Catherine Deneuve

This morning there were 3 TV interviews. This most interesting one called “Tea au Café” (Tea in the Café) with Catherine Ceylac who looks like Diane Sawyer and was a terrific interviewer.


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I did three magazine interviews this morning, then did the 3 hour Michael Drucker show called “Vivement Dimanche” which is one of if not the most popular TV shows in France that airs Sunday afternoons throughout Europe since 1997. I did the show 7 years ago to promote my memoir. Vanessa, my grandkids and Tulea were all with me then on the show and I was astonished at how huge the audience was—I got so much feedback.…

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So the clan gathered at Catherine Schneider’s home. She married Vadim after me and had Vania. Before me, Vadim was with Catherine Deneuve and had Christian whom I spent much time with when he was a very young child. Helene is Vadim’s sister and Nathalie is her daughter. Nathalie and I also spent much time together when she was a young teenager.…

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