I had such a good show this afternoon. Felt infused with energy. During the costume change after the first scene, I said to Lori, my dresser, I feel like there are a lot of girls out there. I feel some sort of girl energy. I think it carried me throughout the play and, sure enough, after the show when time came for me to sign books (my memoir) that people (wonderful people) had bought for the benefit of Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDs, one was to be signed to “Friends of Emma Willard” (my high school alma mater) with about a dozen girls’ names. Ha!!!! I knew there was something special out there.

Also, I have received about $800 from my blogger friends for Broadway Cares. Thanks to all of you so much.

I got one comment today about how come I seem to have so many friends. This blogger said it is hard for them to make friends. I will blog about this tomorrow because I think it is a wonderful question. I do feel blessed to have many friends. One is Elaine Stritch. Here we are together at the NCTF gala the other night. (Note the purse!!!)


With Elaine Stritch (photo by Lyn Hughes)


With Elaine Stritch (photo by Lyn Hughes)

Another comment on the comments: I did not have a hangover after the cast party. Just sick and stayed in bed and didn’t blog. I try not to drink so much that I have a hangover. Hate them and have had my share in my day.

I finally feel I am getting over the cold which has hung on for so long.

We rehearsed today for the skit the cast is doing for the grand finale of the Broadway Cares fundraising effort. It’s called the Easter Bonnet event and all Broadway comes and pays to see various plays do skits and show off their bonnets. Maybe I’ve already written about this. Forgive me. I’m old. There’s a big dress rehearsal Monday with an audience and then the final show on Tuesday. I am trying to get a video of our skit. Don’t want to give anything away, but it’ll be funny.

Tell me what you think I should charge for the mug shot clutch. The profits are going to my non-profit The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.


Here I am at the NCTF Awards with my mug shot evening clutch. Soon to be available on this blog. (photo by Lyn Hughes)


(photo by Lyn Hughes)

Joan Harris is the widow of the late Irving Harris. Anyone who has been working in the field of early childhood development and teen pregnancy prevention knows of Irving Harris. Maybe one or two of you are old enough to remember the Toni Home Permanent, Irv developed that and then became more than a wealthy businessman. He devoted himself and his fortune to children, founding the Chicago-based Ounce of Prevention organization. Joan is a supporter of the arts and I was thrilled that she came to the play.


Joan Harris (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you next time

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  1. hello jane, i check in on your blog regularly. it is fun to read about so many of your people and the experience you’re having now. i also write (blog address above) about living with stage 4 breast cancer. i’ve always loved getting inside scoop on hollywood (and who doesn’t) and all the issues around fame have fascinated me all my 52 years. your authenticity and honesty make it especially a good read…and a not so guilty pleasure for me. i noticed today that you support adolescent pregnancy prevention and since that’s the work i do, i figured it was a good enough excuse to write. i work with teen moms. our program goes into middle and high schools to speak about the realities of teen parenting. anyway, i really just wanted to add my name to the others who enjoy your posts. it is amazing to note how the fullness of your life, with the consciousness and commitment to so many good works have brought you an abundance of friends. it makes total sense. i’ve been really blessed too with so much kindness from the world. thanks for your good work!

    • I love the mug shot clutch. I can only afford $29.99, but you know the cost to make it. I am glad I saw the article on this as now I will read your blog. You have had so many unfair things said about you, Jane. It can’t be a good feeling.

  2. The purse is past terrific!

  3. That purse is amazing!! I’m not really sure what you should charge for it. I bet it will sell very quick though.
    Love it πŸ™‚

  4. Very cool purse Miz Fonda! Love it. Maybe $30/$40 is a reasonable price? But I don’t know how much it cost to make and I am a broke social worker who tries not to spend too much on any one item, so what do i know. However, I thoroughly support the cause (yay for reproductive rights and teen pregancy prevention!) and would definitely buy it if it were in my price range.

  5. I’d pay $500 for it but you could probably get $1000. I think its really cool. It looks like a mini time capsule from 1970 – Klute infused with Andy Warhol and Bonnie and Clyde.


  6. i probably wouldn’t take the mug shot clutch with me all the time, i’d keep it more as a souvenir so i’d buy one for no more than $20. am i cheap? if you want to sell a lot of them then you must make them really affordable. cute idea!

  7. That purse ROCKS!!!

  8. Wow! Love that mug shot clutch! Is it one-of-a-kind or are you going to sell lots of them? I had an idea after I saw your cool mug-shot t-shirt a few weeks back. My sister is an artisan jewelry designer and one of the artists she works with makes fused glass pendants from various images. I asked him to make one of your mug shot to see how it would look and I think it turned out pretty cool! Here’s a pic. http://twitpic.com/3tf9h
    Was wondering if you might like to have one either for yourself or to auction for G-CAPP or another charity? We could send you just the pendant or my sister could weave it into one of her necklaces, here’s an example of her work using one of his pendants: http://twitpic.com/3tfeu
    Let me know if you are interested & I hope you keep on feeling better!

  9. Find a way to run an auction for the clutch purse and let the bidders decide the price. Things are worth what someone is willing to pay. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!!! Whatever you decide, good luck! Its a terrific piece and it obvious brings you right back to that time in your life…

  10. hello Jane , had to comment on what you should charge for the mug shot clutch. I not good at the price is right,I would want to know what it is make of ,but you could make a smaller one in fill it with condoms and state what it is for The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. $19.99

  11. Dear Ms. Fonda,

    The day I saw your wonderful performance, I happen to be in the right place at the right time to see you enter the theater. I can just imagine how disciplined you must have to be when doing eight shows a week. Can you share with us what your day is like before a performance? I kept wondering what you did from the moment you walk through that stage door until your first scene in the play. Do you have to sign in? Do you follow the same procedure every day? Just what is it like to prepare for that day’s performance? Thank you for sharing. And thank you so much for giving a performance I will treasure seeing always!

  12. How can you look so good when you feel so crappy with the cold! Good on you girl. I know what you mean about sensing girl power. I’ve done a few talks when I know that there are a few guys out there with anti-female views, and the pull of the girls’ choir egging you on to make it all better! God, I’d love you to come to Sydney and do your play, a lot of great actors have. I even have an Olivier autographed photo from when my Mum went backstage at a play that he did in Sydney. Come on Jane, come on down! I still have a taped copy of Ray Martin’s Midday show when you were on there, that was a great show!

  13. Would love to see pics from the party Sunday night please !

  14. Dearest Jane,
    CONGRATS on the Drama League nomination!

    YOU, my dear, WILL BE Nominated for a Best Actress TONY and YOU WILL WIN!!

    You heard it here first!!

    I mean it!!! I feel it in my bones!!!
    (PS: I can’t seem to stop SEEING your play… I can only imagine it will be difficult for you to stop DOING the play!!

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!! It has profoundly moved and changed me. IT IS A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE and I and many are grateful to the entire team behind 33 VARIATIONS!!!


  15. Hi Jane:

    Just thought I would let you know what an inspiration you are to me. Since I have been a victim of our economic downturn for the past year I got the chance to read your book and it made me want to strive to be a better person. I actually feel that in many ways I am your Wisconsin-male-kindred spirit. Good luck in the show in NYC. If I can get it together I gotta come and see you in it. Seeing you in person is one item on my “things you have to do before you die” list. I wish there were more things in the world like you. Hope you get this.

  16. My young actress daughter was there yesterday. She called me up and said – did you read the blog – she talks about girl energy – that was definitely me. How fun. One thing she mentioned – besides your amazing performance, the quality of the play, and your fantastic co-stars, especially Beethoven and the older woman, too – was your posture. I have to tell you – my daughter went to Stella Adler for their full program – and when she came back to visit – wow – did she look amazing. A tall girl – she usually slumped, like most tall ones do. Now, when she walks – well, its as if she is this rod of energy. And I don’t know much about this – but it must be about alignment and in that alignment energy just flows out – natural body energy? Something we have within us? Anyway, she is amazing the way she walks and moves now – so connected. She talked about the power and yes, this sort of love, you radiate out from you during the show. And she kept going back to your posture – and I’m wondering if this is something essential that people don’t usually realize. Makes me think. I lay down on the floor today and just tried to imagine what my body/energy would be like if I had that kind of straight access. Spending much of my day writing – yes, I’m a slumper.
    You are such an inspiration!

  17. The mug shot clutch is a hoot…I don’t have a clue as to what to charge for it. Great idea! No, you didn’t blog about the Easter Bonnet event previously (only a mention of it) so don’t think your “oldness” is relevant. I know what senior moments and absentmindedness are like, believe me. Interesting how you “picked up” on the girl energy in the audience & it turned out to be true. You’re attuned! All the best…

  18. *jaw drops* Oh my god, I believe that to be thee best purse EVER! Jane, please oh please make it reasonably priced for those of us who still have college loans to pay off. I still really wish I could have written a check for the Broadway Cares benefit. I feel guilty that my influx of money is disgustingly low because I would have been very pleased to have helped this cause. They should extend it past the 25th!

    I really and truly do hope you post a video of the skit. That definitely sounds like a must see!

    You and Elaine look pretty adorable together.

    Also, is there any way you can make the mug shot shirt that you wear available to purchase? Clearly that photo is a winner, and I loved reading the story behind the initial arrest in your memoir. It was highly annoying that the police treated you that way, but like usual, you stood up for yourself. Reason # 484757489 why you are my idol.

    All my best,

  19. I love the mug clutch. I have a copy of the pix still. I clipped it back in the day it was in the paper. We met once when you and Tommy were doing your thing at Hunter College in N.Y. You did some of the FTA Show if I remember right. I was a member of the Indo China Peace campain, I still have some of the booklet from that. I must tell you I never got in any trouble until I went to your show. I was sitting next to Lesley Beacon from the weather men. I did not no her, just met her there. We got talking I did not no who she was we were only talking about the show. When I left the FBI follow me. When I got home they stopped me and asked me all sorts of question. I can relate to your mug shot! Oh the Nixon area! Glad we both servived!

  20. I have written on different blogs for years but only write on Facebook nowadays, but anyways I read your blog everyday and mentioned the fact that you reunite with old friends you haven’t seen for a very long time in my notes. I’m 24 years old and come from Finland but study to be an actor in a drama school in London, and so I have to be away from a lot of friends and family a lot, and so have had to adjust to being away from them and dealing with missing them. I wrote that I see it as a blessing that life enables you to keep moving and exploring, and even though you leave people behind that cannot come with you on that journey, they remain as forces in your life that will bring you back when the time is right. And that’s kind of what I’ve taken from being away from them for long periods at a time (I’m only able to visit Finland thrice a year, so it’s tough sometimes). I do think your blog is extremely important, not only from an aspiring actor’s point of view, but also from a woman’s point of view. I have struggled with extremely low self esteem issues and it took me years to gather the guts to admit to myself and others that I wanted to become an actor. I finish in a years’ time and continue to feel blessed and so grateful to the Universe and my God. And I know that I’m gonna make it big one day, haha. You’ll hear from me, Jane Fonda, haha! I have read your memoirs numerous times, and you are an idol, an inspiration, and a source of strength, and thank God that you exist. You are very important to a girl like me. Never stop the girl power! Big hugs from Finland and London.

  21. Always great to read what’s going on with you. Makes my day, in fact. Again I tell you how wonderful you are and how much I love your various activities. Love your pictures. I want to start a blog about the city that I love, Tampa–especially Ybor City. Find out about Ybor and visit it. It’s a great slice of immigrant history–several strains. Any tips on blogging? Yours is the bet of the best. So glad to be in touch with you after adoring you for so long.

  22. Dear Ms. Fonda, I am so happy Broadway Cares raised so much money it is through them I got to meet you a couple of months back in March. I just wanted to take this moment to say thank you for being such an inspiration to all. My good friend and I were so moved by the play that day, and when you spoke to my friend about ALS and MS she was deeply touched as her son is suffering from MS. I thank you for your compassion and your book which has many words of wisdoms and lessons in life we can all benefit from I have. Congratulations again on the success of the play, and I hope you can raise a lot of money for the clutch. I will for sure bid on it. Do you know you will put it up for sale?
    p.s I know you know Santa fe well do you know a great place to purchase turquoise jewelry. I have noticed in some of your photos your gorgeous jewelry.

  23. I’l love to have a clutch! I’d say $100 would be a good price?

  24. cool clutch -I’m still trying to wear that Klute hairdo as well as you do then. No idea what to ask for the clutch, pricing is tough task. I must say you are very busy – and having fun… That’s good to hear for us ladies over 60. Hope I can stay as active as you for many years. Take care and thanks for sharing with your fans.

  25. I’m down for that clutch! It’s a classic, as are you and Elaine Stritch…One of my all time faves. A survivor! Your blog cracks me up and I’m so happy you’re working again and sharing this experience with us. I saw the play when it was in previews and you’re brilliant in this brilliant play.
    So a Huge Thank You! : )

  26. Dumb frivolous question: You always look fabulous and have never downplayed maintaining your beauty despite the serious purpose of your endevours…what brand and color eyeshadow and lipstick are you wearing in most of your photos and particularly the one with Elaine Stritch (one of my all-time favorites)? Your blue eyes pop and the lipstick has enough color for us mature ( just turned 62 this week) gals, but is not artificial looking. Thanks for taking the time to blog…I know it can get to be an albatross, but we appreciate and enjoy it!

  27. Cool purse!

    I love that you embrace your past and don’t shy away from it, Ms. Fonda .

    It took enormous courage back then and courage today to speak up to abuses of power. Hats off. More of us should be as brave as you.

    God bless you.

  28. I think you should make a shirt for guys with the mugshot. it’s really badass!

    Lots of love!

  29. Hi Jane,

    I hope all is well! Great picture of you and your friend Elaine. It looks like you had a great time with her. Commenting about the friends topic. I find that I have a lot of friends, but at the end of the day, I only have two great friends that I know would always be there. Do you feel the same?


  30. Well, I’m definitely old enough to remember Toni’s, and I’m grateful I never had to use one, though at the time I hated having naturally curly hair.

    I suppose the pricing of the purse needs to depend on costs, but if there were some way to price it close to cost, I’m sure lots of folks would be thrilled to buy it. I think it would be great for presents if it were within my unfortunately diminished price range. Given its fabulous look, it would most assuredly be quite the talking piece which could serve to spread the word. That might increase recognition of your teen pregnancy prevention program and increase sales. A higher price might make it seem more exclusive, but I assume that’s not necessarily your goal. Given the tough financial times for everyone, the lowest price your can afford to set will no doubt get you the most bang for the buck. I can’t wait to put in my order.

  31. Jane – I hope you will continue to blog about whatever adventure you have after your Broadway play. It’s been an absolute pleasure to catch up with you on a daily basis – and I for one don’t think of you as old by any means. You are more young at heart than many young people. You’ve been one of my favourite actresses my whole life and I think you and Robert Redford had a magical partnership in your movies together. My favourite movie of yours is The Dollmaker – an amazing movie and a well deserved Emmy for this role. I hope you keep acting for many years to come. I live in Nova Scotia and wasn’t able to come to NY to see your play but I’m so pleased to follow it from your blog. Love you always.

  32. Jane, I love that you have so many interesting ways of showing off your mugshot. Any other celebrity would not be able to pull it off like you since all the ones these days are drunk and/or stoned in theirs.

  33. OMG! Jane I would not buy the clutch, but the woman who is the jewelry designer who made the pendant…now that is PHENOM. it’s personal, speaks to politics in a more intimate way….it’s more iconic. SAY YES AND LOOK AT THAT TWEET PIX. p.s….one more time, will you sign my playbook? coming to ur show from WI for my birthday! Cheerio.

  34. I’d pay anything for that purse. Oh man, I freakin’ love it! I would die if I got to walk around with that! Haha. Its AWESOME. That purse & the shirt you have with the same picture, fabulous. Where can we get them??

  35. That clutch is AWESOME. I think if you want to sell a lot of them, you’d want to go $40 max – but of course if you want it to be more of a limited edition thing, the sky’s the limit.

    I wanted to also say that I love your blog and I do check on you pretty regularly. Anyway, your post about friendship really struck a chord with me. I’ve moved to NYC from Toronto and I’ve had a hard time making meaningful friendships here (still have great friends back home!), and I think I’ll take your tips to heart!


  36. Hi Jane

    *jaw drops* OMG! Your mugshot clutch is priceless. I think you should make a mousepad for anyone with the mugshot. I’d love to have one.

    I discovered your blog by accident and love it. I loved you in Fun with Dick and Jane! I watched it last night.

    Hugs from Florida,

  37. Love Elaine Stritch!!

  38. Love the clutch!!!

    Keep us posted as to when we can buy .


    (Hopefully living in Toronto won’t be prohibitive re shipping)

  39. Who designs your clothes and your purse? They are so beautiful and really stand out. I would love to sport that kind of fashion that stands out like that.

  40. HI Jane
    Last night i watched you and DeNiro again in “Stanley and Iris”.Loved the scene where he told you “you stand out”.
    I hope you will make the mug shot purses and shirts available.That photo is part of history.

  41. I love your blog, and everything that you do for young girls. Although sometimes it feels like their plight is forgotten and used for political games. I hope that you make this purse available for purchase at a price where everyone can show their support for this cause!

  42. I adore you!!! Will you be making this purse available? I’d love to have one!

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