Rosario Dawson is coming tonight. She and I both sit on the board of V-Day: Until the Violence Stops, the global effort started by Eve Ensler to end violence against women. I also appeared briefly in the final episode of the telenovella that Rosario did for Vota Latina during this last presidential campaign. It was hillarious and effective. Rosario is a force of nature. Seeing the play with her is Courtney Martin, a writer and feminist activist who I got to know because she was one of the women who received media training through the Progressive Women’s Voices program of the Women’s Media Center. Courtney is also a fine writer.


Rosario Dawson and Courtney Martin

It’s a lively audience tonight (this is intermission) and the show is whipping along. We’re having fun. My cold is getting better and I am sucking on Ricola cough drops which help…as long as Lori reminds me to spit it out before I go into a scene so it won’t hit someone in the front row. The doctor also told me to start taking a cough syrup called Delsym. Never heard of it but it works. What matters is that I am definitely on the mend with no real harm done. Never really lost my voice.

Varta Babikan is also here tonight. She worked for Fonda Films in L.A. Years–no, decades–ago when I was producing films. She was fantastic at her job, had to leave for awhile because of cancer; got a bone marrow transplant in Texas and is, after all this time, still thriving. I can’t wait to see her. It’s been about 20 years. (As I said in an earlier blog, this rediscovering old friends is one of the benefits of being on Broadway. They know where to reach you.)


Varta Babikan

Since I started this we’ve gotten to the last part of the play and once I go on again I don’t come off till it’s over.

So–see you next time.

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  1. We’re all going to miss you when you sign off from this blog. I look forward to your comments on life and acting and friends every day. I did theatre as a minor at Uni, and though I only had one brief and thankfully successful stint in acting in a play there ( I am mainly a writer and sometimes I directed and helped with the scenery construction) the process of acting and all that goes with it fascinates me. How people can do so many performances of a play and get something different out of it each time astonishes me. However, as an audience member, I can see something 50 times over and never tire of it, and I can sit in an empty theatre and be totally absorbed, so I guess that I am just as crazy! Cheers.

  2. I must say again Ms. Fonda that when I saw your performance on Tuesday (4-14), you were perfect, even with the cold. I was so emotionally involved with your character and the play that I actually forgot I was sitting in a theater. During intermission I heard wonderful discussions going on about the play and its messages. The best comment I heard went something like this…”It is about time Broadway gave us something to think and feel about, and not just eye and ear candy!” I thought that statement just about summed up the entire evening.

  3. Don’t you just love NY? I’ve just started following your blog, used to be an actress in NYC. Gotta do what you’ve done. Move back and jump in!!!

  4. Jane, Delsym is great as a cough suppressant. I used to use it for my daughter when she was young. I works especially well at night, to take before you go to sleep. I swear by it. Most pharmacies keep it behind the counter now.

  5. Friends new and old. Where would we be without friends? I love your blog, to those of us who read it everynight, you are our friend and we’re sure going to miss it when and if you decide to stop after the play.

    You’re The BEST!

  6. Are you able to post a clip of the telenovella Vota Latina segment you were in?

    Rosario is a pretty inspiring woman overall. Her films, her activism, she’s golden.

    Again, it’s good to read that you are feeling better. Colds are the worst when you’re performing.

    Can’t wait to see the photos from backstage!


  7. Hey Jane–totally off subject, its late and I just thought Id share. I wrote a review of your book, My Life So Far, a long time ago- here is the link

  8. I’m so glad you live in Atlanta and miss it when you’re not here. Yes, we’re having a beautiful spring this year. Looking forward to seeing “33 Vacations” in a couple weeks!

  9. whenever a coworker or friend has a cold i always slip them a couple teabags: Breathe Easy and Throat Coat by Traditional Medicines. if i lived in New York, i’d drop by to see your play and i would offer you some tea!

  10. Ms Fonda,

    I have been seeing you EVERYWHERE! lol on tv in person im like whats going on? I mean I don’t mind it one bit its amazing but why? lol…..this morning I woke up, stretched, got up and all of the sudden… I was hungry so I went got my cereal-my really really good organic cereal- got on my couch turn on the TV the NY 1 channel and there YOU are giving an interview, a few days ago I was watching the TCM Channel and they were showing an interview with you, pictures and stuff…it’s fun coz now everytime I see anything about you I start talking about 33 Variations and won’t stop!

    For the past two days i’ve been doing this extremely exhausting catering training to learn how to French Serve from 8 am til 6 pm -two days- and we talked about what shows we’ve seen and what we like and of course I immediately said 33 Variations, so they were like oh how was that blah blah blah and I tell them and then I say oh its with Jane Fonda everyone just pretty much jump in their seats and get so incredibly exciting. You bring such joy to people, I mean good actresses do and you are one of them, there’s always and immediate smile when a person hears about a really good actress being really nice in person too which I can say YOU ARE INCREDIBLY NICE!
    I guess i’ll keep seeing you around lol….

  11. Jane,
    I am totally captivated by your Blog. (And you have given me inspiration to finally start one myself!)

    The photos are wonderful!

    Thanks for all you do, and thanks for this Blog!!It makes me laugh, makes me think and inspires me!)

    Times are tough right now, and it’s like a little ray of sunshine in my day!!

  12. After reading your blog from the beginning in January I cannot imagine that you’ll end it when the play is over. You just appear to be having too much fun with it — even on days where it’s inconvenient or difficult to do a posting. Once you fall down the well of cyber communication (like Twitter, for instance), it’s hard to come back. Anyway, it’s been a great ride, and I have to wonder if this whole experience hasn’t demonstrated to you that you’re capable of new means of self expression, which is vital to keeping your mind stimulated and vital.

  13. I just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying your blog. It gives me even more reasons to appreciate you and alll that you do.
    I have written a few times before, but you always reveal some new reason for me to admire you. Having met you twice, I hope to see you again….maybe on Broadway, if I can get to New York again, soon.
    Just a loyal fan!
    Jimmy Adams
    Pelham, GA

  14. One more short comment. I was an art major in college (and got my master’s degree). As a college freshman, I painted a picture of you from the Barbarella poster I had in my room. The professor didn’t appreciate it…but the other students loved it. I had two posters in my room…..Raquel Welch from One MIllion Years BC, and Jane Fonda from Barbarella. That was 1969! I hope you get a kick out of that!
    Jimmy Adams
    Pelham, GA

  15. Glad to know you’re feeling better !
    Saw you this morning on TV being interviewed about the play and you are too much!!! ( so genuine and spot on)
    How do you prepare for a mountain climb like that?
    Hope you will continue to blog. It’s a guaranteed smile a day.

  16. Dear Jane, I recently watched your father receiving his (second) special tony award in 1979 from you. Very moving. Looking forward to seeing you on stage May 11 and to reading your next book. Best wishes from Germany, Natascha

  17. jane: i absolutely love your blog and hope you continue with it, broadway play or not. reading today’s post i am amazed that you can come offstage for a scene break, type a few sentences and then slip back into character for the rest of the play…thats the mark of a true pro, and a multi-tasking pro at that!
    when i’m in nyc in early may i hope to catch the play – i’ve heard nothing but good about it.
    take care of yourself and thank you for the wonderful writing.

  18. Jane,

    I was lucky enough to see you last night in the play. I really thought you were terrific. Kudos! I loved ever minute of it. I have a special place in my heart for Moises Kaufman having loved the Laramie Project. And this one too pulled a heart string or two. My parents have now passed and I sat in the audience hoping that the mother/daughter would connect and you really brought it together. Great energy. Good luck out there again tonight!

  19. Hi Jane
    I hope you will continue to blog after the play ends.You are one of the most interesting people around,and still with so much to offer.
    There is,also,something about your writing that pulls people in.I think it has alot to do with your honesty.

  20. Ооо,Ms. Fonda.I am very happy that i searched your blog I like your film – Klute. Аnd Rosario Dawson is greatest actress. Today i see her movie picture
    Killshot (2009).
    I wish you Happy Easter

  21. I wanted to take a minute let you know.. I think you are a very funny, on the brink of hysterical, intelligent, interesting, beautiful, dedicated for the cause kind of woman, who uses dramatic issues in a very positive way. Neat website, great writings too. Kudos to you and your adventures. Cheers!

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