Oh My God!

We’re half way through the second act. I have a 15 minute break between my scenes and I can’t resist telling you how much the audience seems to be loving the play. There are so many laughs, laughs I never expected. I don’t know if this is just because it’s the first public preview and everyone’s rooting for us but it’s a full house—they can’t all be friends and allies. I am astonished. And there have been no mistakes so far.

Gotta go. My next entrance is approaching.

See you next time.

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  1. I think only a true pro can post to their blog in-between acts. You can Twitter this too 🙂

    Break a leg!

  2. Yea!!! Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know that it’s going great.

  3. What a incredible play!!!
    What an incredible cast!!!
    Great laughs and tears at the end!
    Welcome back to New York Jane…. You were missed!!!
    And Congratulations on the winner play for 2009!!

  4. So glad it is going well for you. I can feel your excitement … high… buzz. I’m sure the play will receive good reviews.

  5. Just home from seeing the first preview of “33 Variations” and wanted to say how completely wonderful it is. The play is gentle in a way that’s very rare and you all as a cast seem to enjoy each other so much. And everyone is so relaxed and completely at home in that world you’ve created together. Many congratulations and welcome back to New York! toi toi toi

  6. Jane, it was so wonderful. YOU were so wonderful. Everyone should see this play. It’s message is so inspiring and important. The end of the first act and the next to last scene are heart stopping. Blessings to all of you — but especially you, dear Jane. Love, Debra

  7. So, I saw the play tonite, really glorious work, and great ensemble, I was so hoping it would be good, and I was not disappointed, I don’t want to give away any spoilers, I’ll just say that you’re metamorphous of the character really showed your homework, kudos and more kudos to all the cast. So, please enjoy your time and I can’t wait to see when you come back with another role, how about remake of Barbarella, just kidding,
    also, you and the cast were so gracious to us at the stage door,
    thanks again
    I would love to see this play again. and I will spread the word

  8. It’s wonderful that it is going well for you. You’ve worked really hard for this moment. I’m so glad you twittered between acts.

  9. I laughed I cried….I plan to see it again…

  10. Hello Jane,

    I commented last night but I guess it didn’t go thru, I just wanted to tell you, I thought you and the wonderful cnsemble were just that. you’re journey with the character really showed your homework. so..enjoy you’re time on the great white way. and yes I will spread the word.
    thank you again for your performance. and just as important thank you for to all of you for being so gracious at the stage door,
    more love and kudos

  11. My dear Jane, if only I were there in NYC to see you back on Broadway after so many years. I’m teaching English in Ecuador and sadly, I don’t think I’ll make it back before your 5 months are up. But, I’ll keep up to date through your amazing blog. Thank you for your dedication to it, by the way. I wish you the absolute best on your new adventure. Enjoy yourself, and welcome back.

  12. Love it – thanks for taking us along with you. This is the closest I’ll ever be to being backstage behind the curtain…very exciting to hear of this success!

  13. thank-you for your incredible generosity in sharing yourself with so many others, and for your courage in revealing your journey in such a detailed and intimate way…I am almost 62 and find that one of the wonderfully positive things about ageing is realizing the importance of acting on our fears despite the terror and insecurity they bring: it’s the only way we can truly begin to grow –thank you for role-modeling this so beautifully in past years as well as now–Though being of the generation where feelings were not openly expressed, I am sure your father was very proud of you and is somewhere in that theater now applauding the woman you are, and who you are becoming…sincerely, Linda Rowen

  14. Congrats. Judy and I have a good excuse to come to New York. Love from Atlanta!

  15. So glad to hear it went well! You’re becoming such a social media pro…blogging–and tweeting!–DURING the show! 🙂

  16. Love your blog. Good luck.

  17. Sounds lovely. Would never imagine an actress blogging between scene breaks. I’d too nervous. ha. ha.

  18. congratulations on the great response to the play….I knew it would be a huge hit!!!!
    and thanks for taking the time to inform your many fans!

  19. I just spoke with a friend who was there.
    He is tough to please and was “astonished” how wonderful the play is.
    NYC here I come, I can hardly wait.

  20. Greatest blogger ever? Blogging between scenes! Wow! Keep it up! Loving all your work!

  21. So happy for you — hoping very much to get to NYC for the production!

    Just a fan —

  22. Saw the play last night and was blown away. You’ll no doubt be playing to packed houses. Like our mutual friend Gloria says, it is the most engrossing, serious, intellectual play that we’ve all seen in a while. Congratulations dear Jane.

  23. Dear Jane-
    I saw the show last night (center orchestra, third row, house right, two seats off the aisle). My partner and I were simply blown away. Great job! Congrats to you and the entire cast & crew. Continue to break legs!

  24. Congratulations!!

  25. Dear Jane:
    Truely like you as an actress…very very good…you have always done your best for everyone…even in the distant past…you truely meant well…you always have..your dad would be proud! I am!!! Chris-DAN Johnson [email protected]

  26. You rock…always did..always will…sorry for the whole negativity thing of the ’60’s…I do know you truely meant well in your onw naive way..hey..we’ve all been there…it’s ok to forgive yourself..you should..I have for my own faults and that of others as well…you rock girl! and your hot!

  27. Dear Jane,

    A truly superb show. We were on holiday from New Zealand & were there on your first night, 9th February. Incredible evening, we will never forget. Thankyou.

    Awerangi & John

  28. I was in that audience and it was magic and we were rooting for you…and amazed and delighted and entranced! One of the best nights I have ever spent in the theatre.

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