The response to my directions for the proper cutting of rose stems got such a lot of positive, interested response that I am giving more of an explanation here today thanks to my cast-mate, Don Amendolia, who actually studied these things in Japan!!! Who’d a thunk? Right?

Don says that the japanese word for cutting roses underwater is “omizugiri.” It is critical to use a sharp knife or shears to do this. Roses have a “woody” stem and absorb water through the greeb outer layer of the stem. If the shears are not sharp they will press the outer layer closed and keep the water from passing through.

Here’s a picture of my street in Chelsea. Spring has finally come to the city. But it does make me miss Atlanta where spring is a riot of color unlike anything I’ve seen outside of spring in Japan. 

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  1. Nice street. My street is tree lined too, and I am opposite a small, well cared for park. I am from the country, so I have to have a tree or two around me if I am to survive the city! In Australia we’re approaching mid Autumn (Fall), so it is a different view at the moment. I love when the leaves turn into orange and yellow, though. I must say that when I have looked at pics and movies of North America in fall, however, that the colours there are like no other colours for the season that I have ever seen. I thought once that they must have been fake because they were so vivid, but apparently not! Love roses, Jane, like most people, it was a good tip.

  2. (woke up it was a Chelsea morning!) how beautiful! I fell in love with that name 35 yrs ago, and named my oldest daughter that (Chelsea Lorraine)! Your pix is nearly as beautiful as she….thank you.

  3. Wow, I would have never guessed that the photo was of NYC. Looks quite pretty. I imagine that’s one of the nicer blocks in the city.

    My mom taught me at a young age to cut roses at an angle while running them under the faucet. I guess I thought it was common knowledge until I read the initial post about roses. And Don’s right, Japanese flowers are gorgeous!


  4. What a lovely scene, Miss Jane! Spring is the most awesome time of the year!

  5. Now my friends will think I totally know what i’m talking about when I use the word; omizugiri. Thanks Jane!

  6. You are so right about spring in Atlanta. I lived there for 15 years, and have lived many other places, but nothing compares to spring in Atlanta. It always seemed to occur overnight, too. One day, gray and cloudy and cold, next day brilliant sunshine and flowers everywhere.

    Love you, love the blog.

  7. wow that’s a really pretty street, my street is nothing like that lol…and I had no idea how to cut roses since I have never in my life done it so its good to know how to do it. Thanks!!!

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