A Day at Home With Oprah

Posted on March 21, 2013, in My Blog, with 14 Comments

Mary Williams has been part of my family since she was 16. She came to our children’s camp from Oakland at age 13 and I fell in love with her. Both her parents were members of the Black Panther party. In time she’d move with me to Atlanta and Ted Turner became her stepfather. Quite a journey which she has written about movingly and insightfully in her book “The Lost Daughter,” due out this Mother’s Day.…

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It has been hard to blog since the 20th, after Bridget and Danny’s party. Getting ready for the arrival of my non-L.A-based family, finishing with presents, wrapping, sending, checking the list thrice and all the while working to remain calm and centered as I watch my partner (Richard) doing the opposite—that is to say, waiting until the last minute to shop, scrambling to have someone else wrap at the last minute, putting together what turned out to be a sensational compilation of Christmas songs.…

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Posted on December 21, 2009, in My Blog, with 52 Comments

Dec 21st…Winter Solstice

This is the shortest day of the year. I happen to feel it is the coolest day to be born on. The short, dark solstice here but it’s bright and long at the other side of the earth where it’s summer. I wasn’t even blogging this time last year. I’ve come a long way Baby! It’s a perfect birthday day here in L.A.…

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One commenter on yesterday’s blog asked, “Are you saying that stimulation in your throat is just as satisfying as vaginal sex?” No, I wasn’t saying that (thought that was the male-POV wishful thinking in the porn film “Deep Throat.”) Looking back, rereading the blog in the sober light of today, with the cortisone calming down a smidge, I was just tripping out about how the photos of the throat look insanely like a vagina and, it turns out, the cells are the same.…

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