Fundraiser for The Women’s Media Center

Elizabeth Sackler and Jodie Evans at a fundraiser for The Women’s Media
at Elizabeth’s NY apartment.

Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan, Jessica Neuwirth and I founded WMC right after the 2004. We saw how the media does not reflect women’s concerns, issues, voices. We understood that this was, in part, because women do not hold decision-making positions in the media. In fact, women hold only 3 percent of the “heft” jobs in media-the programmers, station managers, CEOs. For more about WMC, please go to our website which can be accessed from the front page of this website or by clicking here.

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  1. Jane,

    This is superb. I had no idea you were involved in a project like this.

    What i find fascinating is that alongside concrete non-profit organisations such as this, there are a great many ground level almost non-orgs being set up on the fly, using Facebook groups and similar free tools, empowering women from the ‘bottom’ up.

    Having a 5 year old girl, I’m very interested in a small group of feminists calling themselves “Pink Stinks” in the UK. I wish they’d get a bit more in to campaigning, but it’s early days. These days there’s alot to be said for armchair activism (providing you have a laptop ;).

    I’d be very interested to know what your thoughts are on the organisation “Madre” – runs out of NYC but doesn’t have a big global presence. They seem to be good people.

    Thanks for continuing to be involved, and turning yourself in to a role model along the way! I hope you are inspirational to others to keep fighting the good fight. Hope the knee op pain is shortlived.


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