Dreaming of Bob Redford

Couldn’t sleep. When I finally did I dreamed of my pal, Bob Redford. He showed up just when I needed him: I was supposed to catch a plane but discovered I’d forgotten the bag I have to carry Tulea in. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get her on without it. Bob devised a way to sneak her on and then snuck himself on as well. I remarked to myself how playful and happy he seemed and that made me happy. This dream morphed into one in which I woke up in a bedroom with Vanessa, my daughter, and my grandkids, in a panic because I’d overslept by 3 hours and knew how upset Moises and Linda, our stage manager, would be. On top of that, Tulea was nowhere to be found. Talk about anxiety!!

It turned out, however, to be a good day of rehearsal. Ran lines with Catlin, my understudy, this morning which was helpful for both of us (she needs to learn the lines, too). Zach’s father is close to death from late-stage Alzheimers in Pennsylvania. He left last night to be with him so we had no Beethoven today but we were all happy to hear that his father rallied enough to be able to talk to Zach. Closure is key.

We got a good chunk of the 2nd act on its feet. At lunch break I sacked out, needing to make up for a turbulent night. (photo of me sleeping with Tulea) When I woke up, Colin told me he’d spoken with his father, Tom Hanks and stepmother, Rita Wilson. Tom has been asked to read a letter written by Abraham Lincoln at the Obama inauguration. Tom told Colin to tell me that he had just been listening to a recording of my father reading the same Lincoln letter many years ago with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. 6 degrees of separation!

In these days leading up to the inauguration, I’ve been thinking a lot about my father’s deep connection to Lincoln. His library was filled with histories of Lincoln. How he would have loved Doris Kearn’s Lincoln biography! Remember, Dad played Lincoln in John Ford’s movie “Young Mr. Lincoln.” How he resembled that great president!!

See you next time.

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  1. Dreams, sound like you have redford intertwined with his role as the horse thieving cowboy in electric horseman

  2. Your dad was believable in every role he played and he must have made a great young Lincoln – i just rented the DVD to see – i bet the upcoming Spielberg movie starring Liam Neeson as Lincoln is going to be fantastic.

  3. “Barefoot in the Park” and “The Electric Horseman” are two of my family’s favorite films. Thank you for posting such an interesting and reflective blog. I am enjoying keeping up with it. Take care!

  4. One of my favourite movies of all time is Barefoot in the Park. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this film. It was my first Fonda movie as well as my first Redford movie. Just an all time classic movie. Love the blog which I discovered you had while watching you on The View. Will certainly make this a part of my daily reading. Thanks Jane for all the movies and all the causes you earnestly pursue.

  5. OMG how did you ever get through the filming of three movies with robert redford?!! i’d have spent the entire time just staring at the man .. and drooling! I’ve always loved your work .. from the early comedies i enjoyed as a teenager, to your more serious films .. all have been wonderful!

  6. Barefoot in the Park was the first movie I saw with my now husband! We’ve been married almost 37 years. It was at the drive-in and I was 16. I got in trouble for staying out too late. Thanks, Jane!

  7. One time when I was at Nepentha in Big Sur I was walking into the parking lot and noticed this handsome tanned older gentleman leaning against a car. I closely looked at him and realized it was Robert Redford. I silently watched him as he got into his car and drove away.

  8. Jane,

    You are so down to earth I can’t believe it! I thought only I dreamed of different actors. I have this uncanny thing I do now and then. I dream of say Brad Pitt or Barbara Streisand or others, only I NEVER have a pen or paper to get their autographs! It is a consistent theme. I have wonderful conversations with them as if we are old friends, only I always seem to want their autographs and can never get them! Anyway, Robert Redford is one I would love to dream of. He is so handsome, talented and I love the fact that he started Sundance. Helping other actors get a start is an admirable quality.

    Take care and keep dreaming!


  9. Bob is the best! I love your Barefoot in the Park – really funny movie.

    Hello from Russia!:)

  10. I love all your movies, but Barefoot in the Park is special for me. It is a moment of happiness every time I see it

  11. I especially like the film you did back in the late seventies. I was a mere 18 “naive” woman and the scene with Jon Voight paralized and in a wheelchair and without the ability to have intercourse was still able to give the gorgeous Jane Fonda oral sex (her first experience according to the script) and give Jane Fonda the gift of her very first oral orgasm on film for the whole world to see as long as you were 18 and old enough to be drafted to kill people legally. Rated $R.

    Now, that is what we in Heaven call real Art. Mother Theresa has it on her schedule to watch sometime this week so she can “learn” what she missed while on this god-forsaken planet and will now know what is really important in life and “Heaven”.



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