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Yesterday I went to a friend’s baby shower. I hadn’t seen her since she was pregnant and when I saw her belly and her radiant face I began to cry. When I heard the words of wisdom her mother offered to her–to all of us–about how to raise a baby to be a happy, fully realized, person. I started crying again (and it wasn’t because I wanted to go back and redo the raising of my own kids all over again with more wisdom, though that did press in on me) .…

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First I went to Atlanta for the annual Empower party that raises money for my Georgia-based non-profit, The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential. We honored Dr Sanjay Gupta with the Health Pioneer. It was a lot of fun and a big success. My favorite ex-husband, Ted Turner, was my date.

Turns out Dr Gupta went to University of Michigan and, with his wife Rebecca, lived near Jeff Daniels in a small lake town 15 minutes from Ann Arbor.…

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one billion logo square


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It’s happening on February 14th, this Valentine’s Day: An international day of action to combat violence against women.

According to united nations’ statistics, ONE BILLION women on the planet are raped or beaten in their lifetimes so, conceived by writer/activist Eve Ensler and her global organization V-Day: Until the Violence Stops, ONE BILLION women and the men who love them will rise up to dance, sing, chant, flash mob, to say “enough!”

The horrible rape in India when a girl on a bus was pulled off, gang raped, brutalized and killed has received world-wide attention and helped raise the level of support for such an ambitious event.…

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Tony Montenieri (Director of Operations), Susan Swan (CEO of V-Day, Beth Dozoretz, Donna Karan, Me, Carole Black, Pat Mitchell, Eve Ensler, Katherine McFate, Mellody Hobson, Rosario Dawson, Emily Scott Pottruck, Amy Rao, Lisa Schejola Akin, Tony Stroebel (the photographer), Cecile Lipworth (Managing Director)


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I flew up to Berkeley Saturday knowing it would be an intense, inspiring, emotional weekend and I wasn’t disappointed. Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues” (among many other pieces) and life-long activist, has gathered a board of directors that is off the charts in generosity, fierceness and fun.

Washington, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Buffett, Thandie Newton, and Cari Ross.
We were not only In Berkeley for a board meeting, but on Sunday, we were going to see Eve’s new play, “Emotional Creature.” More about this in a moment.…

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Having dinner with Eve Ensler, at Brasserie Bofinger where the waiter gave us both a rose.


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Eve Ensler just came over to visit me. I haven’t seen her in many months. Too many months, because being with Eve opens my heart and lifts my spirit. I have known Eve since the end of the 1990s when our mutual friend, Pat Mitchell, brought her to Ted’s flagship ranch in Montana where I was having a women’s weekend sleepover—7 or 8 women friends, most involved with CNN in some capacity.…

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Stanley coming out the front door to greet the gathered throng of well wishers, past the cut out of him as King and one of his glam admirers. Age hasn’t dimmed his humor.


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Today I stopped by the 91st birthday party for Stanley Sheinbaum, a man beloved by all straight-thinking people who know him.

Now I am home studying a script I hope to do soon. Then I will do some research on my news book(s)–a “basket” of 3 short books about adolescent sexuality and gender: One for young teens, one for older teens and one for the parents (and grandparents) of teens.…

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I feel badly because I have not done my blog in what feels like eons. So much has been going on and, for most of it, I have been sick.

I flew back from Cannes to Atlanta. A very nice couple is renting my gorgeous loft and so I stayed in a hotel. That is so weird: being in a hotel in a city that was your home for almost 20 years.…

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Left to right: Andrea James, me and Calpernia Addams


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I am receiving the Anne Marie Staas Icon Award tonight from the Stonewall Democratic Club. It is especially moving to me because I knew and worked with Anne Marie in the 70′s and 80′s on political issues in California. I am bringing as my guests Calpernia Addams and Andrea James.

My son starred in “Soldier’s Girl” a few years ago ( was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal) in which he played a GI…true story…during the Gulf War, who was bludgeoned to death by his roommate because he ( my son’s character) fell in love with a singer in a nightclub who turned out to be transitioning into a woman.…

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The sofa in my dressing room I sleep on at dinner break with the Gees Bend quilt on it.

My dressing table

A very 60s beaded necklace that Catherine Keener gave me when we did “Peace, Love and Misunderstanding” this Summer. It hangs on my mirror and brings me luck.

This is a rock from Africa that Eve Ensler gave me before the NY opening.…

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