Moises came to the show sunday night and today he sent me his notes. Great!! Just what I needed to rein me in and remind me of the importance of rigor.

The cast, along with Moises and Jeff, had a great party after that Sunday show. We’d been planning it for over a month and it was well worth it. We started at Samantha’s apartment on what must be the best, most charming street in New York–down in east Village. It’s an old building inhabited at one time by Mark Twain. Her walk up has 15 foot high ceilings, crown molding and an old carved marble mantle. I really liked being in Samantha’s space. It suits her to a tee, from the minimalistic furnishing to the huge abstract oil paintings she inherited from her mother, to her dog–a rescue that looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback. An Anita O’Day cd was playing and Diane Walsh’s very funny husband, Dick (a former editor of “The Nation“) said to Sam, “it’s reassuring that someone your age still listens to this music.” After beginning to party there we moved on to the Chinatown Brasserie (I know, it sounds like an oxymoron) where we had our own room and, thanks to Don’s forsight, the menu was all pre-ordered. How good it is, how cathartic at the end of a long week, to laugh so hard you’re doubled over.

Yesterday I went back to the throat doc, had new larynx-porn print outs made which showed my throat is hunky dory but not my head so I’m on a new anti-biotic. Like anyone should care and I have to ask myself why I even go into these things. I guess I feel guilty for not blogging yesterday and worried I don’t have enough to write about.

Learned yesterday when I woke up that “33 variations” has received nominations for 5 Outer Circle Critics Awards including the play itself, Moises, Zach as Beethoven, the set and the lighting. Hooray!!

Last night I received the Theatre Artist Award at the Chairman’s gala of the National Corporate Theatre Fund Elaine Stritch presented it to me after making an hillarious speech and singing me a song. What a trooper. She’d driven 2 days from Detroit to be at this event. She comes from Detroit and was there doing a benefit for the preservation of some historic park or landmark. I like that, like Jeff Daniels, her heart is there, feeling the pain of her home state. Her memory astounded me. She remembered every single time we have met over the decades. What would “monster-n-law” have been without her dynamic appearance as my mother at the end, reminding me that I had once been reduced to drinking red wine out of a box!

For those who don’t know, the National Corporate Theatre Fund provides support for non-profit theatres around the country… something my father was a real believer in.

Alas, I neglected to take any pictures of the cast party or last nights awards. I’ll try to get some of Elaine and me in tomorrow’s blog.

See you next time.

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  1. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    the play is fresh, complex, moving, and did I say “fresh?” In lieu of a better outlet – your blog is quite convenient – I hope Mr. Kaufman is preparing the play to be staged in Germany.


  2. Jane, it’s so fantastic to read that the party went so well and that everyone enjoyed themselves. You, the cast, the crew–you’ve all worked diligently on making this play brilliant, and you obviously deserved a night of epic relaxation and laughter.

    Congratulations on the award! You’ve certainly outdone yourself playing Katherine in 33 Variations. Bravo, lady! And congratulations to the rest of the cast/crew for the other nominations. I’m really proud of all of you!

    I for one think it’s interesting to read about such things as your “larynx-porn print outs” and even when you don’t have terribly much to write about, it’s always nice to read just about anything you have to say, even the little things. Which reminds me, if you decide to stop blogging, I’m going to thoroughly miss your daily posts. I’ve become accustom to reading them every single day; it’s become part of my internet routine!

    I honestly wish I had more income to help support theatre all over the country. I try my best to see as many shows as possible [in NYC], but funds are often low seeing as how I graduated from college less than a year ago and still have student loans to pay off. However, one of these days when I’m actually earning real money, I very much plan on generously supporting the arts.

    Can’t wait to see some photos of you and Elaine!

    All my best,

  3. Hi Jane, I just love reading your blogs. They get better and better. I am a flight attendant and was just on a stopover in Bangkok, Thailand for a week.One day I got up, put on the TV and Monster in Law was playing. Watched the whole thing in bed. I’d forgotten how good it is. You were excellent. Everyone was. Elaine Stritch was perfect at the end. I couldn’t believe and cannot still believe that my next stopover is JFK next Tuesday where I’ll be seeing you live on stage. Wow. April is a good month for me.
    Best regards from Germany

  4. Congrats on your award Jane, good that you received it from Elaine, a trooper. As an aside, I was thinking more on this 6 degrees of separation again. I started to read a lot more of Lillian Hellman’s plays and autobiographical works after I saw you and Vanessa in Julia when it first came out. I did my major tutorial on her in Women in Literature at University, and I had read about all of the people that she knew and her incredible personal stories. In her later years, I think that it was in her partner’s book, she mentioned James Taylor and their association at Martha’s Vineyard. Has James come to see your play yet? Funny, hey, how things can all be connected. I reckon that it would be a real hoot if you were in a movie about Lillian’s later life. I still reckon that the opening lines of Julia are some of the most amazing ever written. I have the Pentimento quote on my wall. Take care, and get better.

  5. Ms. Fonda- Glad the Outer Critics honored “33 Variations” with 5 nominations. Sorry you, like so many other film greats who made their way back to Broadway this past season, did not get nominated. Better luck at the Tonys!

    Congratulations on your Theater Artist Award!

  6. I must say I did miss you not blogging the other day! It’s become a ritual to wake up and have a cool fruit smoothie while reading your blog. The fact that you share everyday tid-bits such as your that you’re on a new anti-biotic is what makes your blog so damn good and human and relatable.
    Elaine was at the show the night I went and she has a lot of spunk I must say. I overheard someone compliment her on her performance in M-I-L and she told them that you were “a class act”! Looking foward to the pictures.

  7. Hope the new antibiotic starts working! I know it sucks being sick (excuse my language…). Jane, are you taking vitamins? Maybe you should double up on the Vitamin C. Recently I’ve read/heard that Vitamin D also helps boost immune health — but make sure it’s Vitamin D3, not D2 — and you should take at least 1000-2000 mg.

    Good luck with the final month of the play. I hope you keep blogging afterward.

    P.S. I know you hear this all the time, but I loved your book…and “9 to 5” is my all-time favorite movie. Funniest movie ever made.

  8. you’ve got a great sense of humor, let it out, don’t apologize (something we all have to remember)…

  9. What fun! Some of the best times to be had are at cast parties.
    Elaine Stritch is amazing and one of the most hilarious women on the planet.
    National Corp. Theatre Fund is a great organization and as a community theatre actor I have reaped the benefit of their generosity and couldn’t be more grateful for this and other programs like it.
    Love you blog Jane, it is often the highlight of my day.

  10. “but not my head so I’m on a new anti-biotic” sorry to hear about you head, I know how that feel , If I did now care I would not be interested,I am sure many others also. I have used Myrrh Gum for improved throat and bronchial health, and to support the bodys natural defense system. The Theater Artist Award,that is wonderful, sounds like good work, theatres need the help,more in this wrold economy. That is why I had a interest in bring a live theatres like experience in a TV programe Like you father did 1955.The Petrified Forest was performed on live television in 1955 with Bogart, Henry Fonda, and Lauren Bacall, created a interest in live theater in general. It could be done even better with new technology inplace,and new stars I am sure your father must have seen it that way. A good post Jane, you earned a award.

  11. Finally saw the play at Sunday’s matinee. It is so rich and smart that when it was over it felt like I’d read a good book. One that had unexpected tears rolling down my face.
    What was surprising was the humor. From your blog I had the quite erroneous impression that you’d been discouraged from being funny, and that the playwright is very serious. So when Samantha and Susan Kellerman start talking about getting you a masseuse, a tall one, I was falling out laughing. Since I’ve read your book I know that you put aside your acting chops for awhile but they just wouldn’t stay put away. And this performance showed how deeply your theatrical roots really are and how silly it was to think that you would never act again. I also know that the part was quite close to a self you used to be, and it must be gratifying to know you’re not that person anymore. Bravo! Many times over.
    Incidentally, your “we want to beat Wicked” speech went over so well my friend bought me the signed poster, totally forgetting I’d have to schep it all over town and back to DC. But now I am very happy to have it.

  12. Hi Jane,
    Glad you had a blast with the cast and friends.
    I’m not sure if you mean you have sinus problems but
    I heard because of the air pollution folks sinus
    and respiratory problems are off the charts this spring.
    Its expected to get worse if we don’t clean up our
    air. Marshmallow and Mullein tea are excellent for
    congestion in the body.( Sorry I’m a medicine woman
    from way back.)
    This time of the year I keep my windows closed and
    use my Ionic Breeze with GP. Sorry Sharper Image went
    out of business where I bought my Ionic Breeze. Its
    one of the best things I ever bought. I don’t
    suffer badly from allergies. Just like the clean air while
    I’m home. All the trees leaves are popping open.
    Zippidy do da zippidy ya wonder feeling wonder day. Happy spring and don’t forget to Love Your Momma Earth.
    Congrats to You and the Cast on awards and nominations.
    Namaste with healing hugs,

  13. Dear Jane, I’m so glad to have found your blog. I taped your interview with Robert Osbourne on TCM and enjoyed the stories you told. Just like here reading your blog helps us have a connection to you. I’ve loved all your movies and think the courage you have is amazing. We need more interviews like you did on TCM and maybe do it with Robert Redford. That would be very exciting to hear the two of you tell stories about the movies you made together. Thank you for blogging. Steff

  14. I just love your humor…blog when you can..when you want to..not because you feel you have to!

  15. Oh wow Jane, congratulations on your award! How great is that! Our 10th grade science class is goint on a field trip from Rhode Island to New York next Thursday. We’re going to the Bronx Zoo but I wanted to let you know I tried and tried and tried to get my teacher to take us to see your play instead. She just wasn’t having it. Hey, I tried. I know I would have loved it! I wish I could sneek away from the Zoo and come to the theater instead. Well, at least i’ve got this blog!

    You’re the best!!


  16. The play is wonderful. I took my 28 yr old daughter, my 25 yr old niece and her friend. They loved the play also. My daughter said it was the best she had seen. Glad you took the time to do it, Hope your throat is better quickly.

  17. Jane,

    Congrats on the Theater Artist Award,and the plays 5 nominations already. I’m sure you will be receiving a lot more. The Tony’s. for sure.

    Be Well

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