..and if we all lived together


Posted on June 15, 2010, in Film, Television & Theater, My Blog, with 11 Comments

I had one short scene leaving the house that my husband and I will eventually move into. The movie is, after all, called “…And If We All Lived Together.” Well, we do in the end and it’s lots of fun, but here we still have to go home after a fun birthday party to let the dog out.

I got to back to the apartment where I am taking advantage of this free afternoon and evening to work on my book.…

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Posted on May 22, 2010, in Film, Television & Theater, My Blog, with 23 Comments

I have arrived in Paris to begin work on a French film called “…Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble?” (“And If We All Lived Together?”) Geraldine Chaplin (Charlie’s daughter) is the other woman and the men are all iconic French actors, beloved here. Guy Bedos, Claude Rich, Pierre Richard. I love how the French are loyal to their stars even when they are no longer young.  …

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Posted on May 17, 2010, in My Blog, with 42 Comments

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been so busy moving to an apartment in Los Angeles. I only have a few days before I leave for Paris to start the French film, “…Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble” (“..and if we all lived together”). And only a week after I get there before I begin shooting. Whew! I feel betwix’t and between….not really out of Atlanta, not really here…like I’m in a dream.…

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