I just got back from Brazil to spend a few days in New York promoting my new Prime Time Yoga DVD. I’m excited about this DVD. I have been doing yoga since the mid 1990s. As is my wont, I went from never doing yoga to learning Ashtanga, probably the most rigorous kind of yoga. I had an excellent teacher and because of that I developed good form and technique. I knew that yoga would make me flexible but was surprised to find that it could also keep me aerobically fit as well as strong. However, as I got older, my osteo arthritis made it difficult to do the same demanding postures. This is a genetic trait—my father had it as does my brother. Having had a knee and hip replacement in the last 10 years as well as back surgery, I needed to find a yoga routine that was safe and effective.

When I got back in the fitness business several years ago with my new brand, Prime Time, aimed at the baby boomer generation and older, I knew that one day I would create a yoga program for folks like me. Well, here it is.

I wanted yoga moves to wake me up and moves to soothe and calm me down. And I wanted them short enough to not deter me. So this new DVD has two 10 minute morning programs that you can alternate and two 10 minute ones for the end of the day.
I can do them safely, I enjoy doing them and they work every important part of my body.

If you are really present in your body when you do these moves (not thinking about tomorrow or what groceries you need to buy) they will also affect your mind and spirit.

I describe these moves as yoga that’s marinated a bit in Pilates. This USA Today article http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2012/12/02/jane-fonda-yoga-gentle/1736187/ has some more information regarding PRIME TIME and Yoga. The DVD is available now from online retailers and your local retail stores. I cant wait to hear what you think!

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