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Posted on December 8, 2013, in My Blog, with 17 Comments

I went to Atlanta on Sunday with my grandchildren. I wanted to spend more time with them and see my daughter, Vanessa.

She has rented a studio in a place in west Atlanta called the Goat Farm. Atlanta is not a big city like New York or Chicago or Los Angeles, but it has so many pockets of uniqueness–places with very different personalities and Vanessa has made her creative home in one of the most unusual.…

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There’s a lot that Ted Turner taught me during the decade we were married and during the more than a decade that we’ve been unmarried but close friends. But one of my most favorite things I learned from him was to love prairie dogs. Please don’t stop reading now that you know I’m writing about prairie dogs and not some tasty gossip about my favorite ex-husband.…

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The evening began with a VIP reception. Here we are with Pat (far left) and Vikki Morrow, President & CEO of G-CAPP.


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Every year we have a big event. Sometimes it’s a film premiere, once I was roasted by the diverse likes of President Jimmy Carter, Big Boi, Rosie O’Donnell, Debbie Reynolds, Chris Tucker and my brother…among others. (it took me a week to recover!). Once it was a Fonda Family Film Festival with Peter, Troy, Bridget and me, hosted by the wonderful Robert Osbourne, This year we wanted an event that allowed for a deeper discussion of the work that G-CAPP does and how it all began.…

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Here we all are having dinner al fresco (outdoors). There’s the ever-present  Tulea lurking in the background.


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Ted (Turner) came to L.A. with his friend, Sally Ranney. We spent a fun day. Went to lunch at Cecconi’s and sat next to Abe Summer and Jerry Moss. Jerry’s great mare won the Kentucky Derby year before last and Ted, of course, won the America’s Cup so we had some big winners side by side (which did not go unnoticed)!…

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Amanda Bennett, Demi Moore and me


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Amanda de Cadenet, Demi Moore and me

Yesterday I was interviewed by Amanda de Cadenet for a new show called ‘Conversations” that Demi is producing. It was great to see Demi, A long time ago, pre-Bruce, we spent time together. I was married to Tom Hayden and she was among the other young rising stars who were interested in getting involved in environmental activism.…

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Oct 8th (I think)

Whew! I feel like I am caught in a whirlwind. Moving in all directions. I prefer my life to be calmer but it’s been calm and will be again, so I will simply brace myself and move into it. So much going on on every front…interviews, photo shoots, events that I’ve committed to speak at, medical stuff, family stuff.…

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Denard Robinson, University of Michigan’s star quarterback, has done it again. On the first play of today’s game against Indiana he ran 72 yards for a touchdown. With only one minute 15 seconds to go, he lead Michigan down the field,  throwing a 42 yard pass and then running in the final, winning touchdown. First player in college football history to have two games in which he passed for over 200 yards and ran for over 200 yards.…

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All the important men in my life up until now have been baseball fans. Heck, Ted Turner owned the Braves while we were together. That was fun! Tom Hayden still plays hardball every week with a team of old timers called the Hollywood Stars. My dad was a New York Giants fan and my brother and I prayed they’d win so he’d be in a good mood.…

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This is a hard blog to write. I have been in Atlanta for 19 years. It has been my home and I have been very happy here. I came here with Ted Turner and when we separated, I stayed. It’s been 10 years since then. I built myself a loft that I truly thought would be my home till I died.…

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