Saint James (Andrews)

Last night James Andrews came over after rehearsal and stayed for 3 hours working with me and my new Assistant, Rachel Brenna, on my blog design. James is the one who convinced me to do a blog. He is a saint to have done this after traveling for days to San Francisco for the MacWorld convention and then to Memphis for a client and not getting much sleep and having to leave for his home in Atlanta at the crack the next morning. He’s been away from his family for almost a week. Thank you, Saint James!

We rehearsed the first scenes again and I feel I am getting closer to what Moises wants. It felt rather good. At least in that first scene I am beginning to move into Katherine’s skin. Then we had another session with the music director before staging the scene where we all sing the Kyrie Eleison from Beethoven’s Mass in C. While we rehearsed the chorus, Tulea sat in the front row next to Linda Marvel (stage manager) and watched as though she was a producer.

I never realized that “Kyrie Eleison” is a plea to God to grant mercy. I sing it from what is supposed to be the table of an MRI machine while Tulea lay between my legs.

Once we put the song in context and Moises explained what he wanted from me it all fell into place. I understand why I’ve been told audiences find it so moving. It’s not easy to sing while you’re crying. Singing for me is a scary proposition but to sing while crying! I need to figure this one out.

Moises invited all of us for a drink to celebrate the end of the first week of rehearsal. It was a splendid idea and so I cancelled my Pilates lesson. Jeff Lahoste, Moises’s partner, joined us and brought me a gift: The first season of “Mad Men”! I have been wanting to watch it because so many friends have told me how good it but I normally don’t stay up that late. (Added incentives are how good looking Jon Hamm, the lead actor is and the fact that January Jones was my son’s love interest in “Bandits.” Troy knew she would go places and I want to see more of her work).

This evening was a fun and fitting ending to the week… and the drinks were great.

See you next time.

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  1. Jane – James is indeed some one extra special! On another note, it’s been great fun to read your behind the curtain stories!

  2. James is awesome. So glad he convinced you to blog! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself on your blog.

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