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  1. You are simply a Genius Jane! Bravo!

  2. Jane I am a big fan but would still be honest ! U look fantastic!!! I have read ur book which I couldn’t put down wow!!!!

  3. Loved seeing you on the View, Jane. You looked fabulous. I was excited to see you Twitter and I could follow your blog.

  4. Howdy –

    This past Sunday, I read a notice of the release of the FTA dvd in the Los Angeles Times and it sent me back 37 years to a time when we used to hang out. Later that day I read a review of your play in the New York Times that included your on-line address, so I decided to drop you a line.

    I watched an airing of FTA on Sundance last night and I had to laugh. It reminded me of the saying “Love as if you’ve never had your heart broken.” We certainly practiced our politics with a level of intensity and sweetness that I have rarely experienced since then, though I haven’t stopped working at it. And it saddened me to read that Francine had died in 2007. I loved watching the show and listening to the interviews with GIs. I did miss seeing Keone’s serious expression and Ellen’s stressed-out but lovely face, though I know you could’t include everything just for my personal enjoyment:)

    Hearing Donald recite from “Johnny Got His Gun” sent me back to a time when you were living on the valley side of Laurel Canyon and you were upset and frustrated that life was so hectic that no one ever ate meals at the same time, so you insisted that we all have a sit-down supper together. You cooked an elaborate French dinner. Vanessa and her nanny and Ellen and you and Donald and I were all sitting around the table. I don’t remember eating, but engraved in my memory is Donald, in a suit no less, reading to all of us from a paperback edition of e.e. cummings. I have never heard, before or since, such an elegant performance of poetry.

    “33 Variations” sounds exciting. I only wish I had the time and money to get to New York to see it. I hope you’ll bring it out to the Mark Taper so that we in L.A. can have our chance.

    Well, it’s been fun reminiscing with you. Best of luck tonight.


  5. I seen you on the view. You look wonderful!!
    Greetings from Canada.

  6. You are truly amazing.

  7. Iwated the View and really Iwas happy tosee you appear on the show,you look wonderful.I have seen your movies also….Iloved them all…………..

  8. I just Love The View and you were so wonderful on the View……. thank syour big Fan…..Joann

  9. Why don’t you find a good film or theater project to star along with Faye Dunaway? The two of you have been my favorite actresses for years.

  10. now i really want to make sure that i see you and the cast in 33 Variation very soon. your appearance on The View was a great platform for your humor, honesty and intelligence. i admire your personal(and personable!) power greatly.

  11. Okay, I have to ask, what’s it really like to sit and talk with Elisabeth Hasselbeck? I’m not a fan of hers because of what happened with Rosie O’Donnell, and how she approaches people who disagree with her. How does she act around you?

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