I should have thought up an April Fools joke to play on somebody but I forgot to bring my calendar home last night and so I was sound asleep when I was awakened by a frantic call at 10:30 reminding me that I was to go on the air at 11am on the Joan Hamburg show done live from Sardi’s. OMG. It took me 3 minutes to get out the door…no coffee, no brushing teeth, no fixing face or walking Tulea (or feeding her, for that matter). Went on air only 2 minutes late!! Tulea and I have been kerfluffeled all day. The matinee went well, though. At least Scott Peacock said so and he’s seen the show four times before. (Still noticed new things today!) All this to say that I neglected to come up with an April Fools joke.

And now I’m all kerfluffeled again because I was just reminded that James Taylor and his wife, Kim, are coming tonight. My niece, Pilar Corrias (daughter of my half-sister) was supposed to come but she landed this morning from London with pneumonia and is hospitalized. I will go visit her when the show is over tonight.

I think James and Kim will like the show as it’s so much about the creation of music. Kim has done public relations for the Boston Symphony. I saw James’s show last summer at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Part way through the first act, another back-up singer came out to join the two already there. She was this gorgeous, buxom blonde with a denim mini shirt and I leaned over and whispered to my brother, Peter, “Man, if I was James’s wife, I’d be pretty worried about that back-up singer being on the road with him.” When we went backstage to say hi at intermission, Kim (James’s wife) came up to me and I said, “Wow, you’re wearing the same clothes that back….Oh my lord, it was YOU!!!” Duh!!! I told her what I’d said to Peter and I think she realized what a compliment it was. I hope so.

Well, the show is over and James Taylor did not come but his wonderful assistant, Ellen Kusmin, did. She said James would try to come later in the month. But-Mike Nichols and Candy Bergen came. I’m glad I didn’t know Mike was there. Normally I like to know, but Mike-I would have been too nervous.

Mike Nichols and Candice Bergen (photo by Michael Rudd)

My financial advisors from Morgan Stanley came-Joe Eisler and Kim Hatchett.

Joe Eisler and Kim Hatchett of Morgan Stanley (photo by Michael Rudd)

I’m off to the hospital to see my niece.

See you next time

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  1. your off to the hospital to see your niece , I hope your nice will be all right. You have got me interested I was just up to the University talking about my PHD, and my experience in teaching graduate level courses in Educational Technology.
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    Anyways a wonderful post It may be some of the last things I see, if my vision wont improve, I do enjoy it .

  2. Gahhhh, Mike and Candice! I swear your guest list gets better and better every night. That’s such a great picture of the three of you!

    Maybe that was James Taylor’s April Fools prank on you: not showing up. Or not. I usually prank at least one person every year, but totally forgot about it this time around.

    Kerfuffle is such a fantastic word. Poor Tulea, I’m sure she was very hungry and in desperate need to pee. I can’t stand those frantic mornings where the alarm doesn’t go off, it sets a harried tone for the rest of the day.

    I’m sorry to read about your niece. I do hope she recovers soon.


  3. Oh my goodness Jane Fonda, do you know everyone in the world or what! And you remember everything about them. Love reading about those backstage visits and the photos are terrific. That’s a great one of you and Ted. You look quite comfortable with one another.

  4. Dearest Jane,

    Sending my very best wishes and prayers for your niece’s speedy recovery. It must have been an awful flight over in her condition!

    I adore Candy and miss seeing her on Boston Legal … the show had such hutzpa, and it was the only one that I can recall leaving when it was at it’s peak! Shatner is amazing.

    I want to express my appreciation for your blog and to thank you – you have enabled me to live vicariously through with this medium! You have the most lovely circle (albeit a large circle) of friends and admirers. I do hope that you will continue to write here after “33 Variations” finishes its run. Congratulations on your one more of many successes.


  5. You stopped by to see me! I’m thrilled – wish you’d leave me a message! I’m frustrated … I don’t feel my blog is “interesting” … what to do ….


  6. Wow Jane, you know everybody! =)

    I hope your niece feels better soon.

  7. My best wishes for your niece’s speedy recovery.
    Mike Nichols and Candace Bergen! Wow!

  8. Great triple with Mike and Candy. I have seen James four times (in 4 different tours) in Australia, he is awesome. His autobiography is up there with yours and Peter’s as a great read. I am sure that he will turn up soon. Hope your niece gets better soon.

  9. I hope your niece gets better! I so love James Taylor! I wish I had known him thirty years ago(I would have been -2) but I certainly would have given Carly Simon a run for her money!

  10. I send all wishes to your niece for a quick recovery, and for you to feel speedily better as well. My daughter is only just recovering from double pneumonia…thank you Goddess for
    Such great photos and sharings, merci, my dear one!
    Go home and sleep!

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