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About thirty friends from Atlanta and other parts of Georgia came to the show this afternoon. Many of them board members and supporters of The Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention that I founded in 1995. It was such fun having them come up onto the stage after the rest of the audience had left, giving them a sense of what it feels like to be up there. Next to me in this group picture is Michele Ozumba, the President and CEO of G-CAPP. The good looking guy with gray hair is Rick Myers, another board member from Dalton, Georgia. The woman in the red suit with thick-rimmed glasses is Dr Betty Siegel, former president of Kennesaw College-also a board member.

Scott Peacock (photo by Michael Rudd)

Scott Peacock saw the show for the fourth time this afternoon and says it was better than ever and that he saw news things in it this time. Believe or not, he’s coming again on Wednesday. Scott, the award-winning chef, will be on the Today Show on Monday. I asked what he will cook. “Chicken and dumplings,” he replied. Yum. Check him out.

I am writing between scenes and was just told that actor Liv Ullman will come back after the show. I feel confident she will feel a special connection to the play. After all, she made countless brilliant films with her husband, Ingmar Bergman, whose films often wove life and dearth together. I am such an admirer of Liv.  

Liv Ullman (photo by Michael Rudd)

See you next time.

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  1. Liv Ullman, Ludwig von Beethoven and I all share the birthday of December 16. R

  2. Jane,dearest, I’ll always love you, but Ingmar never married Liv. They did have a child together. Love ya and love your blog.

  3. I saw the show on March 21, the matinee. What I liked most about it was the layered effect of the story–three stories in one. Staging was perfect with the libraried backdrop as the musicologist pursued her research. The more dramatic treatments with flashing lights were a reminder of the sometimes sterile yet revealing aspect of medicine. Also loved the addition of a little song and dance at the end as music was another character in the play and appropriate to see the other characters express through dance and song. A lovely show. My thanks to the cast and crew!!

  4. Hi,

    I saw the show on Saturday afternoon, 3/28, and really enjoyed it. You’re presence and talent is amazing. I’m so glad that I got the opportunity to see you onstage in the production. Good luck with the rest of the run!

  5. Hello Ms. Fonda,
    I did not know Ms.Ullmann was maried to Ingmar Bergman?
    Love your Blog and try to visit every day.
    Your admirer from the city of Toronto,
    with kindest regards,

  6. Jane,
    What you and everyone else do for the pregnancy prevention campaign is beyond amazing. I’m 15, and NO ONE talks to us about that. I think your program is remarkable. If you ever need anything from a teenagers point of view, i’d be happy to help. Really! I’m one of your followers on Twitter too if you ever really needed something.
    Thanks for ALL you do.


  7. Whoa, you really do have so many friends. It’s amazing that they’re supportive and have been able to travel to NYC to see the show.

    I wish I could see the show four times! Scott is a lucky man.


  8. Howlo again, Ms. Fonda. Your little four-legged fan here has continued to paw out the word about your play and your beautiful blog. This past weekend, I barked about you to friends in Phila. I told them I felt silly paw-writing to a big celeb, and they said they love you. So I guess I’m not a silly dog.

    If I were on the East Coast, I’d herd the whole mid-Atlantic region to Broadway to see your play! But I’m so far away. Howl, it’s arfully hard to sit-stay and miss you.

    I find your photo with Ms. Ullman so striking. If I may say so, you look like sisters in this photo!

    Best paw regards, Tilin Corgi

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