• Many artists try to maintain their careers by making themselves scarce. It appears many hide behind this Garbo-esque pose in the belief that it will perpetuate the longevity of a career. Perhaps this works in […]

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  • As always, love your travelblogs, but your ending is pure perfection:

    “Best never get addicted to the frosting, it’s far too ephemeral.”

    Love it!!!

    Steve C.

  • As ever, your behind the scenes blogs give us a real feel for what it’s like to be in places most of us never will be. Also, cannot wait to see the show, it’s high time we get to see more of you on a regular basis.

  • As always, love your travel blogs and this was worth the wait.
    Although you may not exactly love the red carpet, it loves you. Most celebs should take serious notes from you on the right way to do it! […]