Ready for the Easter Bonnet Skit

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  1. Tulea,

    You and I look sooooo much alike. I bet you’ll agree. Please go to my wag, and see for yourself.

    Rox xox

  2. Was she in the Easter Parade?

  3. Dear Jane,

    I have a Coton de Tulear named Luna. These are the most amazing dogs in the world, don’t you think? Luna lives with me in Los Angeles and is most often found in my gallery during the days. She loves all other dogs, people, and children, and she is the most amazingly loving puppy I have ever known. I can just imagine your Tulea running on stage to see you – they are inseparable from their masters and give so much loving support – and they are arguably the most intelligent.

    I’m in Beijing now and could not bring her with me this time and I miss her terribly. I will be home soon where the coolest dog in my life will be wagging her tail and squeaking excitedly to see me!

    With all best wishes from Luna and me,

  4. She is adorable!

  5. what a sweet pic with her little bows, looks very comfy. our Molly gets too hot and is too long for a bed like that. since she’s been trimmed, she can handle her soft mat but prefers most times to be with one of us on the couch!i have many disabilities so I spend much time on the couch. Molly has brightened my often dark life. Cotons do that, don’t they?

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