Oh wow, my sinuses are killing me. Oddly, when I am on stage I don’t feel it although I just screwed up a line and I think the audience knows I’m sick., Tovah Feldshuh is out there tonight. So are Eva and Bob Shaye. They’ll come back to say hi. I wish I could go to dinner with them but even if I wasn’t sick, I don’t go out the night before we have a matinee. I wish this was a better night for them to see. I like knowing who’s out there. It gives me added energy.

I am writing this during a break in act two. It’s better than just sitting and feeling the pain. Don’t know what to do about tomorrow when we have 2 performances. The docs took me off antibiotics today and put me on a steroid nasal spray…not that you need to know all this, but anyway.

Here’s something funny about my dog Tulea: She knows the difference between the applause at intermission and the applause at the end. She doesn’t get as excited after intermission, but at the end, she’s all wagging and shivering and waiting for me to come back to the dressing room when I scoop her up. Ah dogs! What consolation!!

See you next time.

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  1. Oh man, hope you start to feel better soon! And how cute, about your dog. She really is a cutie.

  2. What a cute story. Love the bit about the dog. Precious!


  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon! My friends and I are seeing the show on Saturday, and will be cheering you on and hoping that you’re not feeling too badly!

  4. Hi Jane! So glad to see your working on the stage. I love that you are so willing to share your experiences with everyone. Keep us inspired! 🙂

  5. Hi agsain, Jane. Finally saw the show last night and loved it, you, and everyone in it. The music and the sets are great too. Kept waiting for Tulea to run out, but she didn’t.

    Having heard you at TimesTalks, I paid special attention to your make-up, which you said had to be darker, because of the lights. I might not have noticed that otherwise. Watching your performance also made me wonder what it would have been like, before Moises carved everything away. Liked it just as it was, though.

    Hope you get well quick. Careful with the steroid nose spray. I used them and liked them, but eventually got some heavy nosebleeds.
    Bill Hillman

  6. My pup is the same, she know when we are “almost ready to go” at any dinner or event. Its like she is telling me when its time to go.
    on twitter: joeltalks

  7. Not that you need my decidely unprofessional medical advice, but I’ve been fighting a sinus infection and the only thing that’s helped has been the anti-inflammatory nasal spray. It doesn’t work instantly but after a couple of days you’ll feel better. Promise.

  8. Hi Jane,
    Sorry you’re sick. The steroid nasal spray will take about a week before it reaches maximum effectiveness, but once it does you’ll feel SO much better.

    Take care, and get well soon.

  9. Thanks so much for your blog; it’s a neat “behind-the-scenes” feeling to read it. More pertinently: sinus things are awful! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  10. I’ve enjoyed your work a great deal for years. Thanks to this blog, I’m enjoying your writing as well!

    Best of luck with your show 8)

  11. Jane,

    It warms my heart that you use words like “discombobulated” and “flummoxed” on your blog. Vocabulary for the win!

    Also, I’m so sorry that you’re still not feeling well. I’m sure it’s extra stressful with the show going on, especially when there are days with two performances. I’m sending positive vibes your way in hopes that your cold subsides.

    Tulea sounds like such a precious little pup. How rewarding to have her eagerly awaiting your return to your dressing room at the end of a show. That’s so adorable!

    Be well,

  12. I consider you a very tough (and brave) lady to work SO hard when you’re sick!! I wish I could see your play! I’m sure my daughter, Elizabeth, would go see it, if she still lived in New York.

    I know how you feel about your dog ~ how you must love and appreciate her! We just lost one of our dogs to old age. He was a sweet, shaggy mutt of 14 years, and even our grown children were distraught when they heard the news.

    Anyway, GET WELL and BREAK A LEG?! XX

  13. you poor thing! i stay away from dairy when my sinuses flare up: no creamcheese, no icecream, no mayo, lots of greentea with tons of ginger and honey in it; also, yin chiao nips it in the bud when you catch it early; but when it’s fullblown, you just have to ride it out; i just went on netflix and put ‘klute’ and ‘morning after’ on my queue to honour the screen-goddess that is jane fonda.

  14. I have a sinus thing happening here too. I feel for you. Then again, I am not doing a Broadway play so what do I know!?

    Aren’t you supposed to finish antibiotics once you start them? Whether you need them or not? Hmmm …

    I hope you feel better soon.

  15. Hope you’re feeling a bit better today, especially given all those performances. And just so you know… I’ve heard that extensive tail wagging by furry friends is the prescription to a rapid cure!

    Delighted that the show is going well so far. I’m trying to work plans to get back there to catch your play (lived in NYC for 15 years – now in Arizona). Break a leg!

  16. Flonase nasal spray – works like a charm. I remember years ago when you were somewhere in eastern Canada and you were stopped at airport security because you had our Canadian Tylenol, I think, and it was confiscated. I just told my daughter today – Jane Fonda is my hero, and she was unfairly targeted during lots of her life for things she said and did that people and critics never let “us” forget. Please stay on Broadway until spring break so we can come see your play!
    Mom and daughter fans in Canada

  17. Dear Jane,

    Ask your doctor for Astelin nasal spray and some Z-Pac,it works like a charm. My prayers are with you.
    I admire your stamina, and dedication,how blessed I have been by this site, as I recover from my spinal fusions.
    I’am determined to see you before the final curtain.
    You continue to inspire in so many ways>

    God Bless,


  18. Sending you get well vibes, Jane. We’ve always admired your spirit and spunk, and we’re rooting for you now. Just remember, when this is over, the jonquils and dogwood will be waiting for you.

    All the best to you,

    A resident of your adopted hometown

  19. Hope you are soon feeling better.
    I learned of your blog and thought I would start reading it. I can hardly believe with your busy life that you can do this. Mine is 1 year old. A lot entered for grandchildren. Again heal soon.

  20. Jane, I’m just crazy about you blogging. Wait. I should’ve said, “Ms. Fonda.” Sorry. Thanks for sharing your life and your health and your work and your dog.

  21. Dear Jane,

    What a trooper you are! Your in my thoughts and prayers.
    I have been so blessed by your blogs, especially since I am unable to come see your show as of yet do to my spinal fusions in September. I am determined to see you before the last show.
    Thank you for continuing to give the gift of yourself, and inspiring us all.

    God Bless,


  22. Hi Jane, from an old muso.

    You have a lovely and stylish blog, and write in such a wonderfully anecdotal way. Having spent many years in theatre orchestras, I know only too well the meaning of the ‘night before a matinee’.

    Unfortunately lots of the orchestra and some of the crew would often disregard that maxim. Leading ladies weren’t always exempt either!

  23. Feel better soon….you are in the mend. I really enjoy reading your blogs…You are an inspiration to us all…I was lucky enough to see Vanessa Redgrave in London this summer in her one woman show. I hope to see u soon….I hear nothing but raves…
    Enjoy…keep posting….;)

  24. Ha. ha. Dogs are smart like that aren’t they.

    Feel better.

  25. You have always been such a hero to me. Your honesty is never compromised. Good luck on this new show and I hope it brings you joy.

  26. Hope you feel better soon!

  27. best solution for sinus infections: neti pot

  28. Wish I could get to NYC…loved your work for years.
    Saw you speak in Toronto last year.
    The sinus thing..my RN advice….try nasal “flushes”.
    You can get them at any drug store…
    amazing for sinus infections!
    I know this one works.

  29. Have you ever tried a nettie pot? you can get them at Whole Foods – there’s one on 7th ave at 25th St. You clean out your sinuses with salt water and its supposed to clear it up. Saw Dr. Oz demo it on Oprah.

  30. oh oh the audience “knows” jane is sick.

  31. Ms. Fonda,
    I saw you at Times Talks and thought it very interesting. Out of all the Talks I have seen yours had the rudest, least interesting questions from the audience. You were never not interesting. Thank you for doing it and being so gracious to those that were not.

  32. just wanted to say…..
    You know how you said “you like to know who is out there it gives you energy”? – referring to your audience. Well, that is how I feel about you – you are very inspiring, and so dedicated, talented and beautiful that it is a delight to get to be this close even from such a distance…. if you know what I mean!!
    Very interested in your thoughts and feeling on Jesus!!

  33. Try some Sudafed Nasal Decongestant. When my allergies are acting up, I can’t function without it. You have to get the one that’s behind the counter at the pharmacy because it’s stronger.

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