• I hope you had a great birthday and I wish you merry Christmas and a very happy new year with lots of happiness and success! :) May you continue to inspire like you did here! Hugs!

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    I’m so glad you’re back. It’s been an unbelievably difficult time for humanity and glad that we have a voice like yours, a person who understands this crazy world more than us and I’m very happy that you’re doing […]

    • hello, how are you doing. i saw your profile today i became interested to know you please i want you to contact me with this e-mail address ([email protected]) i have something very important to tell you thanks and god bless

  • Jane, you look ravishing. You’re so lucky to lead such an exciting life, visiting all these breathtaking places. Have fun shooting the movie and as I’ve said a million times, I cannot wait to see the outcome! So […]

  • That first picture of you and Robert Redford is gonna be my happy thought for the day. Your chemistry is electric. And the movie is coming out at the 50th anniversary of Barefoot in the Park, I cannot imagine a […]

  • I missed you so much, Jane! Break a leg with all those projects! :) That book is so good, you have an insanely great and moving part. I hope the film keeps the book’s simple style that’s so free from becoming […]

  • Jane, I’m glad you’re doing great. :) It’s OK if you want to take a break, you have a really busy life and whenever you decide to share, it’s special. I cannot wait to see that movie with Redford and you. I’ve […]

  • Jane I just finished season 2 of Grace and Frankie and I wanted to give you instant feedback, which leads to my overlong comment. You wished me luck and strength so kindly, like, two weeks ago. It turns out I […]

  • Oh Jane, what a beautiful country. I wish I could visit Portugal one day. :) You definitely kept me interested. The veneer thing is funny. 😀 Well, it happens to the best of them.

    For me all work and no play […]

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    I’m glad you had a great time with your beautiful family and I hope your holidays were also great. I once again wish you all the best. Lots of love from me! :) BTW, Youth has been released in Hungary (but I caught […]

  • Dear Jane, no words are good enough for this and maybe no words are necessary. I just wish you a very-very happy birthday and a blessed Christmas! Continue to shine a light and inspire many to become a person […]

  • OH Jane, I was so ecstatic to read both you and Lily were nominated for a Golden Globe. I hope you both win. <3 I'm beyond myself, congratulations and I'll keep pulling for you at every award show possible (work […]

  • “Unfortunately I have!!! It’s a piece of sh**.///The real sh** is your film, Mick.” LOL, I remember this part from Youth. 😀 I might catch another pre-release screening here. :)

    I have read your memoir multiple […]

  • Oh Jane, I’m so ecstatic for you. To see you getting so much well-deserved attention and buzz for your work lately. When I saw you on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter along with THOSE ladies, I almost had a […]

  • Just came home from Youth. Both my friend and I are floored. What a movie. Not easy to digest, but rewarding, elegant, ironic and uplifting. Your role is a small masterclass of acting: your campy diva character is […]

  • Oh, congratulations! Also congrats on your Kirk Douglas Award. What an honor for you, hopefully this begins the wink-wink period of your year. Work it! :) Saturday cannot come soon enough so I can not only join […]

  • <33333 UUUhhh my Queen 😉 BTW, I won't back down until we do a movie together or at least until I send my all-emoji picture of your movies' titles. I can probably only share a screenshot of my emoji titles (they […]

  • First, thanks to moderators for editing out my previous comment. You know, sometimes, after a couple of rosés, things just flow out of you and maybe one is more honest than they should be. :) Well, at least if you […]

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  • Oh Jane, bless your generous heart. I saw love it when you put out good word for great performances during awards season. I remember you supporting Marion Cotillard and Bradley Cooper this year – both of whom […]

  • Long time no see. :) I’m so sad Jane :'(… I did a post with most of your most famous movies’ titles created with emojis and my iPad got screwed up and couldn’t post it. I was so mad, but I’ll find a way to get […]

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