Alan Alda and his wife Arlene (photo: Michael Rudd)

Alan Alda is in the audience tonight with his wife Arlene. I will be very happy to see them after the show. I got to know him when we did Neil Simon’s “California Suite” together. I have his book, “Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself” by my bedside. But I haven’t been able to read anything while doing this play. This is not what I expected. Can’t write either. Nor have I been able to go to any museums though I really wanted to and got such great suggestions from my blogger friends. But Eve Ensler was right when she told me at the start that I wouldn’t be able to do anything else. Especially since I’ve been sick–I’ve had to cancel many plans.

One blog commenter asked me the other day to write about what I do from the time I arrive at the theatre–my daily routine. So I will do that tomorrow.


Alan and Arlene just left my dressing room. As I thought would be the case, they loved the play, totally got it and were very moved and inspired by it. Alan said that he, too, was unable to do anything else when he was in a play. “I was always worried about my voice,” he said. I asked if he’d been to the same voice/throat doctor that I have been seeing and he, “oh yes, I couldn’t get her out of my throat.” Turns out he also has the pornographic larynx print outs like mine.

See you next time.

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  1. Hello Ms Fonda!

    I too hate that the play is ending I really want to go see it again. I soo want to go see it once more before it ends, I might go tomorrow who knows…
    But tonight I went to see ” In The Heights” you must go see it, such a great musical it had such a great vibe and its very funny. You should see it…
    See You Around,

  2. Maybe all of you famous people could put those pics in a book. People could guess which one belonged to whom! (Only joking). You do know the best people, lots of my heroes, but then that fits, as you are one of my top heroes (just in case you haven’t guessed by now!). We had ANZAC day here in Australia which is a tribute to the Australians and New Zealanders who went to war in all wars. Had some great talks to the soldiers and nurses at the football this afternoon, where we paid tribute to them and those who we have lost. We lost so many people over the years for a “small” country. I hope that one generation soon will not have to know what war is, that we can all live in peace, it would be nice, hey?

  3. LOL.
    I have a crush on Alan Alda. Ever since I read his other book ….something about stuffed dogs. Can’t remember the title and I have no time to google it. A wonderful read and crush inspiring. 🙂
    have a wonderful day, Jane & two kick ass shows today.

  4. You’re in such great shape! What do you eat ? Do you have a guilty pleasure food wise?

  5. I listen to Alan Alda’s books on CD or tape, because I LOVE the sound of his voice. I purposely choose to listen to his books rather than read them because of his voice. I wish he would write more books!

  6. Jane, all this talk about “pornographic larynx print outs” makes me want to get mine done, too! Although, it seems to be more of a theatre initiation/tradition than just some random art form.

    Am looking forward to reading about your daily routine!


  7. You ARE going to continue your blog after the show finishes, aren’t you? Can you reassure your many fans of that? 🙂

  8. I, too, hope you continue the Blog when the play is over.

    You have much to contribute, Jane!

    What a great photo of the three of you!!

  9. Dear Ms. Fonda: I could not let this blog experience go (less than a month!) without commenting on the play, you and what an inspiration you have been in my life. I brought my partner to see it (in fact Beethoven’s 33 variations is playing on my IPod as I type)… it was so utterly and profoundly moving. It lead to a deep and important conversation with my partner about loss and what is left behind in the wake of it… about the challenges of intimate relationships – mothers, fathers, daughters and sons – and the ways we can be withholding and unforgiving – and lovely and selfless, all at the same time (often in the same moment).

    Thank you for doing 33 Variations. Thank you for sharing your journey on this blog. Thank you for a lifetime of generosity of spirit and creating a space here for us all to explore and think and grow – and laugh! I hope coming to New York and taking the risk to do this remarkable play was everything you had hoped it would be and more. Best, Joe Bolduc

  10. Happy again to connect with you. I envy you meeting Alan Alda (again). He’s always been an idol of mine. I kep trying to catch up with him at a NOW convention with my camera. No luck. What a guy! Love his book. And what do we hear while talking to ourselves? I’d love to know what you hear. Wil you be writing another book? I know that you have a second act–maybe three or more.

  11. Hi Jane,
    You know I am hooked on your blog.. It really gives us an idea of what you go through in your life not so different then other peoples lives.. We all have apprehentions fears and joy. We all get sore throats at the wrong time and we fear that happening at times when we just can’t afford to be sick.. We look forward to projects mostly after they are underway and we aren’t scared as much as before they start or after they begin.. I love reading your blog it has made me hear that other people have those thoughts in there head.. thanks for your generosity ..ZI have written you a couple of times and we have met outside the building we live in.. but the blog is great!! Best Always,..ilene

  12. I just heard Bea Arthur passed away today. What a woman! Went from stage to small screen in her 50s! Her portrayal of Maude had such a huge impact on television and feminism. She was the first TV character I can remember that was like my mother..strong and smart and beautiful and funny! I only wish I could have seen her on stage as Vera Charles. What a multi-talented one-of-a-kind performer! She will be missed.

    Love to all,

  13. Hi Jane….enjoy your blog .. gives us an idea of your life and also theatre life. You go girl!
    My query is….why do you always wear a hat in the pics after the show with your friends?? I have been thinking your hairdo is about gone perhaps from performing??

  14. Jane.
    Gawd I love Alan Alda. If I could pick a person to have
    a conversation with besides you Jane it would be Alan Alda. He is such a liberated human being and his life partner must be the cats meow. I also enjoy his voice and think the audio book is a great idea.

    Jane I think you will so connect with this book. Maybe
    good info to share with the folks you work with at your healing foundations. I also intend to read Dr.Elizabeth Diamond’s book called Sexual Fluidity. Saw her on
    Oprah and she blew me away. She decribed very
    much how I feel about sexuality in the sense that
    we are capable of loving a man or woman if we are open. I feel this is so true. She speaks of the many variations of attraction and how our sexuality is fluid and
    can change when we least expect it. We never really know who we will be attracted too. And its ok to follow your heart with whoever that may be.

    Theres no need to label someone as gay,straight etc. Love is love and if your blessed with love what does it matter.

    Diamond says there are many young folks these days who don’t want to limit who they can love and don’t really feel theres a need to label that love.
    The world would be a better place.
    Peace & Wellness,

  15. “Things I Overheard While Talking To Myself” by alan alda

    I read this too…pretty good read…

  16. Although we all so badly want to see this blog continue forever, we know you are very busy and maybe could blog once a week or so. Just to say HI to your blog friends. Of course, this is after the play. When your next book comes out, if you do do a book tour, please come to Rhode Island. I know your book is about the 3rd act, i’m only half way through my first act, but I would so love to meet you and just tell you how wonderfully inspiring you are! You make this 15 year old read a book about the 3rd act. Ha!

  17. I’m coming to NY mid-May and I plan to see the show. will still be on. Do you allow your blog followers to come back to meet you?

    Do you plan to take this show on the road? Like to Seattle? 🙂

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