Melanie Griffith


The LA Press Club

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Last Sunday I received the first ever Visionary Award For Improving the Lives of Others from the Los Angeles Press Club. It was a big honor I felt, and a moving experience. Robert Redford flew into town especially to present the award to me and his words were so beautiful and generous. (He looked pretty beautiful, too).

Lily Tomlin sat at my table along with Melanie Griffith and friend Kathy Griffin who presented the Luminary Award to Hollywood Reporter publisher Janice Min.…

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The stage with the white platforms we will soon inhabit, with Paramount's logo behind. Everyone was assigned a place and some of us were told how to pose. Justin Bieber was at the very back and top of the stairs sitting. Demi Moore (looked terrific!) was lying down on the stairs right behind me.


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The parties are back-to-back and the nominees pretty much go to them all. Richard and I go to the ones that feature the films, actors and directors we especially admire.

Yesterday, just about every major film star and major director, well, 125 of us, who has worked for Paramount Pictures, gathered on a sound stage to have our group photo taken for the studios 100th anniversary.…

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