Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention which I founded
in 1995 works with girls and boys to build their self confidence and
give them a vision of a future that is within their reach. We stress the
importance of staying in school and developing the skills of productive
citizenship. We help adolescents who are already parents to go back to
school, go to college and get jobs. We help boys understand that being a
man doesn’t mean fathering children and not raising them. It means
learning how to be an engaged father.

We describe what we do as “above the waist work.” Dr Michael Carrera who
started the Children’s Aid Society’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
Program many decades ago is my mentor. To paraphrase him, “Adolescent
sexual behavior is determined more by what goes on between their ears
than what goes on between their legs.” This is why young people who see
a future for themselves are less at risk for early parenthood. Hope is
the best contraceptive.

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  1. America needs you now. The Viet Nam era was bad, but things are even worse now. Even the man I voted for is into war–this time in Afghanistan. He is supporting the Bush position on citing “national security” to avoid giving the Gitmo detainees trials. Even some members of Congress are concerned enough that they are working on a bill to limit executive power. Things have never been worse, from the stand point of peace. Thank you so very much for all that you have done for our country.


    Janice Straub

  2. i feel that your spiritual journey has also shone light on the immense value of connecting with your community and giving back. i commend you highly for your awareness, participation and contributions. the rewards are deep on many levels.

  3. I live in northwest Georgia and I want to thank you for your G-CAPP program and I know it is helping alot of
    young parents.

    Young parents in the Dalton area that are involved with
    G-CAPP are making better lives for themselves and their
    babies. Also I understand that these young girls very
    seldom have another adolescent pregnancy.

    Thank you again for your help. Speaking as a fellow
    Georgian you are making the state a better place.
    We are so proud of you.

  4. Jane
    America needs you now.

    YOU understand the true meaning of working with the community at large

    You truly give back


  5. I am a psychologist and very interested in this issue. This is very important work but I really believe teen pregnancy can be greatly eliminated by educating girls on masturbation and mutual pleasuring to avoid and postpone intercourse. I was told by Andrea Sharpe at GCAPP that masturbation is only assessed as to its risks but not as to its benefits. I understand there are cultural biases and the taboo is still strong but certainly the benefits in terms of pregnancy prevention and self-esteem promotion should out-weigh such concerns. I hope you will bring this important issue to the people at GCAAP.

    Best wishes, Vivien Wolsk

  6. GCAAP is a desperately needed organization. I am the living story of the lifelong consequence of teenage pregnancy. I am now 51yrs. of age, I had my firstborn at age 13. I have lived a life of guilt, shame, and in the end hopeless. I am the high school drop out, the addict, the alcoholic, but most of all the girl who became pregnant. Through all of this I managed to attain my GED, a nursing education, and hold wonderful jobs. Through all of this pursuit of life and goals I never could find me. In the end I realized I have never known me. My adult life went from thirteen, to adult with the blink of an eye. I stepped up and wore many mask to get me through life. Until one day those mask no longer worked for me. I have in the last year recovered from addiction and alcoholism. Made contact with who I am and what I am meant to be. I now am grateful for my life, and have finaly forgiven me. You see it was me who had the problem with me. Now I can accept who and what I am. I now know my life has purpose. I must share my story so others can see. My hope is through programs such as these young adolescents may journey through their life as just that an adolescent not a parent.

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