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I was only asked to present Best Director with Michael Douglas about 10 days ago so preparations were very rushed. Donatella Versace sent me a sketch, I liked it, and last Fri (2 days before the Oscars) a tailor came from Italy with the partially made dress and they finished it on me with only one more final fitting on Saturday.…

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Chatting with Gwyneth


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I’ve been deep into production on my new Prime Time workout DVD, and you haven’t been hearing from me as regularly. I am also working on some additional new content that I cant quite talk about yet, but I’m really excited about it. Unfortunately it hasn’t left me with much time to blog.

Me and Richard

Sunday night were the Oscars, Richard and I attended the Vanity Fair dinner party and sat with many interesting people to watch the show.…

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Actresses Anne Hathaway and Jane Fonda attend the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted by Graydon Carter at the Sunset Tower Hotel on February 27, 2011 in West Hollywood, California. Photo by Jeff Vespa/VF11/WireImage.com

I was doing my second show during the Oscars, but Richard sat in my dressing room and watched there. I was able to catch a glimpse whenever I came in for a scene/wardrobe change.…

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Last night Richard and I went to a party co-hosted by Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger. Lots of friends were there, including my brother, and it was fun. I just couldn’t take pictures of everyone…Geoffrey Rush, Eddie Olmos, Bobby Carradine (was in “Coming Home” with me), Renee Zellweger, Geena Davis, and a host of others. I walked up to Mick Jagger and reminded him that the last time we saw each other was in the house outside Rome on the Appia Antica, that my then husband, French director, Roger Vadim and I lived in during the filming of “Barbarella.” Mick and Keith Richards were around because Keith’s girlfriend, Anita Pallenberg, played the Black Queen, in Barbarella.…

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After the Vanity Fair dinner, we moved into the area where the party was to start once the people who had been at the Oscars (including the winners) began to arrive. There were a few friends who were fun to talk with—George Hamilton, George Schaefer who produced “Laugh-In” back in the day, Roger Freidman. Then the place really filled up and I got to see Kathryn Bigelow.…

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The week before the Academy Awards is chock-a-block full of parties. And I have been to a few. Last night it was at the Chateau Marmont—again. Not my kind of party—too crowded, too smoky, too many people I didn’t know. But a few I did: My son Troy and my daughter-in-law Simone (no pix of them, though), Laura Bickford, Peggy Siegal, Bob Shaye, John Rubin.…

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