I feel sorry for folks who aren’t able to nap. I was so tired today for the matinee performance. I didn’t realize how late I stayed out with Troy and Simone. I am slowly learning my lesson-to under do rather than the contrary.

Actually, despite my fatigue, it was a good show. Stephen Rivers came backstage after with 8 friends!! So did actor Tyne Daly who I knew in the 1970s when we did peace activism together in an organization I founded, “The Entertainment Industry for Peace and Justice.”

Anyway, I took an hour nap between shows and feel ready to go back tonight with much energy.

No more blogging for today, though.

See you next time.

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  1. Just to say hello, I was 21yrs old in Paris in 1968, and from the Bronx, touring Europe alone for one summer, and remember that enormous cut-out of you/Barbarella in front of a movie theatre – so I went in and saw the movie – I didn’t speak French but it was a exotic, erotic, and a THRILL ! Thanks.
    I’ve always liked your theatre/film work, your political voice, hated your exercise stuff and from the web – how’s this – Any time a person or an object moves through or past a drop, they are said to be “Breaking Curtain.” The thin curtains that mask the wings are referred to as “legs” Therefore, to enter from the wings, an actor must first “Break a leg.”

    So break a leg and have a wonderous run! Kate

  2. Hi Jane,

    You’re absolutely right about naps …especially as you get older.

    This morning I had to take my daughter to the St. Louis airport in order to catch an early morning flight to D.C. We woke up at 3:00 a.m., and got to the airport at 4:40. I got back home at 6:00 a.m., chased the dog around the house for 1/2 hour, and collasped into bed at 6:30. I “napped” until 12:30 p.m.

    To the contrary, my daughter (who’s 14) just texted me and said she’s still going strong.

    C’est la vie…

  3. Two of my favorite actresses – Tyne Daly and you. There is always a dynamic that transcends well beyond the script because it seems to come from the soul when I watch either of you. You make it real.

    Thanks for being a role model for so many of us!

  4. I am such a fan..also of Tyne Daly! Took y Mom to see her in Gypsy…was wonderful! I am sure you are just great in your show and I am so happy to see you back loving what you are doing…you are inspiring to me!


  5. What fun, to read your blog and feel a little bit connected to someone whose work and character I so respect and admire. I’m hoping to get to NYC in the next few weeks to see you in “33”–I have a 60th birthday on April 15 and a trip to see your play may be my gift to myself if my budget will allow! Thank you for your wonderful creative work, your ethical and spiritual sensibility, your social activism and your commitment to the future of all women.

  6. Jane – Sadly, I’m one of those people. When I read that you sleep nine hours a night I became rather unreasonably envious. I saw the show tonight for the second time and brought a friend. When you speak the word “Vienna” at the top of the show (I think the line is something like: “It began for me in Vienna” ) a chill runs down my spine – it reminds me of one of my all time favorite movies. The indelible voice, the elegant enunciation. Of course it’s Julia. I’m a long time admirer and I think you’re terrific in this remarkable play by my friend and colleage Moises K. Many congratulations and I hope we will see more of you on the stage.

    Sinan Unel

  7. I’m an old broad who has always loved you for being true to your beliefs. Keep it up!!

  8. Jane, I just finished reading an article on your return to the stage and had to visit your blog. What an exciting new adventure for you! I will always remember your wonderful performance with your father in “On Golden Pond.” Saw it many, many times. Continued success in your stage work. Hope to see you on the stage soon!!!!

  9. Jane
    Thank you for your generous welcome after yesterday’s performance ( 3/14). Stephen is a love. Known him since ’72 while at the University.
    A terrific play. Really a theater piece.That Kyrie will stay with me forever. It arose on stage as it must have been givin birth in Beethoven’s thunderous soul.
    I’ll see the play agiain and hope you will welcome me to say thank you.
    Blessings for health and great joy

  10. Power naps are the way to go – they save my life! Saw your show on Thursday – LOVED it!!

  11. I agree with you on the nap, if I don’t get my afternoon nap I end up in bed at 7pm! I’m 46, but I really need it and thankfully I can have one every day. I have been sick since Jan with that stupid virus that’s been going around, I’m on my third round of antibiotics. I love your blogs and wish I could see your play, I’ve been a fan for years! If I had the money I’d been in NYC in a flash! I’n glad the play is a sucess, I’ll miss your blogs when you stop!


  12. LOVE the blog Jane and hope you continue on after Variations ends…thanks for sharing. See you next time!

  13. Wow, just found your blog by accident, looking for tickts to the show. I am and have been a life long fan of yours. Think your great. Loved your work, and your passion for life. From one old warrior to another, right on Jane,

    I to nap daily good lord, I remember the days when I never slept, oh well age catches up with all of us. But I’m happy and so glad you are too

  14. Jane, you are one lucky duck to be able to nap between shows. I wish my job factored nap-time into the schedule; people would most likely be more productive if they had a bed in their office/cubicle.

    Revel in it!

    All my best,

  15. Hi Jane:

    1 Quickie and 1 Not-So-Quickie

    1. I think you should continue your blog after the show.
    2. Several Blogs Ago…
    …you made an observation about friendship and how
    not staying in touch with certain special friends never gets in the way of picking up where you both left off. I just had it happen (again) and thought of your observation. Here’s my hit: If you both still laugh in the same places/cry in the same places/get pissed off in the same places, then you don’t need to stay in touch. I always have the same response to these kinds of reunions: “I didn’t really miss you till I saw you. And now that I’ve seen you, I REALLY MISS YOU!”

  16. Jane!
    I just recieved my dvd of FTA. I can’t wait to watch it !

  17. I’m really enjoying your blog. It’s fun to read. I looked on Wikipedia for the history of “break a leg,” and here’s what they said:
    I do have one question: why do you have that hat on in all the pictures? Thanks. –Sally

  18. Naps are the little items that keep all of us beautiful ! Sophia Lauren said that !

  19. oh. i love a good nap.
    my grandpa said that the greatest luxury in life is being able to take a Sunday afternoon nap.

  20. Well, I can’t nap. I am envious.
    Frankly, I don’t know how actors do eight shows a week. That sounds exhausting!
    You are one of the few movie stars I truly admire. Aside from being one of our great actresses, you took risks in your political activism, which not very many people do. I enjoyed your autobiography!
    I may even go to see this play, although, to tell you the truth, I have become progressively disappointed by Broadway over the years. I would probably go just to see your performance.

  21. Jane-
    I know how valuable naps can be! I saw the Sunday matinee and thought the entire cast was excellent. Your portrayal of ALS was eerily accurate and profound, having had a professor with ALS, I thought you did a great job capturing the emotions and physical presence of a person afflicted with this degenerative disease. The viewpoints of patients with progressive diseases are so often overlooked since the focus is usually shifted to the family members, long before patients die.
    I waited for you after the show, but I am happy to hear you were taking a nap- much more productive:) I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to pursue public health. I am not going to lie, I accidently attended your lecture at Notre Dame my junior year of college. It was the one through the microeconomics department on “The Feminization of Poverty” and it truly changed my life. I never knew such gender disparities existed nor did I ever give thought to the way society treats our young boys and how that impact is undermining our future. Long story short, the questions you posed in your lecture caused me to rethink my life goals. I now study public health at Columbia, working on reducing pre-term labor infections in Harlem. I do not think I would be where I am today without attending your lecture.

    From the bottom of my heart, I thank you! Keep up the great work with G-CAPP and your Emory center, you are helping so many!


  22. everyone should have a nap, naps make you stronger and more alert for later on the day. also makes you smarter, i dunno i read it somewhere before.

    have a good day/night.
    thanks for blogging.

  23. Jane,

    Naps have become a required event for me after physical therapy. I am determined to see your show!
    You do so much in between and after shows I’m surprised you have time for a nap. I am thankful you are one of the lucky ones who are able to nap, and awake refreshed.
    Keep under doing, spoil yourself. Sending you new manna for each day.


  24. How well I remember EIPJ – meetings ’til 2a.m., Keone’s lessons in race, slide shows around the state, first tentative steps toward understanding sex and class, what a learning experience for all of us. I saw the FTA Show on IFC recently and have indulged in moments of nostalgia since. I read recently that Francine died not to long ago…what a loss. 33 Variations sounds incredible. I hope you’ll be able to move it to the Mark Taper for those of us who can’t make it to NY.

  25. I love reading your blog — so interesting — I’m a Broadway fanatic and love to hear how you feel as an actor, who visits etc.
    If you ever have a chance I would love to hear how you feel about different audiences – how they affect the actors.
    Knowing how busy you are, I really appreciate your blog – I’m going to make time to see your show. I have some many already lined up, but I’m getting tickets this week.
    Thanks again,
    Jane B

  26. Ahhh the nap!How sweet they are. Bella (she’s is my Lil Bouboulina, Austrian SilkyTerrier) who is with me all the time. I see you and Tulea and I know whats going on. Ha! I have always loved you’re presence here on earth. I read you book,loved it. You’re life is so full. I have gone to battle for you when need be,dont need to say more,cept we all have done things in life that when its over we are like. What just happened? I hope to come to NY and see you on stage, they are blessed to have you give it life. I wish I could bring Bella with me, she would have such a great time also. Well Jane, stay well and get enough sleep, and naps when you can,how sweet they are. Love&Peace Lynda

  27. Jane, please take care of yourself first and foremost. I’m sure it’s easy to get caught up in all the brouhaha at the beginning, but you don’t want to end up with exhaustion and have to miss performing! Take care!

  28. You would think that being the Eugene O’Neill theater there would be a day off on the 3/17/09 performance for St. Patrick’s day. Well the hardest becomes the Easiest,

  29. Ooooh, what I would do for a nap right now. Unfortunately I don’t get to nap as I have two “monsters” that think Moms don’t need sleep. Actually they are angels and would love for me to nap with them on their beds, but then I wouldn’t have my precious me time (which I steal when the family are all in dreamland).

    Have a wonderful day and hopefully St Patrick will bring NY loads of things to celebrate today.

  30. A day without Jane Fonda blog is like a day without sunshine.


  31. I hope to see you show in early May. I was a n=Nurse Care Manager in an ALS clinic. Wonderful people- the patients themselves lived their lives fullly, it was usually the family who had the most difficulty. Terrible disease.

    Your blog is wonderfully movingk, miss it when you do not blog.
    Thank you for your honest reactions- we are all the same. Pris

  32. Jane, it is wonderful to watch how you continue to blossom. I just finished reading a book on aging by Marian Van Eyk McCain titled Elderwoman. I saw that you will be writing a book on aging so I thought you might be interested. Didn’t know where else to tell you about Marian’s book than here. I devoured it because I am in my 3rd act and it is sometimes overwhelming. Elderwoman was very practical and poetic and reassuring. It is so helpful to have women with such integrity and dignity creating much needed role models of women in their “third act.” Look forward to reading your book. Your blog is awesome!

  33. I have always been an admirerer, defender and supporter of yours. I met you the first time when you and Tom were doing a reception at the premier of Clarence Darrow. I am trying to figure out a way to see 33. Keep on keeping on.

    Kay Solomon

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