Today’s matinee audience was to die for. I wanted to hug them all. Standing and cheering at the end. There was even applause at the end of the first scene. That never happened before!

I learned an important stage lesson this afternoon. Wanting a little energy boost, I ate a chocolate turtle (Bridgewater, dark chocolate and pecans) between two scenes and then had to worry that I would inadvertently spit some remnants out during a speech. NEVER EAT RIGHT BEFORE GOING ON STAGE!! In real life this wouldn’t happen, of course, but on stage one is projecting and all kinds of interesting, unintended mouth/breath/voice-related events can occur. From now on I’ll save the turtles for intermission. Bridgewater Chocolate from Connecticut, by the way, is the best ever. I bet Katharine Hepburn knew about them. She was a real chocoholic. She told me once that the reason she was so sweet is because she ate so much chocolate. The only problem with that being that she wasn’t very sweet-a lot of other good things, but not sweet.

I just woke up from my nap. I dreamed my daughter succeeded in getting all of Georgia eating organic, locally grown food. If anyone can do it…

Tonight, Laura Turner Seydel, Ted’s eldest daughter, her husband, Rutherford, and their three children are coming. Rutherford and Laura for the second time. I’m tickled they liked the play enough to want to bring their children-all of whom call me ‘grandma.’ We’ll go out to dinner afterwards and I am so looking forward to spending time with them. I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like and the kids are growing up faster than I can keep track.


Ted’s daughter Laura Turner Seydel, her husband Rutherford and their three kids (photo: Michael Rudd)

Marsha Mason just sent me the most beautiful vase of spring flowers. We were to have dinner tomorrow night but I think she didn’t realize it was Easter when she said ‘yes’ and she subsequently had to cancel. So-I will go to two movies with Tulea: “Sunshine Cleaning” and “The Class.” Haven’t done a two-fer for ages. Sometimes I like to see 3 movies in one afternoon/evening, but since the show gets out at 5:30, I don’t have time for 3. I haven’t seen a movie in ages.


Flowers from Marsha Mason

Right before the second act I found out that Don Amendolia has no plans for after the show tomorrow so he’s going to come to the movies with me.

See you next time.

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  1. Hey Jane,

    I was the first one to scan my ticket in, and sat in the third row. You have really cute feet. The audience was very interesting. One old gentleman looked very disheveled but paid to sit in the front row and grumbled when he sat down about the seats and the cost, but he stood up to cheer at the end too!. A older black woman sat next to me and said it was the first time she was seeing you in person and hadn’t seen a play in a while. She said it was just like seeing you in the movies but in person and the same good acting. I told her about your web site but she said her computer was down from a virus. A lot of the people looked very poor and the salt of NYC, a lot of veteran theater goers from those I talked to. I was surprised at what they were willing to pay to fill up almost all the seats! New Yorkers sure love Broadway and Jane Fonda! I thought you were very good also, very natural. I also bought a signed CD for the AIDS charity. I was going to buy a poster but have no way of getting it home tomorrow morning. See you next time!

  2. “There’s nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with CHOCOLATE.
    Linda Grayson, “The Pickwick Papers”

    Happy Easter Dear One!

  3. Jane, love to hear that you, too, sometimes do two or more movies in a day. Sunshine Cleaining is very interesting, and The Class is terrific. Enjoy, and Happy Easter.

  4. i was in the matinee audience today miss fonda and yes we the audience rose to the occasion. excuse the play on words. first, the show was very moving and thought provoking. every performer was remarkable. i especially thought miss mathis was exceptional. i was watching her on her arrival in Bonn during your one monolgue and her blue eyes glistened. i could see her mother’s looks(miss bibi besch a wonderful actress i remember fondly. she would be so proud of samantha.)
    and then there was your performance. there are not enough superlatives to describe what i thought, felt, experienced. your performance is an example of what a star transcends. i have many favorite roles of yours and this will definitely be among the top along with bree daniels, gertie from the dollmaker, alex from the morning after, gloria in they shoot horses. i am so glad i started reading your blog from the beginning which took me to this point in seeing the show. I do hope soon too you return to the big screen.

  5. Sometimes I like to see two movies in a row too. Enjoy your Easter.

  6. Our book group here in Santa Cruz was talking about you the other night and we…yes, all 6 of us…agreed that the unfolding of your many lives has been inspirational for us all. I’ll pay attention to that tip about not eating before going on stage!

  7. Hi Jane,
    I went to the show last night and OMG! it was amazing I absolutely loved every single minute of it. it was funny and sad and musical and it was just so incredibly complete! I can’t wait to go see it again- and I def will- but then again I dont know if i’ll be lucky again and get front row tickets – i was shocked i had no idea we had front row tix’s.. I had the best time ever. As we were leaving the theatre and on our way to make our donations he looked at me and said you look different you look inspired- to which I answered of course I just had Jane Fonda and all those incredibly talented actors and a stage in front of me, people i’d love to perform with so of course im inspired…the show not only inspired me but also somehow took weight off my shoulders and gave me confidence that I made the right decision by moving to New York. So I thank you very much. I had such and incredible night, I haven’t stopped talking about it all day- the people at the restaurant were I work have been having to listen to it all day and telling them they HAVE to go! – and my best friend in the Air Force I told her about it too and she LOVES you by the way and when i told her about it she was like what? and then i was like yeah and we had some champagne. She was like you were drinking champagne, had front row tickets, and had Jane Fonda in front of you! not everyone gets to experience that!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Wish you’d comment on the two movies, Sunshine Cleaning and The Class. I like them both. Very interested in “The Class”. Took them a year to film it and it seemed like a documentary. I taught delinquents in San Diego for ten years. Hard work.
    Thanks for blogging. I read them every night. Roland

  9. What beautiful flowers. I am so pumped that Marsha Mason is on B’way – I’m hoping to see her show when I’m there in June. Sadly, I’ll be too late to see yours or even meet you at the stage door. πŸ™
    Tulea goes to the movies!?! It isn’t too loud for her little ears?
    Can’t wait to hear what you thought of Sunshine Cleaning. I saw it on a special preview night and won a bucket of cleaning supplies – Mr Clean…NOT no-name stuff like I usually have to get. So exciting!! LOL

  10. are dogs allowed at the movies?

  11. I love and respect you very much, Jane Fonda.
    Thank you for all you have done and thank you just for being you!
    Tom Vitale

  12. After waiting for months, I arrive in NYC Tuesday morning. The highpoint of my 2 day visit will be seeing 33 Variations. I have greatly admired your work since seeing They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? when it was first released in 1969. I was 12. The chance to see our greatest actress in an excellent play is a dream come true for me. Thank you Ms. Fonda for bringing your gifts to the Broadway stage. I know that it will be an experience I will remember always!

  13. how i’d LOVE to see a movie with you tomorrow evening.
    if you’d enjoy gentle and intelligent company, please email me and let me know. either film you mentioned is fine with me.
    happy Easter. enjoy your day into evening.
    -Gun Roze

  14. or call my cell-
    i’m serious! i’d be honored to be your escort.
    i loved your mini questionaire in the current Vanity Fair. i’m pleased to hear that your idea of happiness is “being totally present and at peace in the moment”. ever since i read that the word “happy” is derived from “happening”, which is to be in the moment, i’ve tried to practice this throughout each day. peace within- Gun

  15. Hi Jane,
    I just have to comment on your two-fer… i LOVE to do 2 or 3 movies in a row and I have never met anyone else who has done and felt the same!! (Any time you want a friend-for a movie marathon-as i call them…give me a shout!). That’s now I will think of you in two ways…whenever i do a two-fer and when i now cut my roses underwater..i never knew the water thingie.

  16. That flower arrangement is beautiful. Marsha has lovely taste.

    Good to read no remnants flew the coup on stage, although I bet only the people in the first row would have noticed…even still, whew!


  17. When I was younger and had more time, I used to see the 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and sometimes the 8pm sessions of movies every Saturday! I was usually broke afterwards, but what price can you put on a great cultural experience….. love Marsha Mason, seems a while since we’ve seen her on the big screen, at least in Australia.


    P.S. I am half Swiss, so I blame my genes on love of chocolate, cheese and strong black coffee. Always have to do more of my Jane Fonda exercises after that overdose! Chocolate is great for women, though.

  18. Jane, I came to see you in previews . . . it was short notice . . . my friends had tickets, so I jumped right in . . . I didn’t know the play, but was anxious to see you in anything live. I didn’t know until just before the play began what the story was about. My mother died with ALS 13 years ago. I was taken aback by your authenticity. I noticed the first time that you, ever so subtlety, slowed the use of your hand. Being intimately familiar with the progression of this insidious disease, I marveled at the way you moved stealthily into the different phases. The depth of your preparation for this role was clear. You were phenomenal . . . honest and dignified . . . my mother would have been honored by the intelligence of you performance. Thank you . . . you were beautiful.

  19. The bit about Katharine Hepburn is absolutely hilarious! I can imagine what she was like….I know people just like it… I bet your play is fabo–I definitely will like to see it. Are they recording it? I doubt I will see it live. Cheers to Marsha Mason…The Goodbye Girl was fabulous and so Oscar worthy! I always thought she was cheated…then I read she was married to Niel Simon lol Anyway!

  20. Bonsoir Ms. Fonda,
    What a pleasure and privilege it is to read you on an almost nightly basis… I am flying in from Quebec City just in time to see “33 Variations” on May 23rd. Can’t wait!!

    Continue to inspire and improve the lives of all around you through your talent, generosity, love and beauty. Hope you’re feeling better.
    R.A. xxx

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