 leggeds. 4 legged, winged-ones and ocean beings. Amen, my kinda people……….rebels at heart
    Not just human rights but Earth rights.

  23. Jane its off subject but I wanted to mention that I was watching Tavis Smiley’s show today about Marvin Gaye.
    His wife was on an mentioned your name and that you
    visited while he was making the Whats Going On album.
    Can you tell any stories about this and did you sing?
    What’s going on? What’s going on?
    Love his music. Timely and timeless.

  24. That photo of you in the Mugshot 1970 t-shirt is priceless. Maybe the best photo of you ever. Just got my ticket to see you first week in May. Can’t wait.

  25. Hi Jane.
    My husband Keith and I had a fun 3 days in New York city.We took in 3 plays: 33 Variations, Phantom and Mama Mia. All the plays were fantastic but we both agreed that 33 Variations was the best. You were great and so was everyone else. This is such top notch entertainment! You even signed our brochure! Thank you Jane. My husband’s mother died of Lou Gehrigs disease in 2000. This play moved us very much. PS We are enjoying Diane Walsh’s CD.

  26. You look absolutely wonderful!

  27. Great T-shirt!

  28. i think it’s fantastic that you can wear that shirt with the pride you so obviously have. i only wish i could see you in this amazing play, but alas i’m just too far away!

    you rock, Jane Fonda!

  29. I loved Man On Wire too! It inspired me tremendously.

  30. Love the t-shirt and tried to copy the Klute hair style when the movie came out. Remember taking a picture to my hairdresser, but alas not even close.

    You and Sally (another favorite) make aging look so easy. Both of you are georgeous!

  31. What a wonderful shirt! Can they be purchased?

  32. That t-shirt is awesome! Where can I get one? I am putting the picture of you wearing it up in my office. You were an inspiration back then and you are still one now. XOXOXO

  33. A great read. How cool of you to write this. I’ll be back to check it out now and then. JR

  34. My nephew hates talking on the phone too, but when he sees us he never shuts up! He lives in NZ and we’re here in Australia, so it is tough sometimes to do it any other way! Great to see two legends together – you and Sally, and I too love the t-shirt. The messages that you and Sally convey in your movies and in your real lives touch all generations.

  35. Hi Jane
    I love your t-shirt.It would be great if they became available to the public.

  36. Ms. Fonda,
    A friend and I are also wondering if there’s some way to purchase that magnificent t-shirt. Back in the early 1960’s I was the program girl at the Hartman Theatre in Columbus, Ohio, and was privileged to see you in all the performances of Invitation to a March. While waiting for my bus on High Street I would watch you and a co-star – Eileen Heckart? – walk by on your way to your hotel. I never had the nerve to say anything. You always seemed to be involved in intense, respectful conversation. And now I’m glad you’re getting good reviews in your return to Broadway. Thank you for a lifetime of work that has inspired so many women.

  37. I WANT THAT SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I love the picture of you and Sally Field together. Is she just the cutest dearest person or what? 🙂

  39. You girls are my heros

  40. Love the shirt!

  41. Sally Field and Jane Fonda are two women with such great beauty! My daughter swears I possess a remarkable resemblance to Sally – now that it a true compliment to me!

    I casted in a few plays at my local community theatre and it thrills me to be on a stage. I can only imagine the thrills you two have doing it all the time!

    I have 5 grandchildren and I adore them all. Why, they are the best thing since sliced bread!!!!!

    ….take care…..sara….

  42. You have to tell us where we can get a t-shirt with your mugshot on it!

  43. I’m sure you will not post this. Shame on all of you ancient hippies. Jane should apologize, not brag about her unbelievable past. Some of you even wishing for the old days!!! GROW UP!!

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