March 25

Last night Kerry Washington saw the play and came back. She loved it. We will be making a film together later in the year and are good friends. She was so happy for me, seeing me in such an exciting, strong play. She just finished a film co-starring Annette Bening and Naomi Watts. This may be the film that allows her to show what a powerful, deep actor she is. We hung out in my dressing for about an hour.

Today, Siegfried (of the famed Siegfried and Roy illusionist team) came back after the play full of praise for everyone involved. I forgot to get a photo with him. Dang!

Last Sunday, after our 3p show, Samantha and I went to the opening of “God of Carnage” starring Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis, Jeff Daniels and James Gandolfini. It was terrific. They were all extraordinary.

This afternoon, for the first time, someone’s cell phone rang during an important scene toward the end of the play. It really threw me and Zach and I was so furious I felt like leaping off the stage and strangling the person. You have no idea how that sound can throw an actor out of a scene. When I mentioned this to Siegfried, he said he could see that it upset us and commented that he’d have threatened to sic his tiger onto the guilty party. Some actors are known to stop a show when that happens and yell at the person-Patty Lupone, Brian Dennehy and Jeremy Piven, for example. Don’t know if I’d ever have the guts but today I was surely angry enough.

Sil Reynolds and her daughter also came back after the show. Sil is a therapist. She and her daughter do Mother/Daughter workshops at the Omega Institute. She was stunned when she got backstage. “Jane, I had no idea the play dealt with a mother/daughter relationship like this.” She was rocked. “This is so like what my relationship was like with my mother…and hers with her mother-my grandmother.” If these challenges are a generational thing, Sil has surely broken the pattern with her own daughter. They seem so joyful about working together. And they are about to do a book on the subject called “From Both Sides Now.”  

This is a photo taken last week with
the gang of gal friends from Atlanta

See you next time.

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  1. Besides 33 Variations, I wanted to see “God of Carnage.” I heard it was really good. And mentioning Patti LuPone reminds me of the video on youtube where she screams at the audience member whose phone went off. Her reaction was funny, but seriously…how rude can one person be? Leaving your cellphone on during a play? Come on! Dettach yourself for a few hours!

  2. In the 70’s, Rachel Kempson (Vanessa’s mother) was appearing in a controversial John Osborne play at the Royal Court theatre. One night an audience member annoyed her so much, she threw a shoe at them.

    Then Sir Michael Redgrave was doing his readings from Shakespeare (the “Hollow Crown”?) at the Brooklyn Academy. One night the entire cast heard a buzzing sound from the audience – someone in the third row was drying their hair with one of those re-chargable hair dryers.

    Live theater is unpredictable.

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  4. Jane, if that ever happens again (cell phone rings during a performance), you should totally stop what you’re doing and embarrass the person. I’d cheer you on! I can’t tell you how many shows I’ve been to where someone’s cell goes off…and occasionally it occurs more than once during the same performance. When I saw THE COUNTRY GIRL last summer, some person’s mobile went of three times. I know this because they must have been only a few rows behind and it was the same Sex and the City ringtone. So loud, so very annoying, and if I had been one of the actors on stage I would have asked that person to leave. Can you even do that, can you request that a patron be removed for distraction? If you can’t, then I think it should be a new rule.

    Hopefully in the future people will have the courtesy to turn their phones off and you won’t have to deal with it. But if does happen, you are well within your right to bitch them out. I know I sure would.

    All my best,

  5. Oh how I hate that and you certainly deserve more from yoiur audience! I LOVED it when Brian Dennehy (A huge favorite of mine) finally yelled at the man who was just letting the cell ring and ring.

    I love stage performances.When we took our son to his first stage event (Brian Dennehy in Death of a Salesman), we were complimented (by the ushers) on his behavior. We took our daughter (adopted from China in 04 at the age of 7) to NYC for the first time 2 years ago. While there we also took her to see her first *serious*, non musical, stage performance. We saw Inherit the Wind with Mr. Dennehy and Christopher Plummer. She was entranced! The ushers there also complimented her on her behavior (Age 10) and how wonderful it was to see a young who knew how to behave at the theater AND who so enjoyed it all.

    I love the craft of acting, the thrill of seeing a film AND a live stage perormance. You, certainly deserve the respect of the audience and there is no excuse for *forgetting* to turn off a cell! I am sorry you had this happen.

    How I would love to see your performance…*sigh*

    Many warm wishes,
    Sue Combs

  6. A film with Kerry Washington? Two of my favorite artivists together in one film?

    Fantastic! I can’t wait!

  7. “have the guts”? O thou doth protest too much! You? Wait just one moment . . . . . oh, I had to check to be sure I was on the correct blog and I am. If one is bold enough to be so rude, then it is never rude to let them know your feelings of having YOUR space invaded in such an insensitive manner! Balls, Jane, BIG ONES! Never forget it. I envy you having such fun and linking up with friends old and new in NYC – magnificent in its entirety! BTW – what’s for dinner?


  8. Kerry Washington is great!

  9. Jane,

    I must say any performer has the right to be angered by
    anything that would hinder their performance. Talking, and especially a cell phone ringing have to be on the top of the list for me. As for stopping to scold an audience member, though warranted, I believe the scene,and it’s flow are more important. I respect your professionalism.
    As a singer, I remember my coach saying, no matter what never stop. Lets hope it never happens again.
    As to your gal friends, What a great picture, you surrounded by All that love, Gal power. Can’t help but smile back at you as I thought, Jane you really are the ultimate gatherer.

    Keep Soaring,

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