The other night, my friends Karen Nussbaum and Ira Arlook came to see the show. In my blog I talked about the work Karen did in the 1970s and early ’80s organizing women office workers but I neglected to mention the incredibly important work she is doing now, work that is changing the political landscape. Five years ago, Karen started Working America, the community organization of the AFL-CIO. Working America organizes Middle Americans to fight for good jobs and a just economy.  In the five years since its inception, Working America has grown to 2.5 million members, bringing these working class moderates into the progressive movement. Karen told me over dinner that this year, they are mobilizing their members to win on issues — health care, green jobs, workers’ rights and new rules for the economy — like they have been winning elections. Karen is a strategist and organizer par excellence! I’m proud to know her. (and Ira isn’t exactly chopped liver!)

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  1. I just visited the website. My god, I had no idea “Working America” even existed, but just reading briefly through some of the different issues they focus on, I can see this is a valuable resource for someone like me (and my family). Thank you for sharing this with us!

    I’ve watched 9 to 5 probably two dozen (or more) times, and I’ve always wondered whether women in the work force would have equal pay with men. I’m almost positive that women still do not make as much as men do, and it’s hard to imagine that this is still true in 2009.

    You have some truly amazing friends!


  2. Have just caught up on a week’s worth of your posts. So brave to share your feelings of being “abandoned” by Moises. Love hearing how you incorporate his, and your dream, notes into your performance. The backstage photos are always a treat…think your tech guy should make them into a souvenir Blurb book for you when the show’s over. 😉

  3. Jane – am watching “Monster-in-Law “for about the fifth time – you were absolutely fabulous – did you have fun making it? I read your blog every day and love it – thanks so much!


  4. With all that is screwed up in this country, this is one of the MOST vital issues FOR THE PEOPLE. I would love to see more union organization to protect Americans’ rights. Bless your friend for her hard work and contribution. It is people like her, who work tirelessly with no payment except the feeling of doing something good for humankind that inspire the rest of us to step up to the plate and do our part.

  5. She sounds great!

  6. What overshadowing dread when a nation can give or let be given to its people, that freedom turns to overworked drudge to a national input of painstaking return.

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