• I live in a small NYC apartment facing Central Park on the upper west side around 110th Street, and I’m pretty contented, but then I look at your pictures, and especially that deer, and I feel as if I’m missing […]

    • hello, how are you doing. i saw your profile today i became interested to know you please i want you to contact me with this e-mail address ([email protected]) i have something very important to tell you thanks and god bless

  • Hi Jane, this has absolutely nothing to do with your blog, but I did not know how to reach you otherwise to let you know that there is some sort of email scam that is circulating from janefonda.com that contains a […]

  • At 71 years old, I still love technology. I installed a new solid state drive in my old MacBook Pro myself and I installed my own memory. I can fix almost anything on my computer. So, I really enjoyed reading […]

  • Hi Jane,

    I just got to read your reply. I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I agree with you about the “Third Way.” Part free market, part socialist is the way to go. I have faith that we will see a major change in […]

  • I loved reading about your journey. It got me thinking on a whole new level. I never thought about feminism. I grew up black in the projects and had other fish to fry. The women I knew in the projects were […]

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