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I was very excited when Martin Sheen was cast as my husband and Sam Waterston as Lily’s. It feels good to have my pal from “The Newsroom” with us on this new adventure. Most of my Newsroom scenes were with him and I grew to care for him a lot. I’ve never worked with Martin before but we’ve met on several occasions and we share values and concerns…actually, all four of us do.…

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My daughter, Vanessa, and her family are with me at my ranch outside Santa Fe. They will have been here 10 days. I couldn’t come when I’d planned because I had hand surgery and there were complications and the surgeon didn’t want me flying. So my visit will only be a week. Still, it’s been glorious.

My daughter is very much like me in many ways and very different in many ways.…

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A Day at Home With Oprah

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Mary Williams has been part of my family since she was 16. She came to our children’s camp from Oakland at age 13 and I fell in love with her. Both her parents were members of the Black Panther party. In time she’d move with me to Atlanta and Ted Turner became her stepfather. Quite a journey which she has written about movingly and insightfully in her book “The Lost Daughter,” due out this Mother’s Day.…

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For those new to my blog, I have a dog, an 8 lb Coton de Tulear (pronounced Tulea). Tulea is the name of my dog. Tulear is a town in Madagascar where the breed originated. I got mine 6 1/2 years ago when she was 2 months old. I didn’t want an all white one, too chi chi, so I found a breeder in Montreal called Sara France, who breeds cotons that have color (Though it tends to fade as they get older—the call of the gene pool!…

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Here's Matthew Shields (Sally Herschberger Salon in Beverly Hills) blowing me out for the Van Jones party

An Interesting Week

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Oprah called me out of the blue. I was sitting at my desk, working on my new book, the phone rang, “hello Jane?” in a somewhat husky, soft voice, “yes?”–I had no idea who it was. “It’s Oprah.” OMG! My heart started pounding. I may have told her that, I can’t remember cause I kind of blanked out for a moment.…

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