With baby Troy and Dr Spock in 1973

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  1. How adorable! And, my God you are stunning!!

  2. I think I still remember his full name – Troy O’Donovan Garrity, and if I remember correctly, no Fonda or Hayden on the end. I think he was named, in part, after Tom’s mother.

    I’m a forgetful person about the little things, but I remember things about people I care for and admire, even if I’ve never met them.

    Thank you for this chance to get to know you better.

  3. Always a joy to read about what is going on with you. Sweet to see pix of Troy as a baby. I remember that time so well, and feel like I shared it with you. Sorry about your phycial trevails. You grew up with a father who was often involved in the physical aspects of acting, so this is old stuff to you. I remember your getting Richard Farnsworth an audition after you’d met him as your father’s riding double. Keep a goin’ Jane, your fans adore you and others just need to know you better.

  4. i thought doctor spock had pointed ears and where are the klingons???

  5. Great picture..And i remember my mother having her Dr. Spock book out for everything..Dr. Spock says….yada yada yada…

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