Left to right: Loreen Arbus, Gloria Steinem, Jodie Evans, Helen Zia, Carol Jenkins, Teresa McBride and, in front, Pat Mitchell, and me (holding a totally day-glo Tulea) — Click to enlarge

Last night many of the Women’s Media Center’s board came to see “33 Variations” and then we all were invited to dinner by Jodie Evans. Jodie, by the way, is also co-founder of the important peace organization Code Pink.

Today the Women’s Media Center had our board meeting and tonight, at Gloria Steinem’s cozy home, the Sisterhood is Global Institute’s new, soon-to-burst-forth, viral presence, had a board meeting. So tonight, I go to bed energized and optimized.

Board members of the Women’s Media Center (photo by Michael Rudd)

Pat Mitchell and her husband Scott (photo by Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. Hey Jane,
    Im an fellow Atlanta person, I have a incredible project that can feed over a million children a year in the USA and around the world, it requires NO DONATIONS and is self supporting. Im looking for a local source for a loan to get it going, seed money, any suggestions??


  2. I love the fact that your dog is just glowing!
    How proud she must be of you πŸ˜‰ haha

  3. Not that Tulea doesn’t always look adorable, but she’s particularly precious in that photo. I’ve never seen an outfit quite like that one:)


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