Guy Bedos

This morning there were 3 TV interviews. This most interesting one called “Tea au Café” (Tea in the Café) with Catherine Ceylac who looks like Diane Sawyer and was a terrific interviewer.


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I did three magazine interviews this morning, then did the 3 hour Michael Drucker show called “Vivement Dimanche” which is one of if not the most popular TV shows in France that airs Sunday afternoons throughout Europe since 1997. I did the show 7 years ago to promote my memoir. Vanessa, my grandkids and Tulea were all with me then on the show and I was astonished at how huge the audience was—I got so much feedback.…

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July 7th

Movie making is a strange profession. You become very close to a group of people..cast and crew members..and then it’s over and everyone goes their separate ways. I’ve learned that one has to be intentional if friendships formed on a movie set are to continue. Geraldine and I have pledged to remain friends. I find her fascinating with off-beat taste in all things.…

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Last night we celebrated Guy Bedos’s birthday and Daniel Bruhl’s as well although his was earlier last week. We gathered in Guy and Jo’s apartment, a stone’s throw from were I am staying on Ile St Louis—the cast, director, producer and Guy’s family and friends.

What a fun time we had as the wine and vodka flowed!!! You’ve got to understand, 3 of our male stars—Claude, Guy and Pierre—are comedians, and not for nothing.…

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It went well although Sunday I was locked out of my apartment (locked my key inside) for 3 and a half hours and it was really cold and rainy and I caught a cold so feel crumby. Still do. My scene had no dialogue but was a more intense than I expected moment between Guy Bedos (Geraldine’s Husband and a life-long friend of my character) and me.…

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I have arrived in Paris to begin work on a French film called “…Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble?” (“And If We All Lived Together?”) Geraldine Chaplin (Charlie’s daughter) is the other woman and the men are all iconic French actors, beloved here. Guy Bedos, Claude Rich, Pierre Richard. I love how the French are loyal to their stars even when they are no longer young.  …

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