Wow! Last day of the month. Hard to believe. Tonight Ted is coming to the show. So is my best friend Paula Weinstein and her daughter, Hannah (my goddaughter) and Jane Olson and Erica Jong (a Twitterer just twittered me-“I *hate* it when Ted & Erica come to my shows – they rustle their candy wrappers & laugh in all the wrong places.” Funny, huh?) and Dominick Dunne and a host of other friends. I’m excited and nervous. I’ve been joking that maybe I would take off everything during the x-ray scene just to put his current girlfriend on edge (normally I wear a sheer cami for the scene). Do we ever get over the desire to please/shock/titillate???

He’ll come back stage (without the girlfriend) and we’ll take a photo and you can see the little reunion. You’ll also see all the others. Putting up the photos is such fun. Such a great photo journal.

See you then

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  1. Oh Jane. How wonderful that you’re like the rest of us! There’s one person I’ve been trying to please for the last 12 years. Twelve Years!!! My Ex!!
    My God I’m a male nearing forty and I still feel the desire to please/shock/titillate!!! My current relationship of five years is perfect, however, there’s still that little bit of me … well you know what I mean. The parentheses (without the girlfriend) says it all. Go for it. Go naked.

    I only have one goal in life (except the one that involves acting with you!) and that is to stop the disease to please. Byron Katie often says ‘I pray that I won’t be loved!’ Sometimes I feel that way.

    Anyway, regards from Germany. You were on TV last week here in the China Syndrome. You have a great German synchronised voice!!
    Jason xx

  2. Loved your Tweet re considering taking your top off, that’s so funny! With ex-husbands, one usually wants the reaction to be, “God, what was I thinking letting her get away??” This is true, I think, even when we’re the ones that chose to bail! What’s the old saying, the best revenge is living well? We can expand that to “living well and looking good.” You are doing both–go for the gusto, girl!

  3. I’m sure shes intimidated enough without you having to do anything but appear on stage! Too bad he cant be monogamous!

  4. You’re such an inspiration and such an adult. My temptation would be to moon at both the ex and the girlfriend.

    As ever, you choose to take the higher road.

  5. ” He’ll come back stage (without the girlfriend) ”

    Hahahahahaha! Good idea. =)

  6. Don’t you get a day off?

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  8. I think men measure their status by the number and attractiveness of their female traveling companions. It makes them feel proud, particularly when they are insecure to start with. One should feel sympathy for Ted rather than jealousy. Remember, he did lose 8 billion before, and is only worth 2 billion, or maybe less now since the market crash. Poor Ted. But he does do many good things! Anyway, it is about time to give up the jealousy-possession thing if you really want to love again. Is it really possible to possess someone? Not according to the Zen philosophy.

  9. You have so many wonderful friends. That must make your life so complete.

  10. Dear Jane,

    I love your Blog, and your sense of humor. Your pretty funny for one of us old gals.

    Thanks for documenting your feelings and comentary in such a thoughtful and special way. There are not too many actors (well maybe Rosie) who are willing to share the in’s and out’s of the actor’s experience ..BRAVO!

    Just a Calgarian who wishes she could go to NY and see a show… one day I will.

  11. Quite an eclectic group came to your show tonight, huh?

    Dominick Dunne… now there is a life…. I imagine he would be great at a party.

  12. I have been enjoying your blog so much, but haven’t written anything before this. I do hope that you continue the blog after the play is over! You are an inspiration in many ways to all of us. I certainly kept in mind how well you had done with your hip replacement when I had mine two years ago. I admire many things about you–including your liberal causes!

  13. Sorry, I misquoted Byron Katie.

    She says:

    If I had a prayer, it would be this:
    “God, spare me from the desire
    for love, approval, or appreciation.


  14. Did you hear candy wrappers being opened while you were on stage last night? *wink*


  15. Dear Jane,

    I just finished listening to your interview on the Leonard Lopate show on WNYC. I’m a long-time Beethoven fanatic so I was overjoyed to hear you say you’ve gone from awe to worship of him and his music. You said you wanted to do more reading about him so I wanted to make you aware of a series of lectures that Andas Schiff gave in London several years ago covering the 32 piano sonatas. The lectures are posted on the Guardian UK website at the following location:


    For me, Beethoven’s piano sonatas are his crowning achievement. Until several years ago I knew the earlier works and the large pieces from his middle period – the Waldstein, the Appassionata and the Hammerklavier – but I hadn’t delved into the final 3 sonatas, which I’d heard were transcendent but quite difficult to understand. Once I got older I felt I was ready. As I listened and gained an understanding of what he was saying I went from simple awe to outright worship too. I was so awestruck that ever since then I’ve been trying to understand how he was able to communicate such profound thoughts and feelings through music. I’ve read several books and gone to lectures but still haven’t solved the mystery. After some time I’ve come to realize I won’t find the answers in words. If I could we wouldn’t need the music would we? Anyway, I’m happy to hear that someone else has had a similar reaction. I hope as you read and study Beethoven you come to understand and love these last works as much as I do.

    We have tickets to your show this Friday evening (April 3rd). We’re all very excited and have been listening to the Diabelli’s for months so we’ll be prepared to follow along as the plot develops. I can’t wait!

    Yours truly,

    Marlin Crum

  16. I love you Jane Fonda!!!
    I live in Brazil but we are going back to D.C in the summer. I just dont know if we will be able to go to N.Y before December. I would lve to see your show!!
    You are the best!! You are an example to follow!!!
    Kind regards,
    Ingrid Caraccioli Perkins

  17. Congratulations jane, I have loved and admired you for years and now at 62 I consider you to be my ideal of aging gracefully, you are a strong, amazing woman, who I think has really found herself bravo, suzanne greenlee

  18. I was racking my brains thinking about people and personalities that I actually admire or have an interest in what their views, or stand point on certain issues might be. Well from somewhere you, Jane Fonda, popped into my head.

    Well they you have it, now don’t let this go to your head.

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