Grand children left yesterday after a visit to the Museum of Natural History. How lucky we are to have such a magnificent place for people to learn about the natural world and other indigenous cultures. We spent much time in the section about climate change. My daughter is an informed and avid environmentalist whose column on the successful Mother Nature Network (Ask Vanessa) shows the depth of her knowledge. She has raised her children to be very conscious about being environmentally conscious in every way including how they eat. It was an impressive exhibit.

Just heard the former President of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, will be coming to the play soon.

My awareness of over population was on high alert while in the Museum. We were in line outside in the rain waiting to get in for 45 minutes and, once in, the crowds were so dense!! On the one hand, I was glad so many are interested in what the museum has to offer. One the other hand, I kept remembering back in the fifties when one could walk around easily and see everything without being jostled and crammed.

I’m fighting a cold today. Must have been the rain. Downing much vitamin C fizzy stuff, etc. Still, though, I am about to go to Pilates class. I’ve missed too many and am beginning to feel slothful.

Much to say but I’m off to Pilates. No one coming tonight that I know so it’ll be right home to bed after the early (7pm) show.

I was so happy to have the wonderful, soulful actor Marian Seldes come back stage. We did a reading together a few years ago of Eve Ensler’s play, “Necessary Targets.” Marion said as soon as she got to my dressing room, “I had an epiphany right at the end of the play. It’s a love story–between you and Beethoven.” That touched me a lot because it’s how I feel, too, but I’ve never said it. It’s why the scene he and I have together near the end is so joy-filled.

See you next time.

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  1. This is so strange. I’m coming to the show tonight and because of your blog I already know you are fighting off a cold and went to pilates class today. Hope you are feeling better. Do you really look out at the audience with your binoculars before the show starts?

  2. Jane,

    I couldn’t agree more: the world is vastly overpopulated. Whenever I’m walking around the touristy sections of NYC, I think back to your memoir when you talk about there being approximately 4 billion less people on the planet some fifty years ago (I may be remembering the wrong number, but I’m fairly certain it was high up there). Nowadays it seems as though all places are heavily congested. It used to be that when I avoided rush hour traffic times in my town, I would be able to drive places faster, but in the last couple years, it feels like it’s always rush hour. It’s bothersome that our planet is running out of space!

    I should check out Vanessa’s column. I can always use tips on how to be more environmentally conscious. Malcolm and Viva probably know more about environmental awareness than I do. Good for them!

    I, too am recovering from a cold. I hope you feel better and get the rest you need so that you don’t get rundown.

    Also great to read that you had a fantastic time with your grandchildren!

    All my best,

  3. Colds and acting don’t really go together, Jane! Hope you are feeling better soon. I love museums, wherever I go I try to go to as many as possible. Acting with Gregory Peck and Jimmy must have been terrific. I have only had a small taste of Mexico but I’d like to go back one day, it is so diverse. It is good that Vanessa practices what she preaches, unfortunately a lot don’t these days. Take care.

  4. Just a thought about crowds at the Museum of Natural History:

    Probably spring holiday visitors would have swelled the population there anyway, but I feel strongly that the horrible economy plays its part. Lots of families in other years would be off on travel vacations. Instead, many folks are sticking closer to home, taking advantage of all New York has to offer.

    As an ex-CNN spouse (still a spouse), I’ve lived in Atlanta, NYC and L.A. NY is the best, but L.A. is soooo good for arthritic joints!!

  5. nice Jane, The rain on jane falls mainly on her .
    It you do not have Al Gore on your twitter @algore think on it has some good things to say and links.
    have a nice night

  6. Hi Jane,
    I did not know that “Ask Vanessa” of Mother Nature Network is YOUR daughter!! She is BRILLIANT!!!
    You must be very proud of her many talents.

  7. Wow! Vanessa’s website is fantastic. Thanks for the link. But apparently we wouldn’t want to drive with you. 😉
    I hope you’re feeling better soon. xox

  8. Apple cider vinegar will kill your cold!

  9. It is good that our younger generation is taking such a great interest in what our world needs right now and in the future. Sometimes it scares me to think,that they will be responsible for us as we age,but like generations before us,they will do and learn from it and make it a better place to live for their kids and future generations.

  10. Jane, why would you have to stand in the rain for 45 minutes – you are Jane Fonda, for God’s sake!! I know, you probably don’t want to ask for special status, but the museum probably would be happy to treat you as a VIP and no one would mind – you’re Jane Fonda for God’s sake!
    Loving the blog – have told so many of my friends about it and we are all hooked!

    • Right on, Debra! Our Jane is an iconic figure – surely she could have had a side-door pass!

  11. Just read the blog to kids and showed them photo from dressing room. Viva says, “it’s weird…in a good way.”
    Snowing in ATL!

  12. That museaum is really something else!
    Hope you feel better.

  13. Jane, I really enjoy your blog, thanks. I take 50 mg. of Grapeseed Extract twice a day when I have a cold – lots of antioxidants in there.

    We could solve overpopulation and many other ills of society if everyone financially able would simply ADOPT a child already here. As an adoptive mom of two, it’s my mission to spread this idea, particularly as an advocate for older child adoption. I so admire you for doing the same.

    Feel better soon!

  14. I so agree with over population. It is great that you can spend quality family time at one of our many great museums. Growing up my family (in Chicago) spent many great moments in some of our museums here.

    I also do pilates and find it such a great stress reliever. Easy on the joints and feel good about myself afterward.

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