It’s a glorious, brisk Easter day and I feel bouyant and blessed. Everyone seems so happy in the sunshine. Lori, my elfish dresser, brought me roses and I taught her the proper way to cut rose stems: under water at a slant. When you cut rose stems they immediately inhale whatever is surrounding. If they are in the air, they inhale air and don’t live as long. If they are under water they inhale water and they remain fresh longer. Think of me when you try this. And don’t forget that roses drink water faster than most other flowers so you have to refill vases more frequently.

I’m taking fellow cast members Don Amendolia and Susan Kellerman to dinner and then we’ll go see “Sunshine Cleaning.” I’ll have to wait to see “Class” cause Susan has already seen it. The restaurant we’re going to, Shun Lee West, serves pigs knuckles which I will try for the first time. In the play, Susan (who play the german archivist, Gertie) wants me to try pig knuckles so tonight’s the night!! Stay tuned.


Fellow cast member Colin Hanks, in addition to Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and their two children Chet and Truman. (photo: Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. Used to love Shun Lee West; it was a hangout for CBS and CNN folks, way back when.

    OT–Do you still eat sweet potatoes as a pick-me-up? Got the idea from you and still love ’em. Pls don’t say they’re bad now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. a happy Easter to you Jane. It’s going to be sad for me
    when this blog no longer appears. I enjoy checking in
    with you everyday.You are very forthcomming with
    your plans and locations, i just wonder if people
    follow you around.
    next week I will see the play for the first time
    I can’t wait. Have a Happy.

  3. “Think of me when you try this.”

    I, certainly, will. Thank you for a great tip, Ms. Fonda.
    Happy Easter!

  4. Thanks for the roses tip!!! Had brunch at the beach (Santa Barbara) saw dolphins…what a beautiful Easter gift! Enjoy your friends!

  5. good luck with those pig knuckles!

  6. Thanks for the tips about cutting roses…I had no idea. Have a Happy Easter!

  7. Happy Easter! You have to let us know how you liked Sunshine Cleaning – and more importantly the pig knuckles. You know, you would think someone would create a less literal name for that food to make it sound more appealing. Anyway, have fun!

  8. oh, iv tried pig knuckles. it’s really good – we had one that’s roasted..

    and yes, i will try your technique when cutting roses and will think of you! haha im following you through twitter too, well i found your link to this blogsite in twitter. anyway, my mom loves roses and i think she’d be happy i have something new to tell her.

    thanks again. happy easter!

  9. Happy Easter! My dad liked pig knuckles, but not I.
    Your braver than I am. I find them very unappealing.


  10. A nice Plog Jane, and a happy Easter to you and your cast.
    I heard you say pig knuckles and German in the same context and I did recall “Schweinknoechel mit Sauerkraut” or “pig knuckles with sauerkraut”. You saute some onions in butter, then add sauerkraut and caraway seeds. Saute a little more, then add cleaned knuckles pushing them down into the kraut. Then just add dry white wine to come up to the top of kraut and simmer slowly for 3-4 hours. This would not be found at a Asian Chic,but Shun Lee’s sounds like a ideal choice for a lighter fare.
    Have a wonderful meal. and a happy Easter once again.


  11. I saw you on The View and started “following” you on Twitter and just wanted you to know what an inspiration and simply fun person you are. Thanks for making your thoughts accessible.

    gratefully, honey l.

  12. Hope you enjoyed yr “pig’s knuckles. Anyways,Happy Easter to you and yours.

  13. Hi Jane,

    I’ve never done this before but you’ve inspired me to write you. You are so fresh, so beautiful and so relevant. You make me proud to be a woman!


    • … and she makes me proud to be a member of the human race, Marcella. Jane is one of the most inpsiring people who has ever lived.

  14. I’m hooked. Can’t wait to hear about the knuckles, Sunshine Cleaning & loved to learn about the roses.

  15. I’ve heard the only good thing about pig knuckles is the pint of beer you wash them down with, Happy Easter Ms. Fonda:)

  16. Pig knuckles…I think my grandmother ate pickled pig’s feet. They used to have them in a huge jar in the grocery store. Tell us if they look like any of the following:






  17. Happy Easter Jane,

    Your blog, as your book and your life have been, is an inspiration to me. Please know that the courage you have to put your life and experience out there has saved minds and lives. I don’t mean to gush, but you are remarkable.

    Many thanks for all you have done and continue to do.

    I love your blog!


  18. You’re a braver one than I on the pigs knuckles – I hear it’s an acquired taste. I got suckered into trying uni (sea urchin, sushi) once. That’s how I got a stiff upper lip, it was all I could do to keep it down! Let us know how the knuckles work out for you!

  19. I tried Pigs knuckles once a long time ago, as I remember they were not bad. I hate to say this but I had to drink a few vodkas before I tried them. Lets us know how you enjoyed them.

  20. Just wanted you to know that I just bought your book and I just love it.

  21. I once had pig knuckles soup in China Town. Tell her NOT TO DO IT!!!


  22. Jane, you are a brave soul for trying pig knuckles. I feel semi-nauseous just thinking about them…brings to mind an unpleasant image.

    Bon appetit!


  23. I found 6 baby wabbits in the garden today. Sure hope their mommy returns. I made a joke earlier that I would celebrate Easter and Passover together this year by sacrificing an Easter bunny and paint its blood over my front door to protect me from the local Baptists. Now I just feel close to god. Baby animals have that effect on me.

  24. Great Easter message. Made my day. My family is now being touched by unemployment–and the person is years over fifty. You are so eternally young and engergetci. We are inspired by you. Sounds like the play’s run is going exceedingly well. I wish you continuing sucess. Love to you and yours.

  25. What a beautiful day it sounds like you have had. Thanks for the advice on the roses. I love all of them. I will take the advice you have so kindly given. Please blog what you thought of “Sunshine Cleaning” the previews looked hilarious. I love a movie that makes you laugh. You have such a talented family as I am sure you know. I just wanted you to know from a long time fan how much I appreciate your talent it has gotten me through some rough days. You are better than I am. I couldn’t eat the pig knuckles I tried some time ago. I will stay tuned.

    A long time fan,
    Pamela Harper
    Belfast, Maine

  26. Thank you! I tell people all the time thats how you cut roses…do they listen to me? NO! Hahaha. Maybe they’ll listen to Jane Fonda! I had a good laugh reading that because this is a joke between me and a few people on how to cut roses.

    Also, pig knuckles Jane? Oh man! Don’t forget to let us know how they are!

    Happy Easter.

  27. Pig knuckles? I am from Swiss-Germanic background and I can’t handle them like I can handle coffee, cheese and chocolate! More power to you Jane! The movies are unknown down under, will have to look out for them.

  28. Dear Jane,
    My dad and I are having a VERY special father/daughter day this Wednesday, coming to B’way to see you! We’ll be in the third row and can’t wait! Is there any chance we could meet with you for a short moment after the show for a quick picture? I’ve loved you since I was 14, and it would mean so much to me and my dad, who is treating me to this special day. You’re the best!

    Robin (and Bill!)

  29. hope you liked sunshine cleaning! i saw it today when i took my sisters to see the hannah montana movie (gag me). i thoroughly enjoyed it!

    happy belated easter!
    carrie courogen

  30. Hi Jane ,I just wanted to say it was a thrill to see you on Broadway . I greeted you today in front of the building and confused my days . We saw you Saturday night and I thought that was yesterday due to a pain pill I am not accustomed to taking due to a bad back it had me loopy..anyway love you love your pal hope we meet again.. when I am not loopy!!Best Ilene Shane

  31. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what that is a photo of??

    Hope you had a lovely day off today. Musician friends of mine are coming to see you tomorrow night for her birthday. I know they’ll love it.

  32. Basically, I think we’re all just 3 things: Hopeful, Fragile, and Clumsy.

  33. Feeling rather crummy today, and finding that a good excuse for keeping the tube on after my wife had gone to sleep, I caught both your, and Betty Hutton’s interviews with Robert Osborne on TCM. I was unaware that Ms. Hutton had died two years ago, but was pleased that she had found herself, and found God after leaving her career behind. And glad that she and Judy Garland had been friends in the sixties; my heart has always gone out to Ms. Garland– I wish I could have been a friend for her.
    I could never talk to my Dad, either. He’s been gone for nearly a quarter of a century, and it still affects me. As I begin to approach the age when he started deteriorating I’m aware of how odd life can be, how much different than we imagine.
    Thank you for being Real; more than a two-dimensional image with legs [Bob Hope called Betty Hutton a vitamin pill with legs]; more than a Hollywood icon.
    Rumor has it that you have a larger understanding of Easter than you’ve had in the past. May you continue to experience the joy of rebirth.
    Blessings, Marty Jones

  34. Thanks Jane! I will certainly keep that in mind!

  35. hi jane-
    how fun that i can keep up with you between visits, and now have a complete understanding as to why flowers last longer when cut under running water….that they “breath” whatever element they are exposed to…i just love the visual of that.
    am dying to hear your thought about “sunshine cleaning”…been wanting to see it myself.
    coming with yet another handsome friend to see you again in “33 variations”….i just LOVED it!!
    until then…
    best and better-

  36. PostHappy Easter Jane,
    Thanks for the advice for cutting roses.
    I don’t have much of a green thumb.

  37. I love you Jane Fonda!!!! I have prayed for several yrs….that some how I could connect with you…I am a follower of Jesus Christ but cant stand the organized church..I am 57 yrs old mother of 2 awesome daughters and the grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren….. and Bob and I have been married for 37 yrs, I dont know how except but by the grace of God…I came to Tulsa OK to see the Vagina Mong….took the girls and loved it….Im proud of you in my own heart….and as a women I really dont think I will ever understand the impact you have had on me until I get to heaven…..your passion for your grand kids and your devotion to and for family is so devine……you are and will always be an inspiration to me….if you are ever in OKLAHOMA let me know…….Much love and so much admiration….Kaylon
    by the way …..our first book club meeting was tonight and i was cutting fresh flowers and i remembered your counsel about cutting roses and what was the 1st thing they breathed in……I thought of you….thanks

  38. Hi Jane–your blogs about the throat/vagina connection were hysterical! And guess what, at your age and with your record of life achievement, the last thing you need to worry about is offending people. (I just turned 60 yesterday so I’m feeling pretty cocky myself.) Also loved your huff post about the failure of the abstinence approach. It’s terrifying that the right-wingers do not seem to grasp the impact of their failed ideologies on real people. Keep on speaking the truth and being your funny, compassionate, and generally awesome self!

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