Richard Perry



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Richard Perry, the man I live with, has Parkinson’s. He’s had it for over 10 years. He told me about it 4 and a half years ago on our first date. I knew it was a disease with no cure but he seemed so strong. He’s tall, well-built, athletic, despite the fact that childhood polio has left one leg without muscle from the knee down.…

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(left to right): Viva, Maia Perry, Kristina Perry, Merritt Perry, Carolyn Zwicker, Katherine Zwicker, Richard Perry, me,, Simone Bent Garity (hiding), Troy Garity, Malcolm Vadim, Gavin Perry.


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We’ve gotten a lot of snow in New Mexico and we came prepared. I love seeing the snow-covered trees and identifying all the tracks left by deer, rabbit, coyote and even, we’re pretty sure, some black bear. Here’s a video Troy made while four-wheeling on the ranch:

Gathered at the ranch this year were my boyfriend Richard Perry, my grandkids, Malcom and Viva, my son, Troy, and Simone, his wife; my step-daughter Nathalie Vadim, Richard’s brother Roger Perry, Roger’s partner Carolyn Zwicker and her daughter, Katherine, Roger’s son Merritt Perry, his wife Kristina and their children, Maia and Gavin.…

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In the Green Room of the View with Barbara Walters


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I come from the old school: you made your movie and then, assuming you believed in it, you worked to sell it. Back in the late 50s early 60s that meant traveling around the country doing odd things for a month at least. Like for my first film, “Tall Story,” I went on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, did a ribbon cutting at the opening of an orphanage in Denver, rode in a Police Gazette parade somewhere in the mid-west…that sort of thing.…

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Chatting with Gwyneth


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I’ve been deep into production on my new Prime Time workout DVD, and you haven’t been hearing from me as regularly. I am also working on some additional new content that I cant quite talk about yet, but I’m really excited about it. Unfortunately it hasn’t left me with much time to blog.

Sunday night were the Oscars, Richard and I attended the Vanity Fair dinner party and sat with many interesting people to watch the show.…

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Me as Tom Joad (well, okay, in eye makeup!), Danny Elfman, Simone and Troy as Bonnie and Clyde.


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This weekend I attended two parties, Friday a birthday party for Arnold Stiefel, and Saturday a themed Christmas Party. The Christmas party theme was The Great Depression. I went as Tom Joad, my father’s iconic character from “Grapes of Wrath”and Richard as a corrupt banker. A fantastic big band played the music from that era which people danced to. Danny Elfman sang.…

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And there he is, between Daphna and me. Whew! How can a person be so talented on so many levels, gorgeous and really nice? Very impressive!


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After spending a delicious, quiet day writing at the desk in our hotel room, we took Harvey and Daphna to see Hugh Jackman’s Broadway show. Wow!

He is the epitome of a consummate showman. I like his work as an actor. But his singing and dancing and interaction with the audience is really special. Richard (a hard sell when it comes to theatre) said it was the most enjoyable evening of musical theatre he’d ever seen.…

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u of m flag


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Friday night we had a fantastic dinner party (lots of really good restaurants in Ann Arbor) with Florine Mark, President CEO of Weight Watchers International and Carol Rosenberg, mother of Paul Rosenberg who is long time manager of Eminem and Richard’s college friend who is President and CEO of Jewish Community Services. Turns out the woman who will replace her when she retires (soon) has a Coton de Tulear like my pooch, Tulea, and GOT IT FROM THE SAME BREEDER IN MONTREAL AS I GOT TULEA.…

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The impressive Bell Tower on the North Campus


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Richard is an alum and has given scholarship money for the School of Music, Theatre and Dance which now ranks 3rd in the country. This school is unusual in that it combines the performance conservatory functions with the intellectual study of the arts including research. A top tier performing arts school within a top tier research university. And so attract students who want to hone their particular talent but also broaden their global understanding of the world.…

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Cooking Chicken Curry


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I wanted to cook a romantic dinner before my trip to New York where I will be receiving the Shape Magazine Fitness Icon Award at their 30th Anniversary event. Dr Oz is presenting the award to me. I’m excited…a big fan of his. Ah yes, back to my point….I cooked Chicken Curry and served it over with Brown rice with a side of Brussel Sprouts.…

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