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My Birthday Dinner With Richard, brother Peter and his wife, Parky

Okay, I turned 77 today. My Winter Solstice birthday. A perfect day: I worked out for an hour, climbed a mountain, meditated for an hour, took a hot bath/jacuzzi with Epsom Salts and another salt called “Pink Love,” and I poured some Baby Oil into it cause the walk was windy and my skin felt dry.…

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Just after the New Year, I did a cleanse. I wanted to enter this new year, perhaps even a new era (which is what I believe began 12/21/12), fresh, healthy renewed, having had 2 major surgeries this year and a not-exactly-healthy diet over the holidays. I went to the Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica where I get once-a-week acupuncture, and got the special powder, pills and tea that Dr Mao prepares.…

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Friday night :
Richard and I went to the President’s birthday bash/fundraiser at the Hollywood Palladium. It was a really fun party. Jerry Lee Lewis played, and Ronnie Hawkins (President’s Clinton’s favorite musician growing up). Stevie Nicks sang—fantastically. Her voice strong as ever and her band (according to the expert, Richard}, is tops, including the great guitarist, Waddy Wachtel.

Stevie Nicks

With Stevie Nicks

People danced and the vibe was unusually cool and fun for a fundraiser.…

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My brother Peter and me at his 70th birthday party

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me with our host’s dog, Linus

Peter, the birthday Boy

Parky, Peter’s girlfriend, lighting the sparklers

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It has been hard to blog since the 20th, after Bridget and Danny’s party. Getting ready for the arrival of my non-L.A-based family, finishing with presents, wrapping, sending, checking the list thrice and all the while working to remain calm and centered as I watch my partner (Richard) doing the opposite—that is to say, waiting until the last minute to shop, scrambling to have someone else wrap at the last minute, putting together what turned out to be a sensational compilation of Christmas songs.…

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Dec 21st…Winter Solstice

This is the shortest day of the year. I happen to feel it is the coolest day to be born on. The short, dark solstice here but it’s bright and long at the other side of the earth where it’s summer. I wasn’t even blogging this time last year. I’ve come a long way Baby! It’s a perfect birthday day here in L.A.…

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